Best Daikin AC Technologies in India-Review (2021)

With the increasing temperatures of our environment year on year, having an AC in your room is the best solution to the continued problem. Getting your best AC is a challenging task specially when there are tons of choices available in the market with different technology jargon in the market. With this article “Best Daikin AC technologies in India-Review”, we hereby tried to make it simple by researching available technologies and simplify those jargons for you from the house of Japanese brand Daikin. Most of the latest ACs have the ability to work in an Indian tropical climate where the temperature during summer raises up to 50 degrees.

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Daikin, being the first company of Japan to start offering air conditioning solutions in the country with secondary business in refrigerants. Today with its presence in more the 150 countries, Daikin AC company currently holds its place among top air conditioner brands globally. Daikin AC company being the Japanese brand brings with it’s globally recognized quality check standards. The production process being adopted by Daikin India is in line with international environment protection standards with the latest technologies used for active noise reduction and reduced power consumption.

No doubt, Daikin India is one of the fastest-growing best AC brands in India which led them to start manufacturing units in India in the year 2017 which also helped them to further raise the level of after-sales service and consumer satisfaction level even in further-most places in the country.

Daikin India manufacturers only split AC models for residential purposes since split ACs are more efficient as compared to there windows counterparts. However, for industrial and commercial users they do manufactures various conditioner models like cassette Daikin air conditioners, ducted Daikin air conditioners, VRV Daikin air conditioners (Variable Refrigerant Volume Based).

In this article,” Best Daikin AC technologies in India-Review”, we will mainly discuss residential AC technologies provided by Daikin India since industrial conditioner needs are more customized which can only be done with the help of Daikin India support teams.

Daikin AC Technologies

3D-Coanda Airflow Technology

Usually in your older air conditioners have swing function (Up-Down), while you need to manually adjust the throw blades (Left-Right).  As a result, we generally keep the manual adjustment (Left-Right) in the middle while the auto-swing function continuously changes the flow up & downward direction.  In Daikin India 3D-Coanda airflow technology, both the swing function has been automated which means your Daikin inverter AC can automatically control airflow in all directions i.e. Up-Down & Left-Right.  This feature ensures spread of cool air in every corner of your room hence achieving constant temperature at every corner of your room.  The latest models of Daikin ACs (FTKP series) come loaded with this feature which also ensures that your AC doesn’t throw cool air directly on you when switching ON, in spite, your AC opens upward to start with.

2-in-1 Air Conditioning: Cooling & Heating

Best Daikin AC technologies in India-Review

Best Daikin hot and cold AC in India

The air conditioner theoretically means your appliance should have the ability to condition the air inside your room to a desired temperature irrespective of the temperature outside. But until now most of the AC brands were providing only air chillers which used to chillout your room to lower temperature with respect to your environment’s temperature. So, during winters when most of the geographical regions of India have temperatures below and around 20 degrees, most of us switch off our AC and start looking for room heaters over the internet. But Daikin AC company has taken this theory and equipped its latest models of AC with the ability to condition your room air to the desired temperature by cooling in summers and heating during winters.

This feature is available in premium models from Daikin India. Daikin’s Dual-Comfort series of ACs comes equipped with this functionality. With this functionality, the AC blades direct the hot air towards the floor of the room for quick heating which in turn result in energy savings too.

Power chill Mode Assisted with Dual Flap Flattening

There was the time when your old ACs used to take a while to switch ON its compressor and then few more minutes to get your room to a comfortable situation leaving waiting to get comfortable. But the power chill mode in latest AC models from Daikin when enabled maximizes the cooling effect of your AC with Fans automatically turned to full capacity and compressor at its full efficiency. The mode when enabled quickly cools your room to a comfortable temperature within 20 minutes.

