Best Air Coolers in India – Review & Buyer’s Guide (2022)

Summers in India are unbearable due to the intense heat. Everyone looks for cheap and affordable methods of remaining cool. The Air cooler comes to the rescue. Today, you are spoilt for choice regarding which type of air cooler you want to purchase. There are air coolers for all room types, ranging from single rooms to big halls. Here, “Best Air Coolers in India – Review & Buyer’s Guide”, we review the best air coolers in India and provide a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you choose the best one.

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Best Cooler Brand in India

Some of the best cooler brands in India are as follows

These are some of the best brands providing India’s best air coolers in India and are available online as well. Among these, the Symphony is the most popular.

Best air coolers in India

Here we have handpicked a few of the best air coolers in India right now.

Symphony Kaizen Jr.

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Best Air Coolers in India – Review & Buyer’s Guide

The best air cooler for small rooms

Air cooler best for a 100 sqft room.

Trolley with Easily removable side grills and auto louvers makes it easy to use and easy to maintain. It also comes with a 3-speed regulator. Its compact size and small capacity of 22 liters make it the best cooler for individuals or bachelors. The cooler with water can be used in case of low moisture while the air cooler without water can be used in case of high moisture.


  1. It is a personal cooler.
  2. Small and economical. Easy to maintain


  1. Prone to leakage if outlet not connected properly

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Symphony DiET 12T

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Best Air Coolers in India – Review & Buyer’s Guide

This is one of the best air coolers in India aimed at cooling small spaces. Also known as desert air coolers, It is designed for a room of 100sqft area. It has a 12 Liter water capacity and Honeycomb cooling pads with PM 2.5 wash filters which make cooling efficient. It has an air throw capacity of 30 ft making it the ideal personal air cooler. It has an inverter battery which allows it to run even in power cuts. It has the operating cost of a fan making it one of the best cooler for a room below 100 sqft area. This is one of the best coolers for individuals or small rooms. The cooler with water can be used in case of low moisture while the air cooler without water can be used in case of high moisture


  1. Very compact
  2. Perfect for personalized air cooler system
  3. Honeycomb cooling pad makes it efficient.
  4. Presence of inverter power


  1. Chances of leakage if drainage pipe not attached properly.
  2. It is quite noisy.

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Symphony HiCool i

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Best coolers for rooms of area 177 sqft.

Top Air coolers in India

It has a capacity of 31lts with a suitable inlet for ice and water along with an overflow outlet that manages excess water overflow. The 5 stage air purification feature ensures clean and eco-friendly air. The Dura-Pump Technology & SMPS Technology are exclusive features of HiCool i which aids in pump longevity and provides protection against voltage fluctuations. There is a 5-second beep for Empty Water Tank alarm which reminds you when to replenish the water. It comes with a user--friendly remote with sleep functions and also with memory functions that remember the last settings used. Honeycomb filters ensure even cleaner air and more efficient cooling.

It works at the operating cost of a fan and also has inverter power which makes it one of the best air coolers in India for your everyday summer use.


  1. Extremely energy efficient due to Honeycomb cooling pads.
  2. Remote control to alter the speed and alignment of outlets.
  3. Voltage fluctuation protection and pump longevity feature


  1. It is quite big and takes up a considerable amount of space.

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Best Air Coolers in India – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Symphony Touch 55

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best cooler brand in india

This is a 55 liters air cooler for a room of size 250 sqft. The air cooler provides more impactful cooling due to the presence of a double blower. There are 6 removable cooling pads which are an excellent feature for this air cooler. This feature makes it easy to clean all the filters to ensure an efficient functioning air cooler. It consumes only 250W of energy. This maximizes cooling while minimizing energy consumption decreasing the electricity bill. The cooler with water can be used in case of low moisture while the air cooler without water can be used in case of high moisture. With the operating cost of a fan and inverter power, this is by far one of the best air coolers for everyday use.


  1. Double blower system of cooling for indoor and outdoor cooling
  2. Low noise and easy to handle
  3. Aspen cooling pads with filters


  1. After-sales service is not up to the mark

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Bajaj Frio

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the best air coolers

From one of the best appliance maker brands in India comes another appliance that is durable efficient and trustworthy. The Bajaj Frio air cooler has a capacity of 23 Litres which is ideal for a room of size 150sqft. It is the best cooler for all climatic conditions and even for the coastal regions. It has a Honeycomb cooling pad that is removable and a 3-side cooling pad for enhanced performance. With a 3-speed control knob and 4-way deflection vents, it is a standard and compact and one of the best air coolers in India.


