Top 10 Best Kitchen Sinks in India (2022)

Don’t you feel that fresh and delicious vibes when you enter your kitchen? Dining is a place which puts the whole family together and the environment depends on the food which is made in the kitchen. Many people in India consider the kitchen a sacred place for meals to be prepared. They first make themselves neat and clean then enter the kitchen. So, can you assume the cleanliness of the kitchen to be, because food is all a matter of tidiness? Keeping all these challenges in mind, we have researched and came up with the article “Top 10 Best Kitchen Sinks in India” for you to learn and refer to choose the best kitchen sink with a tap.

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Suppose you go for a fancy lunch out in a house somewhere and you see something unhygienic there. Will the food pass your esophagus? I think your answer must be no. So, we have concluded that the most important element of the kitchen is cleanliness and the most contributing agent is a SINK. Yes!! You read it right, it’s a sink. It is the space where all dirt is meant to be removed. Here is where we find our kitchen sink helpful. In Spite of throwing plates or dishes here and there, we like to keep them in the sink because it is meant for it. So, what should be your criteria to buy a kitchen sink? Many of our friends find it difficult to buy the best kitchen sink but believe me it is damn easy just you need the right information which we are going to share with you in this article” Top 10 Best Kitchen Sinks in India”.

Choosing an Ideal Kitchen Sink

Now, an ideal sink can be used as a multipurpose tool. There are numerous sinks available in the market but how could we find the best one for us. What should be the scenario for the ideal sink? I believe it should be perfect in size, sturdy enough to store, washing vegetables, washing things, cleaning, soaking pots, pans and aiding in every way to clean the kitchen. Each sink has its kind. It differs in many aspects like size, weight, material, quality, and durability. So, we need a proper mindset while buying a sink which means we should be clear about the budget we have, the functions we need, and most importantly how the installation and maintenance things are going to be handled. Also, how the sink is going to look with your kitchen interior is a great thing to look upon. I am sure you won’t like that a sink is ruining your kitchen’s look or making an ugly corner in the room. Now an add-on to the sink is a tap which is a must need. So, we need to find the best sink with a tap which would be modified according to our needs like the pressure levels of water and flow of water.

Now without wasting much more time we should start our review of the top 10 best kitchen sinks in India. We value and understand your requirements and that is why we have done research over the internet coupled with our analytical expertise to provide you with the information about the best kitchen sink with a tap. After researching with lots of resources we have seen every aspect that a customer faces while going to buy a kitchen sink. We have come to a conclusion that will help you in finding the best stainless steel kitchen sink for you. We have listed the top 10 kitchen sinks in India and surely will compare the features so that it is easy for you to choose the best.

Now, let us jump into our list of top 10 best kitchen sinks in India

CROCODILE 304 Grade Single Bowl Stainless Steel Handmade Kitchen Sink (20 x 17 x 10 Inches)

Best stainless steel kitchen sink, Best designed kitchen sink

4.4 out of 5, 1469+ Reviews

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Credit: Crocodile

The Crocodile kitchen sink is the registered trademark company of Krishna Cutlery Works which are known for their best quality products in the field of the kitchen. Krishna Cutlery Works have created a whole new way of making handmade kitchen sinks. The company is using the best raw material which provides the best-in-class strength and a good quality product all over. The size of this best stainless steel kitchen sink is well enough as it is not so giant nor so tiny so it can fit into any kitchen very easily. This model of the crocodile stainless steel kitchen sink has a diamond-cut square design. According to the structure and qualities, it is cheaper in rate so you can buy it without any hesitation as it also gives a 7 years warranty from the date of purchase.

Product details –

  • Dimensions: 20 x 17 x 10 Inches
  • Weight of the product – 6 kg
  • Collar thickness – 2 mm,
  • Bowl thickness – 1 mm,
  • Finish – satin
  • Included components – a kitchen sink, square waste coupling, a PVC water pipe, it also contains a fruit basket to wash and store the fruits separately.


