Best 5 Solo Microwave Ovens (2022)

Until now we have been discussing multipurpose convection microwave ovens and are very much suitable if you love to cook and a foodie who keeps on trying new recipes. But what if you are none of the above and you are looking for an oven for some basic activities like reheating, cooking and defrosting. Best 5 Solo Microwave Ovens is in continuation to our top 10 list and we have listed some handpicked solo microwave ovens in add up to our previous list

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Yes, for your basic needs we have solo microwave ovens, which does some basic operation but not suited to grill or bake, it will be priced much lesser compared to full-fledged multipurpose microwave ovens. So, it will be lighter on your pocket too.

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Samsung Solo Microwave oven – 28L, MS23J5133AG/TL

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Best affordable Solo Microwave Ovens

This is a solo microwave oven model from the house of Samsung, A Korean giant. The model does some critical functions like reheating, cooking, and defrosting. This microwave oven has an eyecatching design along with exceptional features in its group. The overall built quality comprises the use of stainless steel and mirrors which make it look very decent.

It features a ceramic cavity that provides enough reflection of microwaves enabling uniform cooking. Apart from this ceramic cavity are also helps to be cleaned easily and provides anti-bacterial properties.

The best feature of the solo microwave oven is the food warming facility which ensures that every member of your family gets hot food irrespective of when the food is cooked. Also, the same feature ensures that your food remains warm without getting overcooked.

This solo microwave model comes with 16 pre-programmed recipes which makes sure that your recipe is just a push of a button away. Defrosting is another lifesaver feature to quickly defrosting frozen foods without making it soggy and in the meantime maintaining its nutrients. Melting butter or chocolate is again easy with this solo oven which is equipped with 4-modes to do so and it makes sure that melting is done in the best possible manner.

This solo microwave oven is also equipped with a digital LED display which shows all the information you need to know during your cooking cycle. The power defrosts button given on your solo microwave oven makes it easy and useful to defrost any frozen food with a touch of a button. Also, keep warm function which is a lifesaver to do some activities like reheating milk without fear of getting messy inside the oven.

This machine is no doubt one of the best solo microwave oven if you are looking for budget solo microwave ovens.


  • 6 power modes max to 800W
  • Excellent daily use companion
  • Low budget, value for money
  • Glass view is dark making it difficult to look inside


  •  Not suited for grilling and baking

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Bajaj Solo Microwave Oven – 17L, 1701 MT

Best 5 Solo Microwave Ovens

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Best 5 Solo Microwave Ovens

Bajaj is an Indian brand we all know for decades; most of us may have used the products from Bajaj electrical in our childhood days. Bajaj is known to provide value for money products of good quality. The Bajaj solo microwave oven is one of the models with a capacity of 17L which is ideal if you are a couple or a bachelor to do day to day kitchen activities.

The main attraction of this oven is that it still comes with mechanical timer cum control knobs in order to maintain the temperature of your oven. So if you still love this antique feature then this is one to select.

This microwave oven is equipped with 30-minute timer control in order to control your cooking requirements. It has a built-in alarm system that alerts when the cooking cycle is complete. This oven also comes with selection of 5 power levels to cook your food. However being a solo microwave oven, you can expect it to do baking and grilling for you. But you can use it’s defrost feature to ready your frozen foods in the best possible way.

The reheating and warming feature make sure that it does the basic job done with perfection with overcooking your food inside.

Bajaj has various range of microwave ovens with many states of the art features, but we have selected this since this model is the only which still provides mechanical control. This solo microwave oven comes with a product and magnetron warranty of 1 year. It is also the contender for Best solo microwave oven under 5000 INR in India.


  • Simple features
  • 5 power levels
  • Good looks and quality


  • No digital controls
  • No stored recipes

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IFB Solo Microwave Oven – 17 L, 17PM MEC 1

Best 5 Solo Microwave Ovens

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Best 5 Solo Microwave Ovens

Until now we have seen 2 IFB models in Convention microwave ovens, this is the first in Solo microwave ovens which provide some basic features like others from this category provides. Yes, you get it right. This model is again a budget model with features like reheat, defrost, cooking, etc. it doesn’t support baking and grilling. So if you are looking for your basic kitchen companion with the latest technologies then this is the product for you from the house of an international brand.

This model which is a 17 L capacity comes with a 1-year product warranty and 3 years on magnetron and cavity. The capacity is enough for a family of 2-3 members. The model is equipped with power level selection and the main attraction is that it allows you to change the power levels even during the process of cooking which most of the brands don’t allow. With this feature, you don’t need to cancel the cooking cycle in the mid instead if you feel to reduce or increase the power level you can do it in the mid without disturbing your cooking cycle. Sometime it becomes annoying to cancel your cooking cycle in between when you feel that you need lower power levels.

