Best FASTtag in India to Pay Toll (2022)

FastTags has been in service since the year 2017 but recently it picked up and became the hot discussion topic in the last 2 months when the Indian government has mandated these FastTags for everyone. There were many mixed reviews regarding mandating these FastTags at tolls of national highways. However, it is said that other tolls will also soon join the electronic toll mechanism making it easy for collection as well as payment. No doubt it was in hurry and most people still have different queries still looking for the answer in their mind. In order to help you to find your answer our team tried to do thorough research before coming up with this article “Best FASTtag in India to pay the toll”. In this article, we will try to answer some common queries and you can post your other queries in the Q&A section where we will try to help you understand in-depth so that this article and your queries don’t only help you to decide but also help other people out there to refer and make their informed decision.

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Best FASTtag in India to Pay Toll

Let us start our FAQs about the Fast tag from different suppliers. However, for any other queries if unanswered, feel free to drop your queries in the comment section below. We will include selected queries with your name in the main article whenever updated.

What are these FastTags?

FastTags are basically an RFID chip that is to be fixed on your car’s windscreen. These RFID has unique numbers which are linked to you and your vehicle. This unique number RFID can be linked to either a bank account or any other wallet like Paytm from where you want the money to be deducted while you pass through tolls.  Now it’s up to you if you want it to be attached to your bank account or any other wallet.

Which FastTag is best?

FastTag doesn’t have any associated brand, just like the sim card of your mobile service provider. You don’t bother about the quality of the sim card to be inserted into your mobile phone. In spite, you are more interested in the service provided by the service provider and the price of the initial connection. Apart from that, now with the power in your hand to change even the service provider without changing your mobile number. All FastTags are being provided and maintained and serviced by the National Electronic Toll Collection which is a mechanism developed by the National Payments Corporation of India.

Know All About the FastTag- Pay Toll Online

Today, FastTags are being sold by most of the banks, mobile companies (Airtel), by sellers on Amazon and another online marketplace, so who are they and why they are selling? All these sellers are acting as points of sale for the NETC/NPCI where all the sellers have their cost of Approx. Rs100 along with Rs.200 refundable charge and Rs.200 initial balance on your card. The refundable deposit will be returned in case of closing/canceling your FastTag account.

You need to cancel or close your FastTag account if you are selling your vehicle or transferring your vehicle since these FastTags are non-transferable.

Once you will have the FastTag with you, you will again need to visit the portal of the respective supplier and activate your FastTag. These details you will receive along with your FastTag. Once registered your product on the respective website that you can add your FastTag to your Paytm wallet or you for future recharges. Or recharge it directly from the banks. Since most of the suppliers are working on the software part down the line you will start getting more and more options to recharge your fast tag over the internet just like you mobile phones and your DTH can be recharged from anywhere, anytime.

How do I recharge my FastTag?

Best FASTtag in India to pay toll

Know All About the FastTag- Pay Toll Online

How to recharge Your FastTag with UPI (GooglePay, AmazonPay, BHIM, etc)?

UPI has been a great success since last few years and today most of you must be using one or the other UPI app. So the question here comes is how to use my UPI app to recharge my FastTag account?

As per NPCI guidelines, Banks providing FastTags should give their customers to recharge via UPI. So, if you have your fastTag issued through SBI and your vehicle registration number is JH 09 1234 then the UPI handle of your fastTag would be [email protected] This UPI handle is not case-sensitive. Hence, you can even use [email protected]

In order to crosscheck whether your FastTag UPI is valid or not try recharging your FastTag with any of your UPI app i.e. google pay, amazon pay, BHIM, etc. with 1 rupee and wait for the confirmation message on your mobile from your bank.

How do I check my FastTag Balance and details?

Generally, you will receive SMS from the issuer authority on every recharge and deduction from your FastTag. However, even then if you feel like checking the details then you can log in to the website of your issuer authority. This account is the same account that has been created by you while activating your FastTag.

I have 2 or more cars in my home, do I need separate FastTags for all of them?

Best FASTtag in India to pay toll

FastTags are vehicle-specific and non-transferable. So, yes you will need separate FastTag for every vehicle. Now, as fast tags are only for tolls, you need to decide which vehicle in your house is going to be used and which one may be used only inside your city.

Can I attach multiple FastTags with single wallet?

All fast tag comes with their individual Ids’, now if you are looking to have multiple FastTags with the same wallet id then you need to talk to customer support for your requirement of customization and then place an order.

Shall I link my FastTag to my bank account?

FastTag works like a wallet where you can recharge your wallet. However, linking your FASTtag with your bank account means a standing instruction is created where your FASTtag will be auto recharged on touching the minimum balance. But it is more advisable to link your fast tag with any other wallet like Paytm, Amazon pay, or any other 3rd party wallet. This helps to keep your bank account isolated from direct deductions. And whenever you want just load your linked wallet and keep tapping on direct debits from your bank account. 

What are the different Fasttag customer care numbers?

When I will receive my Fasttag, I brought online?

Currently, due to the high demand for Fast tags, you may receive your tag in 15-30 days. However, after ordering you will receive your details on your registered email and mobile number within 30 minutes. You can use these details to create your account and activate the same. Once you register your account online you can check the balance and status online. Now, at the toll, you just need to tell your vehicle registration number on the fast tag lane and they can still deduct the charges and you are ready to go.

Even today most of the fast tag lanes are not installed with an auto deduction mechanism. So try it out and let us know in the comment section the toll’s name where you have used the Fast tag lane just by using your vehicle number (Without RFID).

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