  • This best stainless steel kitchen sink is very strong and durable as it is made up of heavy-duty stainless steel it can withstand heavy load as well.
  • The crocodile kitchen sink weighs about 6 kg which is quite heavy, it means this kitchen sink is made to carry a heavy load without any cracks.
  • It is very cheap and available at an affordable price which makes it value for money deal.
  • The crocodile kitchen sink is available in diamond-cut square design which is said to be the best design of the kitchen sink. it is very easy to clean, provides a hassle-free cleaning and the border also makes it safe to use.
  • Now the best part of the best stainless steel kitchen sink is that the company provides its user a warranty of 7 years


●       Few customers have a complaint about the quality issues like polish and welding finish, etc.

ZINZER Quartz Kitchen Sink, Black, Matte Finish

Best stainless steel kitchen sink, best design of kitchen sink

4.0 out of 5, 161+ Reviews

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Credit: Zinger

The Zinger is one of the leading brands in kitchen sinks and other items. The brand manufactures premium-grade kitchen and bathroom sinks. The best sinks are manufactured in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility as per the international standards and design parameters.

The Zinger sinks are available in a variety of colors and designs to match your home interiors. The materials used in the Zinger kitchen and bathroom sinks are made by using unique polymerization techniques where different materials like acrylics, quartz, granite are mixed with cross-linking agents and initiators in a temperature-controlled environment to create one of the best kitchen sinks in India.

Zinger Quartz Sinks & Granite Sinks are manufactured in various models, colors & material structures and are made from almost 80% mineral Quartz which is the hardest natural component after diamonds, and 20% acrylic which results in strong & beautiful material structures that looks very similar to natural granite complementing the platform in your kitchen. It satisfies all the needs of modern kitchen rigors expected from the sink.

Product Details: –

  • Dimensions – Overall Size – 610 x 460 mm | Bowl Size – 540 x 390 mm | Depth – 200 mm
  • Weight of the product – 18kg
  • Country of origin – India
  • Manufactures- Kruti Engineers Limited, 9426210567
  • Included components – Kitchen Sink, Installation Template, and Chock-stop Coupling.


  •  Easy to clean: Smooth surface makes cleaning sink exceptionally easy.
  •  Stain Resistant: Slightest stain washes away very easily & does not stick.
  •  Scratch Resistant: Hard surface makes it tough to scratch
  •  Odor-free and super hygienic
  • Heat resistant
  • Zinger kitchen Sink has 5 years Warranty from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defects.
  • Easy Replacement in case of manufacturing defects.
  •  It has Pigmented Quartz Acrylic Material with a Classic & Elegant design.
  • Gives the matt finish look.


  • People face installation issues as it is heavy in weight
  • Any installation cost or any incidental cost is not covered under this warranty.

10x Luxury Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Best stainless-steel kitchen sink, Top 10 Best Kitchen Sinks in India

4.1 out of 5, 268+ Reviews

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With an uncompromising idea and dedication to quality and an eye for style, 10X manufactures a broad range of versatile fixtures that make it easy to build a kitchen you love. 10X provides the best service and the best product for the investment. The best kitchen sink brand is committed to providing outstanding value to all customers and exceeding expectations when it comes to quality, style, and overall experience.10X stainless steel kitchen sinks are known for their outstanding quality and dependability. They are surely made from top quality materials, one of the best components are aligned, been through rigorous testing.

10X products are designed to stand the test of time and stay looking beautiful. They give you handmade best kitchen sink with unique qualities like clean geometric design with crisp zero radius corners and unique square-shaped drains for modern style with an urban edge. 10X sinks are designed to handle the toughest messes and stay looking beautiful.

Product Details:

  • Brand: 10x
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 8 KGs
  • Dimensions: 67 cm x 52.5 cm x 31.5 cm
  • Manufactures: Jolly Sanitation


  • Made up of Dent-resistant High-Grade stainless steel.
  • More in-sink usable space with standard drainage opening hole.
  • Highly re-silent.
  • Has a spacious single bowl.
  • Waste coupling, waste pipe, and fruit basket are included with the sink.
  • Super easy to clean.
  • Have Sound Proof Barrier technology.
  • Comes with protective undercoating which prevents condensation build-up that can damage kitchen cabinets.