Best Daikin AC technologies in India-Review

Streamer Discharge Technology with Smell Proof Operations

Air pollutions have been on the rise during the past few years mainly in developing economies. Even in India, where we never heard anyone talking about air pollution has been found talking on particulates PM2.5 for the last few years. Now almost all of us know about PM 2.5 particulates and the hazards these small particulates may cause to your health and your family members. According to health organizations, the risk due to these small particulates is said to be similar to what seen with indirect smoke exposure.

In order to deal with these dangerous pollutants, most of the brands are coming up with more innovative air purifying systems and filters for Daikin air conditioners. In order to deal with the situation, Daikin has come up with streamer discharge technology that has a 4-layer filter system. These filters act efficiently to filter out most of the dust, pollutants, allergens, and even bacteria.

4-Layer Filter System by Daiken

Best Daikin AC technologies in India-Review

In this pre-filter mechanism, all the large particles of dust are collected
In this filtering mechanism, pollens and minute dust particles get charged by the plasma ionizer which in turn gets absorbed by the electrostatic filter.
In this stage bacteria collection and decomposition take place. This is done by a titanium apatite photocatalytic filter.
The last catalytic deodorant filter, filter our formaldehyde and other odor-causing particulates by decomposing the same. This last filter ensures odor-free and fresh air entry into your room.
However, this 4-level filtration system ensures fresh and odor-free air circulation but during the process, the system generates Ozone as its by-product. Though until now it is not clear about the quantity and side effects of the same and how Daikin is dealing with the same.

Copper Condenser with Anti Corrosion Protection

Copper condenser always has an upside over its aluminum counterpart due to its highly efficient heat transfer and durability. In spite of the high price, copper condensers provide much higher value for money as compared to its aluminum counterpart. The copper condenser is easy to maintain and easily repairable in case of fault on the other hand in case of aluminum condenser tube fault you may need to replace the whole tubes which are costlier in your pocket.

Daikin provides copper tubes in all its AC models along with some models that get the additional protection of anti-corrosion fins on the outdoor unit. These anti-corrosion fins are helpful in the region of high humidity where the corrosion rate is very high.

Stabilizer-free operation

Power cuts and blackouts are common in India. But when it becomes frequent than these power cuts may cause harm to heavy appliances like AC. However, inverter technology can handle these power cuts but ACs without inverter technology are prone to damage due to voltage fluctuation. Daikin India has addressed these challenges of India by providing stabilizer free operation capability in their premium AC models.  The Daikin ACs are equipped with a protection system that allows Daikin ACs to operate in a larger voltage bracket of 160V-264V. The power supply will automatically get cut off in case the voltage exceeds the permissible limits hence saving your AC from serious harm.

Inverter Compressor Technology

Best Daikin AC technologies in India-Review

Best Daikin inverter ACs in India

The inverter technology in AC has changed the whole dynamics of the industry and energy efficiency. There was the time when ACs were seen as the power-hungry equipment but inverter compressors have come as the biggest innovation in the industry. Until now, AC compressors used to operate in only two modes i.e. ON or OFF. As most of you know, an electrical motor while starting can consume up to 10 times more energy than its rated capacity.  So, every time your old compressor gets switched off to save your energy, actually it was consuming 10 times more energy to restart itself. So, is your older compressor technology is saving for you by switching itself OFF or preparing itself to take one big bite on your pocket.

Inverter technology on the other hand runs continuously. However, with its ability to control itself, these AC inverter compressors control its speed and load with the demand. So, when your room is at the set temperatures, these inverter compressors continue to run at lowest load or ideal load with minimal consumption in spite of switching off (older conventional compressors used to switch off).

Thanks to Daikin India, most of the mid and premium Daikin inverter ACs come equipped with inverter compressors which ensures best-optimized operation by all Daikin split ACs irrespective of their models.

