About Us

Ignition of the Idea

Today, the market is flooded with a large number of products from different brands, Thanks to globalization. No doubt it gives you an added advantage of looking at various products with a large variety of technology from different brands but at the same time, it also creates confusion in your mind to understand your need and to pick the best technology and model of best appliances for your home.

In order to select the best suitable appliance for yourself, it is very important that not only you understand your needs and budget but also look for the best technology available from the best brand in your area which sometimes becomes a lot more cumbersome than you must have thought off.

The result is, you end up purchasing over-budget and over-feature products. And this is where the brand wins due to their large spend on advertisement and you lose by purchasing a product with over-loaded features that the leading brands always wanted to sell.

Other than that, if your interest doesn’t lie with understanding the engineering and technology of the products, then there is a much higher probability that you end up investing much more than your budget falling upon the trendy technical words used by the brands to add up confusion and charging a premium price for the same.

Why Bharatviews?

Our job is to simplify the information provided by the brands to make it crisp and clear for you with listed features, pros & cons. So that you don’t have to be a technical expert to decide which product is best for you, in spite of that you can save your time to enjoy your new upgraded appliance.

If you are thinking to either upgrade your home appliances or planning to purchase a new one, then you can just refer to our website and search your product to find if we have researched your selected products. If not found, you can also request us to do detailed research for your selected appliance by emailing us on the contact page. We will try our best, to include your request for the review.

Our Core Team

Our founder is an engineering graduate with a specialization in automation. Before deciding to go ahead with his dream project (bharatviews), he has worked with different conglomerates for 10+ years in different sectors from oil & gas, to power generation and energy efficiency. He has also completed his MBA with a specialization in branding & marketing which further enlighten him for his start-up journey to create a platform to help consumers make informed decisions.

Research Wing

The research wing is one of our crucial vertical as all the research related to the appliances are done under this vertical. So, it is very important that the wing shall be headed by the best talents of our organization. Our research wing is mainly headed by Ph.D. scholars and post-graduates in technology who were trained rigorously during the process to earn their respective degrees from some of the best universities. With their research attitude and expertise, every review published on our website is researched and compiled by our research core team.

Our Young Assets: Writers

This wing is one of the most energetic teams of young writers who hail from different fields i.e. engineering, literature, etc. These writers were handpicked by our team. Some of them are associated with us as their part-time engagement and are closely guided by our researchers to come up with the best, crisp, and clear unbiased information for you. This also helps us to create new talents and create ample opportunity for the young generation and society at large.

Each review is prepared by our writer along with the associated researcher together. Everyone tries to put in as much information as possible in simple terms that can be easily understandable by our readers irrespective of their interest and educational background. So, all you need to do is, pick your favorite appliance from our featured list and enjoy it. We try to make sure that you have all the information regarding the product model and brand before you make your final purchase decision.

Research Methodology

Most of the products and appliances undergo different testing and quality checks after production, Still, there is a probability that you receive the product with a defect or your product has not met your expectation. We really understand, how it feels when your new appliance fails without any warning? And so, we try to tell you in advance and what expectation you should aspect from your chosen appliances So that you don’t expect the unexpected. We believe that in spite of testing individual products for some days under different controlled test conditions will not going to be the actual test of the products. In spite of that taking exhaustive feedbacks from consumers who have used it in actual conditions will definitely add up to the already done quality checks by the brands.

Keeping this in mind, our researchers choose to go with qualitative research methodology along with the technical team expertise to go through all the parameters of the products under review minutely. The team also notes down consumer reviews which are collected from different resources and used during the process cycle to pick the best products with crisp and clear details.

There are chances that we might miss some of the good products due to human error but we definitely appreciate your feedback for the same. Your feedback and thought will definitely help us to create a great consumer brand.

At the End

We would like to heartedly thank you for giving your time in reading about our dream and understanding our zest to create this platform for you. In case you have any thoughts to share with us, feel free to drop a mail.

We are not busy enough that we shall not reply to you for your wonderful thought and comments because it’s you, around whom our idea revolves.

Happy Reading…

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