  • Since it is built up of stainless steel so there are few chances of scratches but the brand assures that the polish is made to long last.
  • Few customers had complaints about quality issues but the brand made it quick to replace them.

Stanley Stainless Steel Handmade Kitchen Sink

Best stainless-steel kitchen sink, best design of kitchen sink

4.0 out of 5, 145+ Reviews

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Stanley delivers you the best kitchen products and other home essentials. One of its kind in the kitchen sinks provided by them. The most fascinating feature of it is that it is totally handmade and perfectly built with dent-resistant 16-gauge steel construction which is much thicker when compared to their competitors. Its extra deep sink can store your tallest pots and can handle your stacks of dishes and minimize the chances of splashing out. 

It comes with a waste pipe along with the commercial-grade satin finish which is super easy to clean additionally it is corrosion and rust-resistant.

Product details: –

  • Model: Stanley Stainless Steel Handmade Kitchen Sink
  • Dimensions: 60.96 x 45.72 x 22.86 cm
  • Weight: 6Kg
  • Manufacturer: Stanley
  • Country of origin: India


  • Sinks made up of extra tough 304 stainless steel.
  • Featuring resilient dent resistant
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Highly durable and long-lasting 
  • The extra-deep sink will store all
  • Noise defends soundproofing technology
  • Non-toxic sound guard undercoating
  • Extra thick padding covering 80% of the surface area
  • Comes with a waste pipe and water coupling.


  • It is very upsetting to see that the brand does not talk about the warranty of the product anywhere.
  • No information about the installment procedure is given, you might need to take help from your local plumber.


Best design of kitchen sink, Top 10 Best Kitchen Sinks in India

4.5 out of 5, 8+ Reviews

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ARQUIN handmade matt finish double bowl sink is the best for heavy users, and also best for managing your washed and unwashed dishes separately. It is made up of hard stainless steel which is dent resistant and rustproof which is an add-on feature to the sink. It also comes with soundproof technology which provides the noise cancellation feature.

 The brand gives you handmade best stainless-steel kitchen sink with unique qualities like clean geometric design with crisp zero radius corners and unique square-shaped drains for modern style with an urban edge. It comes with 7 years of warranty from the date of purchase which is a good span as a warranty.

The package contains a waste pipe, a water coupling, and a fruit tray. The double-bowl design is a vessel kind of sink that gives you tremendous space for your chores. The double bowl can be used differently at a time like in one u can put your dishes and in another, you can wash your veggies and other simultaneously no need of making another space or move things. You can do a lot at a time, which makes things in the kitchen super easy. It is extremely sturdy as its bowl comes with a breadth of 1 meter which is superb and collar thickness of 2mm and is made up of strong stainless steel. Now let us see its details and pros.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 45”x20”x10’’
  • Weight: 10Kg
  • Components included: 1 PCS WASTE PIPE,1 PCS WASTE COUPLING, 1 FRUIT TRAY
  • Warranty: 7 years


  • The double bowl makes are super-efficient and multipurpose.
  • Totally handmade
  • Since it is made up of stainless steel, it is super sturdy and hard
  • 304 steel grade which is very high quality 
  • The large bowl is 16″*16″ and the small bowl is 14″*13.5″.
  • Square corner makes it suitable for all kinds of kitchen
  • Long-lasting
  • Rust resistant
  • Easy maintenance
  • Manufactured in India
  • 7 years of warranty


No demerits are seen as of now.

Gargson Double Bowl Kitchen Sink- Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Best stainless steel kitchen sink, best double bowl kitchen sink

3.4 out of 5, 14+ Reviews

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Gargson Double Bowl Kitchen Sink is a very good double bowl kitchen sink and also its origin is in India. The kitchen sink has a dimension of 45 x 20 x 99 inches and is perfect for placing a large number of utensils. The weight is around 8 Kgs in total which is quite reasonable for any double bowl sink. Coming to the body, the 202-steel grate ensures durability for a long time.

Gargson Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks can be delivered within 5-10 Days by Truphe Traders. It can be shipped via FedEx or speed post which is completely reliable and can be tracked easily.

