Best 10 Water purifiers for Home in India 2019

Water purifiers in the home are today’s need of your healthy family and so we came up with our research to bring before you one of the most awaited article, best 10 water purifiers for home in India 2019. If you are searching for the best water purifier for your home and you really want to keep your family away from water-borne diseases, especially during monsoon season? Then you are in the right place.

Our team researched this category and came up with this article “Best 10 Water purifiers for Home in India 2019to help you understand different types of water purifiers available in the market, technologies available with the best water purifiers.

Also you may refer our best water purifier buying guide for India to learn on How to choose a perfect water purifier fro your family in your budget

Since there are many water purifiers available in the market from a basic to advanced RO type. Of these RO water purifiers are the most advanced version and a great choice. RO refers to reverse Osmosis and is so popular in India among purifiers that it became synonymous with purity.

Most of the best RO purifier brands in India are using RO technology along with other technologies like UV, UF, and MF to ensure the best water quality is linked to their brand. All these technologies combined together remove almost all common impurities along with any fundal and bacterial growth. Some of the common impurities are mud, sand, dust, bacteria, virus, cysts, excess calcium, magnesium, potassium, chlorides, lead, arsenic, etc.

Access to pure drinking water is very important and so the buying decision for the best water purifier. It may cost you big for a time but the additional cost will give your added technology to deal with different types of impurities.

We spent hundreds of hours after every researched article in order to find out the best solution available in the market. We have done the same to come up with the top 10 RO water purifiers for home in India.

These are the best RO water purifiers in India-2019

Havells Max RO+UV Water Purifier

Top RO water purifier in India

This RO purifier got 1st place in our list with RO and UV purification. In this RO purifier, water passes through the RO membrane and then treated with UV rays in order to get safe and pure drinking water.

Best 10 Water purifiers for Home in India 2019

The water purifier is also loaded with a mineral cartridge which corrects the PH level of the purified water. So this cartridge makes sure that water tasted neutral when you drink.

The purifier has a flow rate of 15L/hour and a tank capacity of 7 l which is enough for a regular Indian family.

The Havells water purifier is said to be equipped with revitalizer which is said to restructure water molecules making it more active biologically. These biological active molecules improve hydration and absorption in your body.

It is loaded with an i-protect monitoring system that ensures you don’t get impure water from the system. The system gets shutdown in case of any malfunction in any stage of purification.


Before selecting your water purifier, It is important to first buy a TDS meter to measure the TDS level in your water. Once you have the value, Select as per points below:

  • TDS less the 200              Select UV+UF purifier
  • TDS greater than 200                Select RO water purifier
  • TDS greater than 2000              Go for water softening solution
Cons Pros
100% water passes through RO+UV High price
Mineral cartridge to correct PH  
Revitalizer to improve hydration and
mineral absorption
Compact design  
Self-diagnosis system  
Removable tank  

Kent Grand Plus 8-Litre Mineral RO + UV/UF with TDS Controller Water Purifier

Kent Grand Plus can be used with all types of water resources and purifies water with three different technologies i.e. RO+UF+UV.

This multi-technology usage enables this model to purify water with TDS as high as 2000 ppm. The main attraction of this model is its transparent cover which provides a view of all that works behind in order to give you safe and pure water.

Best 10 Water purifiers for Home in India 2019

The purifier has the purification capacity of 20L/hour and fitted with the storage tank of 8 L which is a good fit for a large Indian family.

It has built-in SMPS which keeps the water purifier safe even if you have a frequent voltage fluctuation in your locality.

Kent purifier uses the TDS controller in order to maintain a safe level of essential minerals in the water. Apart from this, the water purifier is loaded with other features like filter change alert, UV fails alarm which gives you signal in case of any stage purification failure. This means, you always know the fact that whether you are drinking pure water?  Not only this, but the water purifier also store rejected water in a separate tank enabling you to conserve water and use it for other purposes.

RO purifiers are known for wastage of water as the process rejects a large amount of water (8L) for producing 2 L of drinkable water. In order to deal with water conservation, Kent has given a separate tank. These reject water can be used in many other household activities from washing to gardening. This model is also equipped with save water technology that recovers up to 50% drinkable water as compared to 20% from other brand.

No doubt Kent has given enough features to help you save water and reduce your average daily water usage.

Cons Pros
 RO+UF+UV High price
50% water recovery  
TDS controller  
Alarms and alerts for monitoring  
Separate tank for reject water  
Suitable for any water source  

LG Puricare WW180EP RO + UV + UF + Mineral Booster Water Purifier with Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank

This water purifier from LG is having a tank capacity of 8 L. LG is a well-known brand in home appliances. Whenever you plan to buy a new home appliance, the first brand that comes in mind is LG.

Best 10 Water purifiers for Home in India 2019

LG manufacturer some of the best water purifier in the market, this water purifier model is equipped with dual protection steel storage tank, water purification technology includes RO+UF+UV along with a mineral booster cartridge to ensure your drinking water is not deprived of the essential minerals during the process.

