Best Blood Sugar Monitor/glucometers in India (2022)

According to the many international surveys, India has the largest diabetics patients in the whole world. Well here I shall not use the patients instead it is said to be a lifestyle body abnormality that leads to inability of the body to control the sugar level in the blood stream. So when we know about this lifestyle abnormality, to stay healthy we need to control our sugar level in our body manually i.e. by controlling food, regular exercise and burning calories, and so on. In order to do this, you need to monitor your sugar level in your blood stream regularly. So, in this article “Best Blood Sugar Monitor/glucometers in India “we tried to discuss all about the best glucose meters and will discuss some FAQs about this lifestyle disease Diabetics.

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While moving forward with selection of Best Blood Sugar Monitor/glucometers in India, let us first understand about the diabetics.

What is Diabetics?

Blood glucose is the main source of your body. It comes from the food we eat. Our body converts all the food we eat into its simplest form i.e. glucose which is then absorbed by your blood stream. The body metabolism burns this glucose present in the bloodstream in order to do its job. The extra glucose in the body left is either converted into fat which acts as a reserve for your body in case of energy deficiency. Generally, the body glucose level range is between 70-140 mg/dl or 4.0 to 5.4 mmo/dl. When your body doesn’t able to maintain the glucose or sugar level in the specified range due to varied reasons generally under performance of the pancreas, the irregularity is known as Diabetics in general terms.

The higher level of sugar in your blood stream may lead to abnormalities by other body parts especially kidneys which has to do the extra work of filtering excess glucose and taking it out of your body.

What Shall One Do to Control?

So, in order to control your blood sugar level, following changes comes in your lifestyle

  1. Need to monitor our glucose/sugar level regularly
  2. Intake less sugar or only as required and increase fiber intake as your stomach also need to be felt.
  3. Exercise regularly to consume excess glucose in your blood stream

As this article “Best Blood Sugar Monitor/glucometers in India” is to list out best blood sugar monitor device in India let us start with it.

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit, Vial of 10 strips free (Multicolor)

Best Blood Sugar Monitor/glucometers in India

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Best Blood Sugar Monitor/glucometers in India

Accucheck is one of the highest selling blood sugar machine in India. The Accu-check are not the cheapest but it finds its place in between efficiency and price. Yes, most of the doctors do prefer Accu-check blood sugar machine over any other testers for diabetics. So if you want to be more precise while testing your blood sugar level on regular basis then Accu-check blood sugar machine is the best for you. Some of the features of the blood sugar monitor device are


  • Fulfills ISO-15197:2013 certification
  • Easy to use
  • Supports auto-coding
  • Simple 2-button design for easy handling


  • Bestselling brand
  • Feature rich, easy handling
  • Visual double check display
  • 8-sec re-dose option in case you have given inadequate sample
  • Pre & post meal markers
  • Postprandial reminder
  • Can store up to 500 test results
  • Enable you to view average test results of up to 7, 14, 30, up to 90 days.
  • USB interface for data transfer


  • Accu-check glucose blood meter test strips are priced on higher side
  • Only compatible with Accu-check test strips

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Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer Combo, 25 Strips (Multicolor)

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Best Blood Sugar Monitor/glucometers in India

Dr. Morepen is another cheapest and bestselling blood sugar monitor device in India. However, with the cheap price you may also notice slightly higher deviation from the standard test results but if you don’t need much accuracy then these testers for diabetes are helpful to understand your health relatively to the previous readings. Some of the features of the Dr. Morepen best glucometers in India are


  • Beeper alert
  • Ergonomic design
  • Low blood sample requirement
  • Ease of use


  • Cheapest in the market
  • Decade old brand experience in testing devices
  • No coding technology
  • Enables to store up to 300 test results
  • Shows average results of up to 7, 14, 31 days
  • Compatible with alternate site testing capability


  • Only compatible with Dr.Morepen test strips
  • Comparatively higher result deviation, but good for relative measurement.

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OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer with 35 Counts Strips (Black)

Best Blood Sugar Monitor/glucometers in India

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Best Blood Sugar Monitor/glucometers in India

The OneTouch is from the US based firm and is known for its international standards of test results but with the high level of standards do come the higher price to test. So, IF you don’t have the budget constrain then you can go with this blood sugar check machine from OneTouch. You will generally find the strips of the best glucometers in India at par or slightly higher than the price of the Accu-check testers for diabetes. Some of the features of the OneTouch blood sugar check machine are


  • International brand with certified ISO-15197:2013
  • Ease of use with no physical buttons required
  • Small blood sample requirement
  • Highly acclaimed blood sugar monitor device in US


  • Simple to use with auto coding
  • Low blood sample needed for measurement
  • Accurate result in 5 sec
  • Color representation on display
  • Audio signals


