Best LG Refrigerators for Home in India (2022)

Are you in the market looking for a refrigerator and you want to know which brand of refrigerator is best? LG comes to the rescue. Lucky Goldstar or more commonly LG is a name that reflects innovation, quality, and service and is trusted by both consumers and critiques alike. Ever since its introduction into the Indian market 20 years ago, this Korean brand has captivated the customers with its varied home appliance range. It is, therefore, no doubt that LG is considered to be the best refrigerator brand in India with several models that are the best in refrigerators in India. With its refrigerator manufacturing units in Noida and Pune, LG now is the market leader in refrigerators. Hence, in this article, we are going to provide you with a comprehensive guide for the best LG refrigerators for home in India.

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Presently, LG offers 4 different types of refrigerators:

  1. Single door
  2. Double door
  3. Side by Side and
  4. Bottom freezer

Understanding Best LG Refrigeration Technology – Quick Buyer’s Guide

Here’s a look at the technologies present in the LG refrigerators in India.

Design upscale with robust structure

The flagship refrigerator from LG – the LG Signature – boasts of a scratchresistant stainless steel body giving it a premium look. The exterior design is exquisite which personifies minimalism. The interior is made of stainless steel with the Platinum wall. This ensures that you get the best in refrigerator in India as the stainless body imparts great insulation while smoothly maintaining the cold temperature and the platinum wall providing an upscale look with freshness to stored food.

Convertible Refrigerator Technology

Another feature which makes LG one of the best refrigirator brands in India. The double door refrigerators from LG come with convertible refrigerator technology or a dual fridge that allows the user to convert from a freezer to a normal refrigerator with just a press of a button. Within 68 minutes, LG will convert your freezer into a normal refrigerator and increase your refrigerator capacity by 1.4 times.

InstaView Door in Door technology

The new side by side refrigerator models by LG provides a fascinating new technology called InstaView door indoor technology. With this, by just two simple knocks on the sleek mirrored glass panel, the refrigerator illuminates allowing the user to see what’s inside the ease of access panel. Now you can see and decide what you want before you need to open the door.

Revolutionary Door Cooling+ technology

The Door Cooling+ technology in double door LG refrigerators that helps to maintain the temperature evenly throughout. The air is circulated uniformly in multiple directions through the multi airflow vents that results in uniform cooling 35% faster than conventional cooling.

Best LG refrigerators for home in India

Energy saving Linear Inverter Compressor

What makes LG one of the best brands of refrigerators in India is the simplistic and effective technology which it provides in the best refrigerators in India to ensure optimum performance and energy saving. In the new line of refrigerators, including the single door models, LG has provided with an energy efficient Linear Inverter Compressor. With this, you can save up to 32% of energy, as it adjusts the heating as per the amount of food loaded in the refrigerator. The energy savings can be attributed to the use of the piston drive in place of the conventional reciprocal drive. This compressor also operates within a temperature range of ±5C which is very less variation when compared to the ordinary compressor. Furthermore, with fewer friction points, this compressor greatly reduces noise.

Solar Smart technology with stabilizer independent operation

The new series of direct cool single door refrigerators from LG are equipped with the Solar Smart technology. So if you have solar panels installed on your rooftop then this fridge can directly be connected with the source without any external stabilizers. Solar panels generate DC voltage in the presence of direct sunlight. This DC voltage depends on the intensity of the sunlight and is therefore intermittent. This intermittent DC voltage is converted to a fixed voltage by the solar charge controller. Since refrigerators work on AC voltage and not DC, an external UPS or PCU is needed along with the refrigerator for just this purpose. So, if you have these accessories with the refrigerator, you can use sunlight as the energy source which will save you a lot of power and money.

Another feature that makes LG the best refrigirator brand with some of the best refrigerators in India is the ability of the new models to work without a stabilizer. So, with power fluctuations, you don’t have to worry a bit as your refrigerator can work steadily without any damage. If the electricity exceeds the operation limit (90V~310V) the power supply is automatically switched off till stable electric current flow to ensure safety to the refrigerator.

Hygiene Fresh+ technology with antibacterial gasket

To keep ahead with an increasing lifestyle of healthy eating and living, LG has incorporated the Hygiene Fresh+ technology in its premier refrigerators. The Hygiene Fresh+ technology provides top-quality purified air in the refrigerators using a matchless UV light & photo-catalyst mechanism. The 5 layer filter system works in the following stages:

Stage 1: Dust and fungus filtration

Stage 2: Acidic odor absorption

Stage 3: Alkaline odor absorption

Stage 4: Bacteria and odor removal

Stage 5: UV LED Lightning based filtration of remaining impurities

Along with the Hygiene Fresh+ technology, LG refrigerators are also equipped with gasket made from anti-bacterial material. The airtight gasket preserves the freshness by preventing the entry and accumulation of bacterial spores and dust particles. With the Hygiene Fresh+ technology and the anti-bacterial gaskets, LG provides the best refrigerators in India that can decimate 99.9% of bacteria.

