Best 10 Kitchen Chimneys-Buying Guide (2022)

In this article “Best 10 kitchen chimneys-Buying Guide” we tried to discuss points that you should look if you are planning to buy yourself a kitchen chimney for your home. Kitchen chimneys become vital if you are planning for a modular kitchen. You must be thinking, why you should have a chimney in your kitchen?

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Indians are known for their love for food not only in India but in the whole world. And as we know Indian cooking involves larger usage of oil since deep-frying is one of our favorite ways to cook delicious food. Kitchen chimneys basically are appliances that absorb those smokes and fumes in order to keep your kitchen tiles and cabinets free from grease and dirt. If you have an exhaust fan in your kitchen then you must have seen those lumps of tar sticking and accumulating on the fan blades and on the walls. So chimneys come with scientifically designed filters that accumulate tar from the fumes in a much manageable way without affecting your kitchen walls and cabinets.

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Choosing Your Perfect kitchen Chimney

While choosing a perfect chimney for your kitchen, there are many factors that come into the picture. Factors are listed below

  • Types of Chimneys: Wall-mounted chimney, straight-line chimney, ceiling-mounted chimney, Auto-clean Chimney
  • Type of Chimney Filters:  Mesh filters, Baffle filters, Carbon filter.
  • Suction power of the Chimneys: 400m3/hr. to 1250 m3/hr.
  • Size of the Chimneys: 60 cm & 90 cm
  • Maintenance & Cleaning : Cleaning of filters, Hoods, Blower shields

Types of Chimneys

Best kitchen chimneys in India

Wall-mounted chimneys are for traditional kitchens where the stove is located near the kitchen wall. This type of arrangement is common in most Indian kitchens. These type of chimneys are generally are fitted with ducts which release the smoke outside the kitchen through the vents. However, there are ductless models as well available in wall mounting type where chimney filters and purify the air before releasing back inside the kitchen.

top kitchen chimney brands

Straight-line chimneys are another variant of the chimney if you have space constraint in your kitchen. These chimneys are so designed that it also provides an additional overhead space to store some of your kitchen items. These chimneys are wall mountable and generally have high suction power which means these chimneys not only cater the smoke from your cooktop but also sucks-up smoke for other parts of the kitchen.

So these chimneys are perfect answer to your space constrained kitchen.

Ceiling mounted chimneys also known as island chimney which is mounted from the ceiling of your kitchen. These chimneys are very much useful if you have a center platform in your kitchen. Most of the designer modern flats have this kind of kitchen structure were these Island kitchen chimneys perfect matches the design requirement of your kitchen. Most of the island chimneys are ductless where your chimney filters and purifies the air before leaving it back in the room.

Auto-clean Chimneys are another boon for the users as manual cleaning of the chimney becomes really hectic some of the time. Since regular cleaning of your chimney become an absolute necessity as your chimney is dealing loots of oil and soot daily while you are cooking. This soot along with oil particles really becomes sticky to the chimney filters which in turn reduce the efficiency of the chimney and overloading of your chimney motor. With the auto-clean feature button, with the touch of a button chimney uses technology like wet-heat or Dry-heat cleaning to remove tar from the filters. So every Sunday you don’t need to open up the filters to clean in spite you can use auto-clean function and manual cleaning can be done once in a month or two.

Types of Kitchen Chimney Filters

Best kitchen chimneys in India

Mesh Filters generally consist of a multi-layer of aluminum or stainless steel mesh to trap the heavy particles while allowing the smoke to exi. Since these meshes have very tiny holes, the probability of mesh getting choked is very high. Due to which these filters requires high maintenance. If not maintained these filters generally tends to choke reducing the efficiency of your chimney.

Baffle Filters are way more effective as compared to mesh filters practically. Baffle filters are so designed that smoke containing oil particles are allowed to pass through many turns with changing the speed of flow. These allow heavier particles to settle down on baffles while lighter smoke passes away. The tar from the baffles can be easily collected in the oil jar attached to the chimney. These baffle-filters need cleaning once in 3-4 month and you do not need a technician to do so.

Carbon Filters are most commonly used in ductless chimneys where charcoal is used to remove food odor from the air. However you may also find ducted chimneys fitted with carbon filter but before choosing this filter in your chimney, keep in mind that the maintenance is high for these filters as you may need to replace every 6 months.

Best 10 kitchen chimneys-Buying Guide

Suction power of the Chimneys

Suction plays one of the most important parts as far as your chimney is concerned. At the end of the day, you want a smokeless kitchen while cooking if you have a chimney installed in your kitchen. So now you must understand how important is to decide the suction power need for your kitchen.

The thumb rule says you need a minimum suction power of 10 times the volume of your kitchen. However, if the suction power is higher then what comes from the thumb rule it would be a plus but lower value then the thumb rule value may end up with ineffective chimney performance.

Generally, a typical Indian kitchen has a length and breadth of 4 m and a height of 3.5m. So the volume will be 56m^3. Now as per thumb rule you would need a suction power of minimum 560m^3/hr.

There are other factors as well that will affect the efficiency of your chimney like the draft, distance of venting, etc. In India, most of the top kitchen chimney brands manufacture with suction capacity of 700-1250 m^3/hr. at different price points.