The main highlight and innovation is the usage of a stainless steel tank in spite of food-grade plastic tanks being used by almost all other brands. Also, the digital sterilization technique by LG is the first in the industry.

Now talking about the filtration process, water passes through an external sediment filter first, then passes through an internal sediment filter, after which it passes through a pre-activated carbon filter then comes the RO membrane layer and post activated carbon filter.

After the whole 5-stage filtration process, water passes through the mineral booster cartridge in order to mix essential minerals in final drinking water. This technology of adding minerals in the final stage is termed as true-filtration by LG.

There is an additional valve provided on the side which enables you to wash your favorite fruit with sterilized water directly into the sink.

In order to keep water in the tank always sterilized, LG uses UV LED rays for 75 minutes at a 6-hour interval in order to ensure bacteria-free and germs-free water stored in the tank. Apart from this, the water purifier comes loaded with other features like smart-filter change alarm, UV sterilizing indicators, water level indicators, etc.

Cons Pros
 RO+UF+UV High price
High level of sterilization Wastage of water during RO process
Stainless Steel Tank  

Blue Star Aristo RO+UV AR4WHAM01 7-Litre Water Purifier, White

Blue Star is another Indian brand which is known from its durable products made in India. This water purifier holds the same tag which comes with 7 L storage capacity. The water purifier model has got elegant looks along with a high-performance standard packed in a small unit. It comes with a 1-year warranty which you can avail at any of their service network covering all over India. It operates at 220-240V with a power usage of 36W.

Best 10 Water purifiers for Home in India 2019

The purifier is equipped with lot more other features like purification alert, lowpressure alert, tank level to name a few.

Aqua taste booster maintains the PH level of the purified water and enables to improve the water taste which is more towards neutral. In this model, water undergoes 6 stage water filtration stages which include pre-filter, pre-carbon filter, sediment filter, RO membrane, post-Carbon filter, and UV lamp. It has a purification capacity of 12L/hour. The efficient and high-quality RO membrane used in the water purifier is capable of removing TDS by 96%.

Also, the tap provided on the tank is equipped with child lock function which is a small button provided pressing which will disable water dispensing from the tap-a Lifesavers feature if you have kids at home and don’t want to waste precious water.

Cons Pros
 RO+UV Wastage of water during RO process
Child lock on tap No alert for filter change
Alarm for UV fail, low water pressure  
Maintains PH level  

Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Delight RO+UV+MTDS (White)

Eureka Forbes is one of the brands which has started with the water purification category and most of us have looked or used there Aqua guard models which used to be a UV based purification system. Being one of the oldest brands providing water purification solutions to consumers it has gained their own followers owing to great door-to-door customer service.

Best 10 Water purifiers for Home in India 2019

But with the changing technologies and options in the market, Eureka Forbes has also introduced several models with the latest technologies in the Aquaguard category. Aquaguard Delight is one of the latest models which use RO+UV+MTDS to purify your water.

This water purifier comes with a 7L tank capacity made up of food-grade plastic. The model is equipped with a TDS controller and is suitable for all sources of water. It is equipped with a voltage fluctuation guard that protects your purifier from frequent voltage fluctuations. The purifier operates in the range of 150-270V.

No doubt Eureka Forbes has a great experience in the category and aftersales service. Once upon a time, they were known for providing high-cost products with high product quality in the niche segment. But with the rising competition, they also rethought on the pricing strategy and now providing quality products and services at par with the market trends.

They have also become one of the bestseller on Amazon.

Cons Pros
 RO+UV+MTDS Wastage of water during RO process
Compact & lightweight Basic design
Attractive price  
Good after sales service  

Kent Ace Mineral 7-Litre 60-Watt RO+UV+UF Water Purifier (White and Aquamarine)

Best 10 Water purifiers for Home in India 2019

Kent is one of the favorite brands for water purifier consumers. Kent is one of the few brands currently enjoying their first-mover advantage in the category of RO water purifiers. You will easily find Kent water purifiers in many households and so you have these water purifiers coming in various capacities and capabilities in the different price ranges.

Best 10 Water purifiers for Home in India 2019

No matter what is your budget, you will easily find a Kent model in your budget. This model got its place on our list too. The model uses RO+UV+UF filtration technologies to purify your water. This comes with a storage tank of 7L made up of food-grade high-quality plastic. The water purifier comes with a 1-year warranty.

This UV and UF technology is helpful in dealing with bacteria, viruses, and the smallest impurities however the RO membrane is good in dealing with heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and antimony. The membrane also caters to other excess dissolved salts.

Kent water purifier is one of the best RO water purifier in India which is capable of catering any water source.

Cons Pros
 RO+UV+UF Wastage of water during RO process
3-year free service High cost
Good after sales  
Safe to use  

Hindware Elara 7-Liter RO+UV+UF+Mineral Fortification Water Purifier

Hindware is a well-known brand in Bathroom accessories. It is known for its elegant design of bathroom accessories. However, the brand has recently entered into appliance categories with the launch of water heaters and water purifiers too.