Moist balanced CRISPER

The bottom-most compartment of the refrigerator that is used to store vegetables and fruits is called Crisper. The LG refrigerator brand provides models with special lattice-type Crisper to regulate moisture to keep stored food fresh. This special Crisper condenses the extra humidity and evaporates moisture through its grid to maintain an optimum amount of moisture for preserving fruits and vegetables.

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Crisper and other shelves in the modern LG fridges are made of toughened glass. These shelves have the capacity to bear a load of 175kgs which makes LG one of the best refrigerator brands in India.

Smart ThinQ Technology

The Smart ThinQ technology is a smart refrigeration control that is a part of the LG flagship models of refrigerators. With this technology, you can conveniently control refrigerator operations by your smartphone. The eclipsed display of the refrigerator comes equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and also provides you with the options of enabling or disabling auto-open features along with a very safe child lock system. It also provides you with the Express Freeze option which will make the compressor fan run at maximum capacity to ensure fast cooling.

 LED Lights

LG refrigerators come equipped with efficient but bright LED lighting in all of its modern refrigerator range. This new LED lighting is slimmer allowing more space for your food items, softer and so it emits much less heat than conventional lighting and is also energy efficient. The LG Signature model which is LG’s flagship comes with Lumishelf LED lighting under each shelf for better internal illumination even when it is full. These LED lights are 26 times more durable than the conventional ones and the best part of them is that they reduce energy consumption by 77%.

From the above points, it can be seen as to why to choose for LG which is one of the refrigerator’s best brands in India.

best LG refrigerators for home in India

Best Refrigerators for Home in India from LG

Now, it is time to tackle one more important aspect of this article – which is the best refrigerator in India from LG. So let’s take a look at which is the best refrigirator in India from LG.

LG 190L Single Door

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This offering from LG is one of the best in single door refrigerators in India and is ideal for a small home or even for bachelors. Here are some of its features

  1. Stabilizer Free Operation- This refrigerator provides a stabilizer free operation and works best when the voltage varies between 140-280V. Now you don’t have to invest in an extra stabilizer.
  2. The inverter compressor added to this model makes it the best in single door refrigerators in terms of reduced energy consumption with a quieter and long lasting performance.
  3. Toughened glass shelves can withstand a weight of 175kgs and therefore are suited for all your storage needs.
  4. The uniquely designed Crisper keeps food items fresh for a long time with the right amount of moisture.
  5. This model has the fastest ice making capacity of 108 minutes.


  • Inverter compressor with stabilizer free operation;
  • Base stand drawer for additional storage;
  • A 4-star rating energy-efficient operation with an energy consumption of 164 units per year;
  • TheDoor Lock property for additional safety.


  • The freezer comes only with a manual defrosting option.

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LG 215 L Single Door

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With a storage capacity of 215L, this is one the best in single door refrigerators LG has to offer. This refrigerator also comes with all the mainstream technology in LG models like

  1. Stabilizer free operation
  2. Inverter Compressor
  3. Toughened glass shelves
  4. Moisture regulating Crisper design for longlasting freshness and
  5. The fastest ice making time of 108minutes


  • It is quite an energy efficient with 167 units per year consumption and 4star rating;
  • The big storage capacity of 215L;
  • The sleek design makes it elegant and in spite of its size, it doesn’t take up much space;
  • Base sand drawer for extra space and door lock facility available


  • Comes only with manual defrosting.

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LG 188 L Single Door

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If you want all the perks of the best refrigerator LG has to be offer and also not be a burden on your wallet, this model is just made for you. This is the smallest capacity single door refrigerator offered by LG in India and it comes packed with features for your convenience.

  1. Stabilizer free operation with optimal operation between 140-280V.
  2. Inverter compressor for energy efficient cooling and long lasting operation.
  3. Toughened glass shelves capable of withstanding 175kg of weight.
  4. Modified Crisper grid design for long lasting freshness and adequate moisture retention.
  5. Fastest ice making capacity of 108 minutes.


  • The capacity of 188L ideal for a small home or an individual at a cheap price;
  • 3star rating with180 units per year of energy consumption;
  • Base stand drawer for extra space and door lock ability for extra safety.


  • Comes only with manual defrosting.

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LG 260 L Double Door

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Best LG refrigerators for home in India

LG has produced one of the best refrigerators as an entry model in the double door refrigerator segment. Here’s a look at some of its features:

  1. Inverter compressor technology enables variable cooling speed depending on demand. This causes them to be more energy-efficient and also long-lasting with reduced noise.
  2. One of the features that make this the best in refrigerators is its frost-free function. This fridge will be free of any unwanted ice.
  3. The toughened glass shelves can withstand heavy load up to 125kgs.
  4. This fridge comes with the Auto Smart Connect technology that connects your refrigerator with the inverter every time power cuts happen. This ensures that your food remains cool even during power cuts.
  5. There are multiple cooling air vents in this mode that distributes and circulates cool air uniformly to every corner of the refrigerator to ensure proper cooling.


