10 Best Refrigerators in India Buyer’s Guide (2022)

If you are planning to buy a new refrigerator, it becomes really important to understand the new technologies and features that you are getting in the market.

In order to out of the situation, our research team came up with this article “10 Best Refrigerators in India- Buyer’s guide”

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Starting our discussion with the type of refrigerators, which is best for your family?

Single Door Refrigerator

As said this model is a single-door model where the freezer and storage compartment lies behind a single door. These are mostly available in the range of 150 L to 300 L and are generally equipped with manual defrosting. However, very few models are also available with auto defrosting mode.

10 best refrigerators 2019

These are direct cool models and are more efficient as space is low. These models are ideal for bachelors and couples. Since, overloading your refrigerator will also going to reduce your efficiency and improper cooling.

These models are generally economical with a price range of less than 20000 INR for a 200 L capacity.

Check Below Single Door- Direct Cool Refrigerators

Star RatingPrice RangeLink
5-star13000-18000check on Amazon
4-star13000-15000Check on Amazon
3-star13000-15000Check on Amazon

Double Door Refrigerators

These are bigger models as compared to single door refrigerators with a capacity range from 230 L to 700 L. This model is ideal for a family with 2-4 members. Here one door covers the freezer area while the other door covers the fresh food storage area. Being larger size you find very few models with a 5-star energy rating. However, even a 4 star rated double door refrigerator will give you better results due to its better design and loaded sensors.

10 best refrigerators 2019

For example, in the case of a 5-star single-door refrigerator, the total optimized running time is low, since every time when you open the door the heat escape is higher since the freezer and fresh food compartment, both loose during the process. However, this loss is reduced in the double door. This is one of the examples and there are many such losses during our usage.

Apart from this most double door refrigerators are equipped with several sensors to optimize their operation in line with the weather, usage pattern, and load which further ensures that your compressor operates at an optimum level for a larger period of time.

Check Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator-10 Best Refrigerators in India Buyer’s Guide

Star RatingPrice RangeLink
4-star 23000-57000 Check on Amazon
3-star 21000-76000 Check on Amazon

Multiple Door Refrigerators

In a 3 door refrigerator model, 1 door is dedicated to the fresh food compartment, 1 door is dedicated to the vegetable compartment and the last door is dedicated to the freezer compartment. As you can see these models are designed to lower heat loss every time you open your fridge. This is another way to increase the efficiency level of your fridge. Apart from this, the chance of odor mixing inside your fridge is also avoided.

This model capacity ranges from 240L to 400L and is ideal for a family with 3-5 members.

Almost all the refrigerator models except single door/ direct cool provide frost-free operation, so I am not discussing the same.

Side By Side Door Refrigerators

10 best refrigerators 2019

These models have the highest capacity range i.e. 580L to 850. The side-by-side doors look like your cupboard structure but this design ensures that heat escapes only from half the fridge during usage. Apart from this some of the models also provide features like ice and water dispenser which again helps you to reduce the opening of your fridge reducing the time of heat escape during usage.

Until now BEE is now providing a star rating for these models but to ensure the high efficiency of your fridge, make sure it is equipped with an inverter technology compressor.

Star RatingPrice RangeLink
NA56000-273000Check on Amazon

Required Capacity of Your New Refrigerator

It is very important to select the best-suited capacity for your family. Generally, I prefer, a double-door refrigerator if you are a couple and don’t have much issue with your budget.

10 best refrigerators 2019

However, if you are a bachelor then you may think of a single-door refrigerator.

You can refer to the picture above to select your ideal capacity.

Ideal Capacity ForPrice RangeLink
Bachelor10000-12000Check on Amazon
2-3 members17500-31000Check on Amazon
3-4 members29000-35000Check on Amazon
5+ members41000-273000Check on Amazon

Defrosting types

Direct Cool Refrigerators

These refrigerators produce a cooling effect inside the compartment by the natural convection process. All models in this range come with manual defrosting which means you need to manually defrost your fridge periodically.