  1. Compact and portable
  2. Honeycomb cooling pads for optimal cooling
  3. Optimal performance in humid conditions as well.
  4. Easy to clean and maintain.


  1. Little noisy while operational
  2. Little small in height. Needs to be propped up

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Cello Artic 50-litre Air Cooler

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Best Air Coolers in India – Review & Buyer’s Guide

india's best air cooler

This is a 50 Litre Air cooler that is capable of corner-to-corner cooling in a room of 800 sqft. It has an air throw distance of 50 ft with a 3-speed motor which makes it a powerful cooler for a large room. The cooler with water can be used in case of low moisture while the cooler without water can be used in case of high moisture. Even though it is big, it is quite inconspicuous and has the operating cost of a fan as it only consumes 185 W of energy. With an inverter power feature, this is one of the best coolers for a conference room or even a hall to get winter-like experience in the driest and hottest summers.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Good water capacity with good cooling
  3. Easy to handle


  1. Not suitable for big rooms.
  2. No indicator for water level. Needs to be rechecked before refueling.

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Usha Honeywell CL601PM

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air cooler best from the house of Usha-Honeywell

The Usha Honeywell is a 35 Liter cooler which is the best air cooler ideal for a room of area 375 sqft. It is a Desert type air cooler with Honeycomb cooling pads for efficient cooling and clean outlet air. It is quite easy to use and easily manageable owing. Furthermore, with the operating cost of a fan, it is extremely energy efficient and provides superior cooling too.


  1. Large water tank.
  2. The honeycomb cooling pad ensures efficient cooling.


  1. Plastic body.
  2. Quite noisy at times.

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Crompton ACGC-DAC555

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the best air coolers by Crompton

This is a 55 Liters cooler which is the best air cooler for a room of size 650sqft. It consumes a power of 190W which powers a 3-speed motor that enables an air throw distance of 45 feet. Honeycomb cooling pads present on 3 sides of the coolers provide better water retention and enhanced cooling performance


  1. Castor wheels on either side make movement easier.
  2. The water level indicator with the auto-fill feature makes it hassle-free to handle.
  3. Drain plug for easy cleaning.
  4. 45 ft air throw distance.


  1. Plastic body
  2. Bit expensive

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Best Air Coolers in India – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Some of the models from top cooler brands in India are

Voltas Desert Cooler Mega 70, 70 L Check on Amazon
Orient Electric Knight 70 Litres CD-7003H Desert Air Cooler Check on Amazon
Havells Celia 55-Litre Cooler (Silver) Check on Amazon
Orient Electric CD5003H 50-Litre Desert Air Cooler (Grey/Orange) Check on Amazon
Bajaj DC2016 67 Ltrs Room Air Cooler (White) – For Large Room Check on Amazon
Hindware 200 Snowcrest 85 H Desert CD-168501HLA
85-Litre Air Cooler (Lavender)
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How to choose the best Air Cooler – A Buyer’s Guide

Before we go into discussing the different factors which you should consider before buying an Air Cooler, we will give you an overview of how it works. This will help you understand the factors that you need to consider when you are buying the best air-cooler in India for your use.

How it works

The coolers available in the market currently are also known as desert or swamp coolers. The coolers have fans which draw the outside air and pass them through cooling pads with water already present in them. The water evaporates by taking the heat from the incoming air thereby cooling the temperature of the air. This cool air is then directed inside the room. This continuous process reduces the overall temperature of the room for you to enjoy a hot summer day. Since the process only involves the evaporation of water and no cooling via gases, it is quite cheap and environment-friendly to have one at your home.

Things to Consider Before Buying.

Owing to its functioning as a unit that cools by evaporating water that dissipates heat; several factors will influence your decision in choosing the best air cooler for room in India.

Size of the Room

To obtain optimum efficiency from the cooler you purchase, choosing the best cooler size for the correct room size is very essential. Cooler sizes are a factor of the amount of airflow per hour through a cooler and are represented by CFM (Cubic Feet per minute). Knowing the CFM of a cooler will tell you the volume of air being circulated by the cooler in the room. CFM can be calculated very easily and is a factor of the surface area of the room to be cooled.