The installation process is easy because it comes with a ready-to-install option. Assembling the spare parts and installing them may take just 4-5 minutes. The stainless steel is glossy which makes the bowls unique and a great addition to the kitchen. Both the bowls are equal so in total they can easily fit in 17-18 utensils.

Product details:-

  • Model: Gargson Double Bowl Kitchen Sink- Double Bowl Kitchen Sink
  • Dimensions: 45 x 20 x 99 inches
  • Weight: 8Kgs
  • Manufacturer: Truphe Traders LLP
  • Customer ratings: 3.5/4
  • Country of origin: India
  • Warranty: It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • It can hold a large number of utensils.
  • Adds a great look to your kitchen.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee.


  • No major cons as such.

Jindal Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel Sink

One of the best kitchen sinks, Top 10 Best Kitchen Sinks in India

3.6 out of 5, 228+ Reviews

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The Jindal Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel Sink is one of the best compact single bowl kitchen sinks because of its 16 X 18 X 8 Inches dimension. The sink has a compact body but it can easily fit in 6-7 plates, kadhais, and much more. It is durable and comes with 202 Steel Grade. Since the body is small, it is also light in weight. Stainless Steel includes buffers to reduce vibration and noise.

It has a smaller size than any standard kitchen sink but it has a decent capacity for holding utensils. Be cautious while installing as the sink has sharp edges. You can take help from your local plumber for installing the same.

Product details: –

  • Model: Jindal Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel Sink
  • Dimensions: 16 X 18 X 8 Inches
  • Weight: 2 kg 500 g
  • Manufacturer: Jindal Udyog Limited
  • Customer ratings: 3.5/4
  • Country of origin: India
  • Warranty: It comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Saves a lot of space
  • It has a lifetime guarantee
  • Quick installation


  • Has sharp edges.

 HAFELE Stainless Steel Single Bowl Sink

Best design of kitchen sink, best stainless steel kitchen sink

New Listing

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HAFELE, a German company that manufactures household items, has introduced one of the best kitchen sinks for the common people of India. The built quality of the sink is 100% stainless steel which is very durable. The kitchen sink is quite decent because of having a good dimension of 80cm x 45cm x 24cm which can hold up to 9 utensils while washing them. The HAFELE Stainless Steel Single Bowl Sink is a very ideal sink for a family of 4-5 people

Product Details:

  • MODEL: HAFELE Stainless Steel Single Bowl Sink
  • Dimensions: 80cm x 45cm x 24cm
  • Weight: 9 Kgs
  • Manufacturer: HAFELE
  • Country of origin: Germany
  • Warranty: 2 Years


  • Sink occupies quite good space.
  • The weight of the sink is quite low.
  • Because of 100% stainless steel, the sink’s look is impressive.


  • The sink has sharp edges.
  • Expected warranty time period is quite less.

KAFF Stainless Steel Single Bowl Sink

Best design of kitchen sink

New Listing

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One of the best Kitchen sinks in India is KAFF Stainless Steel Single Bowl Sink which can solve anyone’s issue for dishwashing. This stainless-steel kitchen sink comes with the dimensions in 24inch x 18inch x 9inch which can be considered as in standard size which can hold approx. 3 to 4 kitchen utensils at a time and can provide some more space for dish-washing. This product contains a Stainless Sink 304, a single bowl without drains but with a siphon, and also a pipe with a sound reduction pad on the bottom with an anti-condensation technology.

The Stainless-Steel Single Bowl Sink can be assembled in just 3 to 4 minutes. And instead of providing a drainpipe, it includes a sound reduction pad at the bottom. The product can carry some weight with ease and also creates low vibrations while washing the utensils. The chances of corrosion are also less because of the anti-condensation coating in it. The KAFF Stainless Steel Single Bowl Sink is very handful for a family with approx. 2 to 4 people.   

Product details:  

  • MODEL: KAFF Stainless Steel Single Bowl Sink
  • Dimensions: 24inch x 18inch x 9inche
  • Weight: 5 KGs
  • Manufacturer: KAFF Appliances India Private Limited.
  • Country of origin: India
  • Warranty: 7 Years


  • The product has blunt edges. It has blunt edges.
  • Stainless Steel Sink can hold 8 to 10 utensils at a time.
  • Sound Reduction Pad is quite new and useful.
  • 7 years of long warranty.