  • OneTouch glucose blood meter test strips are priced on higher side
  • Only compatible with OneTouch select plus test strips

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Dr Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine with 60 Strips

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Best Blood Sugar Monitor/glucometers in India

Dr.Trust is another US based brand that is into the diagnosis and measurement. The brand uses state of the art GDH-FAD enzyme based technology which is said to be the latest and most advanced technology to measure the blood glucose level.  Apart to that the blood sugar check machine is also capable to give your early warning about your rising ketone level of your blood which is one of the most common issue often faced by people with diabetics. Some of the features of the blood sugar check machine are


  • International brand and global standards
  • GDH-FAD enzyme technology used in testing strips
  • Strip ejection button
  • 5 sec processing time
  • Reminder alarm function


  • Ergonomic & comparatively cheap
  • 3-operation modes: general for any time measurement during the day, Ac mode for early morning measurement and PC mode for after meal measurement
  • Ketone level alert
  • Fully automatic function
  • 2 units of measurement i.e. mg/dl & mmol/L
  • Backlit display


  • Only compatible with Dr.Trust test strips

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BeatO Smartphone Glucometer Kit along with 20 RGB Test Strips Plus Free 30 Test Strips

Best Blood Sugar Monitor/glucometers in India

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Best glucometers in India

BeatO is one of the newest entrant into the measurement category with its all new way to store your data measured to theoretically unlimited test results. The BeatO is an Indian start-up brand which enabled user to store theoretically unlimited test results on the mobile phone. This new ability to transfer data to your mobile phone help you to analyze and visualize your stored data with different techniques. In the present era of big data analytics, the new entrant has given you the option to use data analytics to keep track on your health essentials. Some of the features of the BeatO blood sugar monitor device is


  • Accuracy: +- 15% compared to lab
  • Connects to your 3.5mm audio jack of your mobile phone
  • Works seamlessly with Android and iOS devices
  • Dedicated app to visualize your stored data on your mobile phone
  • Set alert to friends and family in case of high or low readings
  • Enable you to see long-term trends on simple graphs and take accurate measures


  • Easily connects to your mobile
  • Large data gathering capability helps you to better understand and tap on the health of your near ones
  • Affordable and ergonomic
  • CE certified
  • 3-months expert guidance support


  • Only compatible with BeatO test strips

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Best Blood Sugar Monitor/glucometers in India –Buyer’s Guide

Until now we have seen the best available blood sugar monitoring machine in India. Now it’s important that you must understand some of the points that you shall keep in mind while moving ahead to buy your best glucometers in India.

Now, let us start with the list of important factors in India

Test time

Testing time is the wait time that your blood sugar monitoring machine will take to process your blood sample before showing the final result. Currently, most of the Best glucose meters have the test time between 5-10 sec.  Since you may need to test your sample daily you may don’t want to wait much for getting your results on display.

Blood sample

Most of the glucose blood meters nowadays have very little sample requirements which ranges between 0.5 -1.0 milliliters.  However, if you provide less blood sample then required, it may also damage your strip and you may need to use a new strip. So it is better to go with a glucometer which needs lesser blood sample requirement for testing.

The Accu-check blood sugar check machine also gives you 10 sec re-dose time in case you have put-in lower blood sample then required. This feature enables you to add more sample with the stipulated time of 10 sec. before rejecting the strips.

Data storage

Most of the glucose blood meters comes with in-device data storage which stores test results ranging from 300-3000 test results. You can also check the average of the results in predefined intervals i.e. 7days, 14 days, 30 days and so on.

Best glucometers in India

But on the other hand BeatO blood sugar monitoring machine comes with the ability to transfer test results directly into your mobile. The device doesn’t have inbuilt memory, instead of that it stores test results directly on your mobile device through 3.5mm jack support enabling you to theoretically store unlimited results and then use graphs to better analyze your trends.

Markers /Flags

There are many types of blood sugar testing i.e. random, pre-diet, post-diet. So, while taking measurement if you have the ability to flag or mark your reading then you can easily sort out the type of reading you are analyzing. Most of the best glucometers in India comes with this feature of marking. However, you must check if your glucometer brand in India is providing the same?

Automatic or manual coding

There are basically 2 types of blood sugar monitoring machine i.e. one which needs manual coding while other which sets itself automatically. For manual blood sugar monitoring machine, you need to manually enter the details of the strip every time you buy a new pack of blood sugar testing strips while the automatic machine itself fetch the data of test strips. Nowadays, most of the best glucometers are automatic but still you must cross check the same before buying your Best glucose meters.

Battery or rechargeable

Normally, most of the best glucometers in India comes with replaceable CR2 button batteries. But if you travel more frequently and carry your blood sugar monitoring machine than you may also think for going with glucometers with rechargeable batteries. These glucometers can be charged easily like your other electronic gadgets and you remain worry-free for replacement of batteries.