Some other exciting features in this model are auto cook settings. It comprises of 3 auto cook settings that can be used to cook your food with a touch of a button.

This model has manual controls called jog dials that are easy to use and durable too. It also comes with a 30-minutes timer that enables you to set time for your cooking cycle and do the other jobs in your kitchen.

This solo oven is simple yet effective with its excellent look and powerpacked features in its category. No wonder it can come into top contenders among best solo microwave ovens in India.


  • Simple features, light weight
  • 3 years warranty on magnetron
  • Good looks, quality and performance


  • No digital controls
  • Few stored settings

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LG Solo Microwave oven – 20L, MS2043DB

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Best 5 Solo Microwave Ovens

LG manufactures some of the best white goods in the market and so do the convection microwave ovens and some of the best solo microwave ovens. As said is the reason, even in this article we discussed the LG convection microwave oven in the first place.

 Here we will talk about its best solo microwave oven model which is the basic version of the microwave oven category. As said earlier this solo oven doesn’t support baking and grilling but is ideal for defrosting, cooking, reheating, and other basic needs.

No doubt LG has its own brand followers who trust the brand for their value for money products with the latest technology. This model is equipped with Intellowave technology which enables faster and healthy cooking. This technology ensures that microwave inside cavity gets evenly distributed which is important for your food to cook evenly all around.

This microwave oven has auto cook menus which enable cooking with a single touch of a button. The solo oven also has a great defrosting option to thaw your frozen foods in no time. Apart from this reheating of milk is possible without taking the tension of possible spillage inside the cavity.

For saving some of you electricity bill this oven switches off the display if no activity is sensed for 5 minutes. So this is one of best solo microwave oven coupled with the latest technology, brand name who even taking care of your pocket by saving some units on your bill.


  • Good features
  • Ideal for home kitchen
  • Saves time and power


  • No baking, no grilling

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Morphy Richards Solo Microwave Oven -20L, 20 MS

Best 5 Solo Microwave Ovens

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Best affordable Solo Microwave Ovens

This is a 20 L solo microwave oven which can easily cater to your family needs of 2-3 persons. Since this is a solo microwave oven you cannot bake and grill however you can cook foods, reheat, defrost and do other activities like that.

This oven also comes with 5 power levels to select from according to your cooking needs. The oven is equipped with manual control and timer which is easy to has a rotational dial which makes it user-friendly and robust control when your oven undergoes a heavy-duty operation.

No doubt defrosting your frozen food is like a cup of tea while maintaining their nutrients level. The best part of solo microwave oven is that these machines consume less power as compared to all other microwave oven categories.

Morphy Richards is one of the well-known brands of microwave ovens in India has taken care of safety issues and provided with enough safety features to avoid any accidental incidents.


  • Exemplary performance and design
  • Easy to use
  • Light & Ideal for small family


  • No digital control
  • No starter kit

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FAQs: Best 5 Solo Microwave Ovens

What will happen if i run my microwave oven empty?

Running your microwave oven empty might result in the damage of the unit. When your microwave is empty, none of the microwaves generated will get absorbed or used leading to high amount of residual standing microwave keep reflecting inside the chamber that may cause unit failure over prolonged usage.

Which microwave is better solo or convection?

Well a convection microwave can do all the work of a solo microwave oven along with many other work like baking, grilling, browning, crisping, and roasting the food. While solo microwave ovens are mainly designed to reheat your food. However, solo microwave ovens are much more cheaper and mainly preferable by students, single office goers.

Are convection microwave worth investment?

In today’s fast moving life, according to me, yes it’s worth your investment. And if you love to cook and try new dishes then a convection microwave is a must have kitchen appliance. You can cook food, bake cakes and breads, roast veggies and much more at the convince of your home.


In this article” Best 5 Solo Microwave Ovens”, we have listed best affordable solo microwave ovens. If you are not a big foodie neither you enjoy cooking and trying new recipes then these solo microwave ovens are the answer to your problem. These solo ovens not only have the ability to be your companion in daily kitchen activities but also a light on your pocket.

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These solo microwave ovens are being manufactures from all major microwave oven brands and so you will find the same brand value along with lighter on your pocket. I generally prefer to look for service centers in my locality before finalizing on brands. Once you have that, you may select the models from the given list.

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