  • Price is comparatively high.

CITRA Under Mount Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen

Best kitchen sink with tap

4.0 out of 5, 132+ Reviews

Check best kitchen sink with price

CITRA Under Mount Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink an all-rounder sink that is resilient provides ease to clean utensils and can able to match almost all kitchen appliances. The Stainless-Steel Sink is corrosion-free and rust-resistant and comes with noise that defends soundproofing technologye6e6e6. It consists of a non-toxic sound guard sink technology.

The Stainless-Steel Sink comes along with a multi-functional dish grid that protects the bottom of the sink, a drain assembly with a square strainer, and also a fastening bracket. The Stainless-Steel Sink comes with a dimension of 24-inch x 18 ½inch x 9 inches and with a cabinet size of 33. Because of its space, it is perfect for soaking and washing the largest pans and pots. This sink-built quality is superior in strength and durability.

Product details: –

  • Model: CITRA Under Mount Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen
  • Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 8 Kgs
  • Manufacturer: Commercial Grade Satin Finish
  • Country of origin: India


  • The quality is of stainless-steel material.
  • And is super reliable and durable.
  • The sink’s design is outstanding for comfort.
  • Have excellent noise cancellation property.
  • The food drainer can collapse the left-out food materials which are simply superb.
  • Size is quite significant.
  • The sink comes with proper fitting and packaging.
  • It is made up of 304-grade steel which provides extra durability and also strong in nature.


  • The warranty is not provided.

Buyer’s Guide- Top 10 best kitchen sinks in India

In this section, we are going to discuss some of the important factors you should consider while purchasing your best kitchen sink for your kitchen. Some important factors while searching for your best kitchen sink are as follows:

There are many kinds of the bowl of the sink depending upon size, style, durability, material, etc. we will discuss them one by one

First of all, you must be sure about the size of the bowl in the sink you need. Either you need a deep-cut sink or a normal depth sink.

Second, you must be sure about your kitchen style and the sinks which suit your kitchen platform. It is sure that you must not want to spoil your kitchen look.

Third is DURABILITY, you need to be sure for how long you need your sink to work efficiently.

Fourth is the number of bowls you need; depending upon your requirements you have to see whether you need a single bowl sink or double bowl sink.

Fifth is the look you need and the material you need like there are many options like stainless steel or granite kind. Also, if you need a round cut finish or square cut.

FAQs-Top 10 best kitchen sinks in India

Which are the best-selling kitchen sink brands in India?

Down here, there is a detailed review of the Most Popular Kitchen Sink Brands in India in 2021 with its complete brand information and its key factors.
1. Kaff Kitchen Sink
2. Franke Kitchen Sink
3. Hafele Kitchen sinks
4. Neelkanth Kitchen Sink
5. Nirali Kitchen Sink
6. Hindware Kitchen Sink
7. Parryware/ Roca Kitchen Sink
8. Cera India Kitchen Sinks.

What is the best kitchen sink size I should opt for?

Single bowl sinks are the standard sinks places in homes. Double bowl kitchen sink sizes are 22 inches by 33-36 inches. And are best for washing dishes by hand. The Dimensions for a Farmhouse sink are typically of 30, 33, or 36inches. You should opt for the best size according to the size of dishes and pots in your house.

What should be the “minimum cabinet size” for a kitchen sink?

Any sink’s minimum cabinet size can be measured by indicating the least amount of under-cabinet and top counter space which can be required for the sink to fit properly.

Final Words

Finally, we have seen all the aspects of buying a kitchen sink in our article” Top 10 best kitchen sinks in India”. We have also highlighted the points to be taken care of while buying the most suitable best kitchen sink for you.

In this article, we have tried to touch all the important points in order to help you out to take your informed decision while buying the best kitchen sinks.

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However, in case you have any queries left unanswered, feel free to post it in the comment section below.

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Happy Shopping!

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