Best blood glucose monitors

Almost all the glucometers come with its lancet and lancet device. The lancets are the needle that you use to prick finger for getting the blood sample. You may also give try with generic lancets that fits into your lancet device.


There is a lots of discussion over the accuracy of even the best glucometers available in the market. As a consumer we shall understand that you cannot compare the lab reports and result of the glucometers. Even there are possibilities that even your blood report from 2 different labs will have deviation which is due to many reasons. All this equipment especially the glucometers are relative measurement device with industry acceptable limit of =-20% from your lab reports. Now, you must be thinking that what is the use with such a large deviation?

The best glucometer devices are designed to give you the rough idea at fastest way possible. Apart to this there are many other environmental conditions that may also add up to the error. The best way to use the glucometer reading is to relate it with the past reading and think in relation to the previous reading weather it is on the higher side or lower side and take the essential steps to flatten your trend.


This feature allows user to alert in case of major deviation in the test results. Most of the best glucometers in India provides the in device alert along with the test result. However, with BeatO you can set to send alert to your family, friends and doctor through your mobile app which is a very good feature especially if you want to gift one to your elderly parents and set yourself for notification.

Blood Sugar Check Machine Size

If you are a vivid traveler and have a constraint of space in your luggage, then only you should consider this factor. You may choose from the variety of compact machines which comes with a travel pouch to help you with worry-free travel.

Sync to app

Most of the glucose blood meters provide in-device options. You will find very few glucose blood meters in India which has mobile-app support. However, BeatO is one of the brand from an Indian start-up which is purely smart. Yes, this smart glucometer doesn’t have anything of its own, in spite of that it uses the app and mobile hardware to store test results and help you to analyze saved data over its mobile app compatible with Android and iOS.

Additional features

Apart to the above listed features, you can also look for other features like backlit, audio reading options, USB compatibility, extra memory storage, ketone levels and so on depending on your requirements.


The best glucometers are available in the price range of Rs.800 to 2000. However, more features and less deviation in testing results will increase your price range. So, if you want a more accurate result you may need to go with higher price model.

Also, keep in mind that the testing strips will also be costly if you are going with more accurate results. But even the best blood sugar machine will show deviation in your final results.

FAQs: Best Blood Sugar Monitor/glucometers in India

How does glucometer work?

The glucometer works by detecting the glucose level in the blood. The glucose present in the blood reacts with an enzyme on the strip, then electric current is allowed to pass through by your monitoring device to give the final result.

Are glucometers accurate?

Yes, the acceptable limit for glucometers are +-20% when compared to the lab results. Most of the blood glucose testing machine performs under this limit.

What are dangerous blood sugar levels?

For a general healthy person, the normal blood sugar level lies between 70-130 mg/dl However, if your blood sugar level is crossing 200mg/dl in any circumstances, it is dangerous and you should start thinking of your lifestyle.

Why is it important to wipe the first drop of blood?

It has large probability that your first drop of blood coming out of your finger tip contains higher amount of skin cells which may lead to random results. So, it is advisable that after pricking, clean your first blood drop with a clean tissue or cloth and then squeeze nearby area to get another blood drop to be used as your sample in your glucose blood meters.

Why is my blood sugar reading different in different fingers?

The most common reason of different reading is the contamination of the blood samples. As your testers for diabetes uses very tiny droplet, a very little residue of dust particles or any food residue may vary your end result by several folds. So, it is generally advisable to wash your hand and especially the area from where you are planning to take the sample thoroughly.

What is the best alcohol to drink for a diabetic?

Being diabetics doesn’t mean that you stop enjoying your life’s ups and downs. However, being diabetics positive entail and limits your carbs intake. Some of the Keto-friendly drinks that you may opt for are Vodka, Rum, Gin, whisky which has almost nil carbs contents.

Is Whisky OK for diabetics?

Whisky has very low carbs-content, However, it is advisable to take in limited quantity of 1.5 ounces (up to 44ml). Taking in excessive may lead to other body vital irregularities if you are diabetic.

Final Words

Until now, in this article” Best Blood Sugar Monitor/glucometers in India “we have tried to research and list out best blood sugar monitoring machine for you from best glucometer brands in India. Along with that we have also shared quick buyer’s guide that would help you to draw the list of parameters while selecting the best glucometers in India from best blood sugar monitoring machine brands.

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While selecting your glucometers you must understand that you need to buy the test strips from the same brand and so the price of the test strips shall also be considered so that you don’t feel burden on your pocket post buying your favorite glucometers.

In case you have any other queries, feel free to comment in the section below.  You are also free to open a discussion for all of us to get benefit.

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