Best 10 Water purifiers for Home in India 2019

This water purifier from Hindware is very compact and elegant. No doubt, you will fall in love on first look. This water purifier uses RO+UV+UF technology to purify your water from any source of drinking water. It is equipped with smart LED indicators for power, tank level, and purification process. It has the capability to remove TDS up to 1800 ppm and comes with a 7 L storage tank. The operating voltage is wide with an operational range of 100-300V which can easily cope up with low voltage in your area.

The water purifier has many other features like detachable front cover for easy maintenance, detachable drip tray, and elegant tap, purification capacity of 12L/hour to name a few.

It uses 7-stage purification which includes ultra-fine sediment filter, adsorbent pre-carbon filter, RO membrane, UV lamp, UF membrane, post-carbon filter, and mineral fortification at the end which ensure neutral taste for your drinking water.

Hindware Elara has got its place in our Best Water purifiers for Home in India 2019-Top 10 Reviewed due to its feature reach model along with attractive design.

Cons Pros
 RO+UV+UF Wastage of water during RO process
Mineral fortification No filter change alert
Attractive design  
Cater up to 1800ppm TDS  

AO Smith Z8 10-Liter Green RO Series Water Purifier

Best 10 Water purifiers for Home in India 2019

AO Smith is known for some of the best water purifiers not only in India but all over the world. If you are looking for a water purifier from a world reputed brand with higher capacity then AO Smith Z8 is the best and the most popular water purifier in India. This water purifier comes with a 10 L storage tank built with highgrade plastic which is enough for a large Indian family.

The water purifier uses RO+SCMT for purifying water for safe drinking. SCMT Silver Charged Membrane Technology which is an advanced water purifying technology.

Best 10 Water purifiers for Home in India 2019

AO Smith RO water purifier uses state of the art and patented advanced water recovery technology that saves up to 2 times the water as compared to any regular RO water purifier. The Z8 series of water purifier has shown its capability for the highest recovery of 100% which is a boon for water conservation techniques in water purifiers.

It is equipped with the MINTECH feature that ensures your water to be added with important minerals. Apart from this the Z8 model also has the capability to dispense hot water at 45 and 80 degrees. The purifier also has a choice of different colors to choose from.

Cons Pros
Low water wastage Limited service network
Hot water dispenser High price
High tank storage of 10L  
Mineral addition for healthy water  

HUL Pureit Classic RO + UV 6 Stage Table Top/Wall Mountable White & Blue 5 liters Water Purifier

HUL is a well-known consumer brand and every one of us would have been using its product in our household. The brand has a great level of consumer faith attached to it. HUL had launched its “Purit” brand decades ago with a low-cost simple filtration system to be used in our villages where there is not even continuous electricity.

Best 10 Water purifiers for Home in India 2019

With the technology changes and increasing demand for RO purifiers, HUL has also launched its models in the category at an affordable cost.

This water purifier model from HUL is having a 5L capacity and uses RO+UV technology to purify the drinking water. The purifier also features a break-resistant tap making it more durable. It has the capability to deal with the TDS level of up to 1800 ppm.

The water purifier is very neatly designed and requires very little space in your kitchen. This is one of the most affordable RO+UV purifiers in the market and also listed in the top-selling RO purifier on Amazon.

Cons Pros
Affordable No Alert for filter change or UV lamp fail
6-stage purification No display
Up to 1800 ppm TDS removal Small Storage

Blue Star Majesto MA4BSAM02 8-Litre RO + UV Water Purifier

Best 10 Water purifiers for Home in India 2019

The water purifier model is similar to its previous discussed Blue Star Aristo model. However, this comes with a slightly higher capacity of 8L as compared to 7L in aristo.

This also comes with 6-stage purification i.e. pre-filter, pre-activated carbon filter, Sediment filter, RO membrane, UV lamp, post-activated carbon filter. It has some of the advanced alert systems like water level indicator, purification alert, and much more.

Best 10 Water purifiers for Home in India 2019

The design is elegant and supports both traditional wall mount and countertop placement. The height of the tap is enough to put a glass below it to collect water if placed on the counter-top position. It also features a child lock which ensures your children don’t play with the precious water from the RO.

Cons Pros
RO+UV No work at low water pressure
Can cater high TDS level Water wastage due to RO
Excellent design  


We have come up with the top handpicked list of your RO water purifiers from some of the best water purifier brands in India in this article “Best 10 Water purifiers for Home in India 2019“.

You will find all types of water purifiers from affordable range RO technology to higher filtration stages of RO+UV+UF along with mineral fortification and TDS controller. No doubt, a higher combination of technologies will be capable of handling larger types of impurities and so will be the rise in cost.

You may select technologies according to your budget from the above range. But if you have a budget of 15000 rupees then you can easily find water purifiers with RO+UV+UF filtration technologies easily from various brands.

However, if you still need help, feel free to comment below. We will try to reply to your query as soon as possible.

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