Pros & Cons

Daikin Split AC offers 3D-Coanda airflow which allow users to auto-swing air in all direction leading to equal temperature in every corner of your room. Apart to this, the feature also allows AC to start with upward swing precluding cool air to directly hit the user’s head in the room. The Daikin has used state of the art air purification technologies i.e. streamer discharge, silver particle, titanium filters, PM2.5 filters to ensure safe, clean and odor-free air circulation. Daikin has also been awarded for its advanced air filtration systems being used in there ACs at National Asthma Council. To help in to save environment, Daikin AC company has almost stopped using R22 refrigerants in their new models. These refrigerants (HSFC) is said to have ozone depletion property. Nowadays, Daikin is using more efficient and safer R410 or R32 refrigerants in all its best AC models. These refrigerants are more eco-friendly with zero ozone depletion properties. Finally, all Daikin India ACs comes equipped with copper condenser as the aluminum condensers were difficult to repair and have durability issues with them.
Daikin don’t manufacture windows AC models which in turn losing many prospective Indian customers. Since even today, in India there are many places where installation of split AC is not possible due to limited or constrained space. Apart from this, even if most of the Daikin split ACs comes equipped with inverter technology, LG’s dual inverter technology has better efficiency then the Daikin’s inverter technology. So, Daikin needs to work more on energy-efficient technologies in order to challenge other global leaders. Last but not the least, in India we have high temperature variation for some reason, Some of the Daikin AC models have a lower operating range of 46 degrees which may make those models ineffective during peak summer in some reasons. So, you need to check the highest operating temperature range of your models in accordance with your region and its temperature variations.


Daikin is an established global brand in its category. The Daikin has shown its superiority with respect to latest technologies usage even in its affordable best AC range. With desistance from the usage of refrigerants like R22, aluminum condensers, and windows AC production, Daikin AC company has shown its attitude towards quality, efficiency, and environment protection. Premium Daikin inverter ACs comes with smart human sensor technology which adjusts itself if there is no presence detected inside the room leading to save energy and optimized operation. The 2-in-1 models of Daikin inverter ACs even take care of chilling winters by reversing the operation of your AC hence making it closer to the theoretical meaning of air conditioners.

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Stabilizer free operation, state of the art air filtration system, precision control at 0.5 degrees, are some of the other advanced features you can find in your Daikin split ACs. Daikin split ACs should be your ideal choice if you are in pollution zone like metros, tier 1 cities, water bodies like lake, river, sea, etc. because Daikin split ACs are equipped to deal with these situations very well.

Daikin AC Reviews- Our Top Picks

Daikin 1 Ton 5 Star AC

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  • Inverter Split AC
  • 5-Star
  • Tonnage: 1Ton
  • Condenser: Copper
  • Refrigerant: R32
  • Cooling Capacity: 3620/1810
  • 5.80 ISEER
  • Annual Units: 483

Daikin 1 Ton 3 Star

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  • Inverter Split AC
  • 3-Star
  • StarTonnage: 1Ton
  • Condenser: Copper
  • Refrigerant: R32
  • Cooling Capacity: 3500/1750
  • 3.7 ISEER
  • Annual Units: 732

Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star AC

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  • Inverter Split AC
  • 5-Star
  • Tonnage: 1.5
  • Condenser: Copper
  • Refrigerant: R32
  • Cooling Capacity: 5280/2640
  • 5.33 ISEER
  • Annual Units: 767

Daikin 1.5 Ton 3-Star AC

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  • Non-Inverter Split AC
  • 3-Star
  • Tonnage: 1.5
  • Condenser: Copper
  • Refrigerant: R32
  • Cooling Capacity: 5200
  • 3.65 ISEER
  • Annual Units: 1103

Daikin 1.5 Ton 4 Star AC

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  • Inverter Split AC
  • 4-Star
  • Tonnage: 1.5
  • Condenser: Copper
  • Refrigerant: R32
  • Cooling Capacity: 5000/2500
  • 4.17 ISEER
  • Annual Units: 928

Daikin 1.8 Ton 5 Star AC

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  • Inverter Split AC
  • 5-Star
  • Tonnage: 1.8
  • Condenser: Copper
  • Refrigerant: R32
  • Cooling Capacity: 6000/3000
  • 4.7 ISEER
  • Annual Units: 989.07

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