Air displacement (in CFM) = Area of room in square feet X Height of the room / 2

where it is assumed that recycling of air occurs in the room once every 2 min.

So for a room of area 100 sq. feet and a height of 8 ft, the CFM will be

CFM= 100 X 8/ 2 = 400 cubic feet/min

To convert it into hour we multiply 400 with 1.699 to give 680 cubic feet/hour which is the standard of measure utilized by the best brands of air coolers in India.

Therefore to have the best cooler with optimum performance, you need to know the size of the room where you want to put the cooler and choose accordingly.

Power Consumption and Efficiency

Power consumed by air coolers is much less compared to that of air conditioners. For a 1 ton AC energy consumption of 0.8 units per hour is equivalent to the consumption of 0.1 units per hour by an air cooler of similar room size. Lower power consumption means lower electricity bills.

The shape of the cooling pads which bring about the cooling of the air also plays a major role in the efficiency of the air cooler. The cooling pad design determines the absorptive and evaporative process of water in the cooler. The best air cooler will have a honeycomb cooling pad which has 85% efficiency whereas the aspen cooling pad has 75% efficiency.

The material used to make the cooler also contributes to power consumption. Fiber body coolers have smaller cooling pads and hence lower cooling efficiency compared to their steel body counterparts. Galvanized steel further protects against rusting and has higher cooling efficiency which contributes to lower power consumption.

The Efficiency of Function in Various Temperatures

Air coolers work on the principle of releasing the evaporated water into the atmosphere to bring about cooling. If the atmosphere is hot and dry, cooling is optimum. If the atmosphere is humid then the evaporated water cannot be held by the atmosphere due to saturation hence leading to reduced cooling capacity and efficiency. However, air coolers from the best brands like symphony provide a feature called Humidity Control which can overcome this problem by controlling the humidity ensuring optimal performance even in humid conditions.

We would also like to tell you certain steps which you can and should take to ensure that your best air cooler stays the best for a long time with the same efficiency

  • Before purchasing, always check the room size and buy accordingly to minimize energy consumption.
  • Do not keep the water pump open in models without an auto-fill option. Keep it shut frequently to control the humidity level.
  • Remember to clean the water tanks and cooling pads to ensure optimal cooling and dust-free air.
  • Remember to keep windows open for cross ventilation.
  • Always remember to check water levels before switching on the water pump.
  • Remember to clean the water tank to prevent water stagnation and mosquito breeding.
  • Remember to keep the air cooler in a place where it can absorb the maximum amount of air.

FAQs: Best Air Coolers in India

Which is best air cooler or air conditioner?

The air cooler pulls fresh air from the outside and circulates inside the room while air conditioners circulates the internal air of the room. Air coolers is designed to work during dry weather conditions while the air conditioner works in all weather conditions.

Is air cooler bad for health?

No, air coolers are considered as the most natural way of cooling and hence in no case it is bad for health. Since the air cooler circulates fresh air into your room, the honey comb structure along with the moisture also traps a large amount of dust particulates resulting in not only fresh air but also acts as the natural air purifier. but the only issue with the air coolers are that it becomes in effective when there is high moisture content in the environment resulting in degradation of cooling effect.
On the other hand, air conditioners circulates the indoor air and hence the air quality from the air conditioners is on the lower side if compared to the air quality of best air coolers.

What are the disadvantages of air cooler?

Some of the disadvantages of air coolers are:
1. Reduce the cooling effect during high moisture seasons
2. As air coolers operate on the principle of evaporation, it increases the humidity of the room without proper ventilation
3. Can be noisy
4. Regular annual maintenance needed

Which cooler is better plastic or metal?

There were times when metal coolers are used in India widely due to its higher cooling effect. But nowadays even desert coolers made up of plastic body gives similar performance. Metal coolers are more noisy and needs more maintenance when compared to the plastic body coolers.However, you might find metal body coolers at quite cheaper rates by your local manufacturers. But you should also keep in ind the the life expectancy of plastic body coolers are much more than the metal body coolers which are prone to rusting.


From the above review, we hope that we have given you a fair idea about how to choose and which is the best air cooler in India. All the air coolers are from top-selling brands and are much cheaper than air conditioners. So, this summer here’s wishing you eternal respite from the heat with your choice of the best air cooler in India.

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