Direct cool refrigerators are generally single door refrigerators and most of the time you keep on dealing with your freezer frost which either doesn’t allow you to close your freezer door if not defrost properly. Now, these heavy defrost inside the freezer, in turn, put extra load on compressor resulting in less efficient operation.

Frost Free Refrigerator

In this model, the heat loss is much lower during usage as compared to a single-door refrigerator. Apart from this the defrost cycle is automatically done by your fridge itself ensuring better-optimized run-time.

The cooling inside the compartment is assisted by an electric fan ensuring better circulation and even cooling inside the compartment.

No doubt larger size will consume more power but a higher ideal optimized run time ensure that you get better value for the higher energy consumed. Apart from this, frostfree refrigerators usually have a longer life due to optimized operation.

BEE Star Rating

BEE denotes the Bureau of Energy Efficiency is a statutory body under the ministry of power which works in the field of energy efficiency.

This body provides a star rating depending on the category of appliances. Generally, when you look from the price point of view you will not find much price difference between a 3-star rated, 4-star rated, and 5-star rated product. E.g. price difference between a single door 3-star rated fridge and a 5-star rated single door fridge is less the 3000 INR

So it’s up to you to decide whether you would like to invest in energy efficiency.

But as for me, I would prefer to go with a 4 or 5-star rated fridge. However, for other appliances depending on the use, I will select 3 to 5-star ratings. I am sure, not to go below a 3-star rating in any case of appliances.

Inverter Compressors

Inverter technology in compressors is a great invention made until now in the energy field. BEE had to re-calibrate its star rating for appliances in 2015. You may notice a 5star product before 2015 has been given 3 stars as per new norms.

Inverter technology compressors and motors are being used in almost all the home appliances category i.e. washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners.

So it becomes very important to understand this technology.

The inverter technology works by modulating the speed of the compressor depending on the load. The appliance is loaded with a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) which can modulate the speed based on load. So, in general terms, your compressor with a 1.5-ton capacity can operate at various capacities depending on the load. So your 1.5-ton Inverter compressor can work on full load with 1.5-ton capacity and even change itself to 1-ton capacity if the load is lower leading to consuming electricity as per 1-ton capacity compressor. The whole changeover is a continuous process and the compressor continues to run ideally.

However in the case of non-inverter technology the compressor either runs at full capacity or gets switched off. (If you know about electrical motors, an electrical motor when starts-up consumes almost 6 times more ideal current) so switching off and switching On every 3-5 minutes is not going to save electricity but end up more load on your energy bill.

The inverter technology ends up saving up to 20-30% of your electricity bill as compared to the non-inverter compressor with the same capacity. The ideal running time and reduced On-Off operation also increase the life of your compressor, that’s why you find 10 years warranty with almost all inverter compressors while a 3-5 years warranty with non-inverter compressors.

Top 10 Best Refrigerators in India Buyer’s Guide- Features

Water & Ice Dispensers

This feature provides water and ice without opening the fridge; however, these models need a continuous supply of water connected to the fridge.

Quick Freeze compartments

This feature ensures icing in the shortest possible time. This is useful if you need ice frequently.


This feature removes odor inside the compartment. The company uses powerful filters to deal with the odor ensuring fresh air inside your fridge.


Inverter compressors are comparably noiseless, however, if you are getting any noise, contact your service center.

Built-in stabilizer

All the inverter compressors are capable to operate in a wide voltage range normally 100-300 V. however non-inverter fridges have inbuilt stabilizers with an operating range between 160-300V. However, it is advisable to get an external stabilizer if the voltage fluctuation is high.

In the case of stabilizer failure, external stabilizers can easily be services as compared to the inbuilt stabilizer.

Cool Pack

The cool packs are special thermo-chemicals packed in a leak-free package. These packs have greater heat carrying capacity and turn into ice during freeze operation. During power cuts, these packs help to retain the lower temperature of the compartment for a longer duration.

Conclusion -10 Best Refrigerators in India Buyer’s Guide

It is very important to research before making your final decision which purchases your refrigerator. When it’s about your refrigerator or any other home appliances, you expect it to work for long. It is not a product to get changed in a couple of months. So it’s better to dedicate a little of your time to decide your requirements.

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