Size of the Chimneys

Deciding on the size of the chimney is another important factor for efficient usage of your chimney. Kitchen chimneys are mainly available in two sizes i.e. 60cm & 90 cm. the typical Indian kitchen can easily go with 60cm models that are capable to handle 2-4 burner cooktop. However, if you want better efficiency and future-ready then you may go with 90cm models which can cater up to burner cooktop.

One should note that the perfect kitchen chimney height is between 26 inches to 30 inches above the cooktop or as said by the brand manual. Lower height may increase the risk of catching fire and higher will reduce the efficiency of suction power.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Best 10 kitchen chimneys-Buying Guide

No doubt your chimney is going to work hard for you by dealing with the soot and oil--laden air. But you must be thinking that’s his job, right?

Yes, it’s his job but with his job there comes your responsibility to clean chimneys on a regular basis to extend its life. Nowadays in order to help you with, most of the top kitchen chimney brands are providing removable filters, auto cleaning facilities in their latest kitchen chimney models. Now with the latest kitchen chimney models, you don’t have to wait for technicians to get your chimney cleaned, in spite, you can take out those removable filters and do it yourself easily.

Almost all kitchen chimney models in India are equipped with baffle filters which have shown its efficiency and capability to deal with your kitchen tar. You can easily detach the baffle filters and clean them independently. Don’t forget to use warm water and mild detergent to remove oil from the filters. Also, make sure you don’t scrub the filter lest or you will end up damaging your filter.

It is always better to clean your chimney regularly especially when we talk about your chimney hood. Your chimney hood can easily be cleaned with a cloth soaked in liquid. Do not use harsh detergent or solvents to remove any stubborn stains this may damage the outer finish of your hood. In spite look for professional help in the case, you feel to take.

What you should opt For Ducted Hood Chimney or Ductless Chimney

While researching on the kitchen chimneys we really surprised that until not anyone has really discussed the issue of ductless chimneys. And being a consumer why you should not buy ductless chimneys for your home.  First of all, it is very important to understand the working of both chimneys i.e. ducted and ductless

Ducted chimneys have baffle filters and mainly designed to take our oil from the fumes and smoke coming out during cooking. The heavier particles like oil particles and dust in some cases get stuck in baffle plates and other filters while the fumes vents out passing through duct.

In the case of a ductless chimney, you don’t have ducts. So, where those fumes are going? Actually, ductless chimneys are equipped with some more filters like carbon filters to again take out odor and other tiny dust particles from your smoke and fumes and releasing air back into your kitchen which is odor--free, right?

Do you know?

Other than food odor, what another thing you may find in the fumes you are generating and recirculating in your kitchen with stylish, ductless chimneys:

Carbon monoxide:
getting generated while you are using a gas stove

Formaldehyde: you are getting while heating your vegetable oil.

Other toxins: From those items that get burnt sometimes during cooking

Moisture: a lot of water vapor while cooking


So other than odor and some dust particles, your ductless chimney is not capable of handling any of the other toxins. Actually, ductless chimneys are reducing your air quality inside your kitchen which can link to the health issues on prolonged usage.  So next time when you think for a ductless chimney, ask yourself, how they will deal with toxin gases before recirculation.


So with the article “Best 10 Kitchen Chimneys-Buying Guide”, we have put our best views to help you find and decide your perfect kitchen chimneys. However, we would not recommend a ductless chimney in a closed kitchen. However, you may think of it if you have an open kitchen. But before deciding on the ductless, you should look for proper ventilation in and around. We have put some selected models and there links where you can know more about the brands and models.

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In case of any query feel free to post in the comment section below. We will answer it ASAP.

Range of recirculation chimneys (Ductless Chimney)

Best 10 Kitchen Chimneys-Buying Guide

Model Link
SUNFLAME 90cm 1100 m3/hr. Auto Clean Ductless Chimney (Innova, Baffle+ Charcoal
Filter, Touch Control, Steel/Grey)
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KAFF 60 cm 1200 m3/hr. Auto Clean
Ductless Chimney (LUMEX DHC 60, 2 Baffle+ Charcoal Filters, Touch Control, Steel &
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Range of kitchen chimneys with auto clean features

Model Link
Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean
Chimney with Free Installation Kit (WD HAC TOUCH BF 60, 2 Baffle Filters, Touch Control, Black)
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Hindware 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney
(Nevio 60, 1 Baffle Filter, Steel/Grey)
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Eurodomo 90 cm 1200 m3/h Auto-Clean Chimney (Hood Classy HC BK 90,
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Elica 90 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney with Free Installation Kit (WD HAC
TOUCH BF 90, 2 Baffle Filters, Touch
Control, Black)
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Range of kitchen chimneys without auto clean

Kitchen chimneys under Rs.10000 in India

Model Link
Elica 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney
(ESCG BF 60 NERO, 1 Baffle Filter, Black)
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Eurodomo 60 cm 850 m3/h Chimney
(Sapphire PB SS 60, Stainless Steel, cassette filter)
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Hindware 60cm 1100 m3/hr Chimney
(Sabina Black 60, 1 Baffle Filter, Black)
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Eurodomo 60 cm 1050 m3/h Chimney
(Onyx PB BK 60, Black, baffle filter)
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