  • large capacity of 260 L ideal for a medium-sized family;
  • 4-star rating ensures energy efficiency with an energy consumption of 194 units per year;
  • The frost-free function ensures convenient usage;
  • Door cooling technology;
  • Smart diagnosis ensures easy troubleshooting through your smartphone.


  • Could have had an extra base stand drawer.

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LG 420 L Double Door

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This is one of the best refrigerators LG has to offer in the double door segment. Here are some of its features

  1. Inverter compressor to ensure energyefficient cooling.
  2. Frost-free operation prevents ice build-up.
  3. The toughened glass shelves can handle 125kgs of weight for all your needs.
  4. Door cooling technology with cooling vents near the door reduces the temperature difference between the inner side and close to the door. This enables 35% more efficient cooling and freshness.
  5. Separate ever fresh zone in the refrigerator ensures crisper mediated optimal moisture control for prolonged freshness.


  • Large capacity of 420L suited for a large family;
  • 4-star rating with 230 units per year of energy consumption making it one of the best refrigirators in term of energy consumption;
  • Bright LED light saves electricity with proper illumination;
  • Door lock feature with Door alarm for added safety of the user and the appliance;
  • Smart diagnosis app;
  • It also has a separate bottle storage compartment


  • None whatsoever.  

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LG 335 L Double Door

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Best LG refrigerators for home in India

Another offering from LG, this double door refrigerator is between the 260L and the 420L double door model and therefore has the following features

  1. It has an inverter linear compressor that enables cooling on demand and therefore makes this model energy efficient. The noise of the refrigerator is also reduced by 25%.
  2. Frost-Free functioning ensures no ice build-up.
  3. The door cooling+ unique feature enables cooling of the door and therefore makes this one of the best refrigerators that LG has to offer.
  4. The Auto Smart connect technology enables the refrigerator to connect directly with the home inverter to ensure uninterrupted cooling during power cuts. 


  • Large capacity of 335L;
  • 3-star rating with 249 units per year electricity consumption;
  • clean back with door lock provides more safety for children and adults alike;
  • Smart diagnosis feature for ease of problem diagnosis and troubleshooting, all from your phone;
  • Bottle storage compartment separately available.


  • Manual defrosting is the only options;
  • Unit consumption of electricity could have been reduced.

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LG 687 L Side by Side

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Best LG refrigerators for home in India

This is one of the flagship models of LG and is loaded with all the technologies which will make your life a little bit easier and more convenient and is hence one the best refrigerator in India from the best brand in refrigeration in India. Here are its many features

  1. Inverter Linear Compressor enables optimum cooling as per demand and therefore makes it energy efficient up to 51%. Furthermore, this type of compressor is 25% less noisy than conventional compressors.
  2. Toughened glass shelves are specially designed to withstand 125 kg of load.
  3. The Hygiene Fresh+ technology with special antibacterial gaskets ensures that proper moisture is maintained to keep the food fresh and lasts long as well as removes odour and also removes 99% of bacteria.
  4. It comes equipped with multiple digital sensors that monitor the food temperature and lets you know if the food is too hot or cold and whether the door is open. It will then adjust the temperature as per its needs.
  5. The Smart ThinQ technology lets you monitor the conditions of the items of your refrigerator remotely. You don’t need to always open the door to see the condition of the fridge. This technology makes you feel right at home with your refrigerator wherever you are.
  6. The smart diagnosis feature further enables you to diagnose and troubleshoot any problems arising through your smartphone.
  7. The Multi Air Flow Cooling ensures the flow of cool air to all nooks and corners of the refrigerator for optimal cooling.


  • 687 Litres of storage space for your large family;
  • Frostfree functioning;
  • Remote monitoring capacity;
  • Express freezing feature


  • Energy rating not mentioned;
  • It’s a bit expensive.

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FAQs :

Are LG fridges reliable?

The LG brand has received positive owner satisfaction rating hence making it one of the best refrigerator brand to own.

How long do LG refrigerators last?

In general, LG refrigerators are designed to last up to 20 long years. However, exception stands everywhere.

What does LG stand for?

LG stands for “Lucky GoldStar”. The name raised from the two parent companies Rak-Hui (pronounced ‘Lucky’) Chemical Industrial Corp and GoldStar Co. Ltd. In 1958, the two parent companies merged together to form a new brand Lucky GoldStar which was rebranded as LG in 1995.

Is LG Japanese or Korean?

The LG corporation is a Korean company and world renowned for its high quality value for money product range.


If you are in the market for a reliable brand of refrigerator, LG, without any doubt, is one of the best brands in refrigerators in India. LG has made it a point to produce the best refrigirators, from the simplistic single door direct cool refrigerator for bachelors and couples to the large volume and smartest side-by-side refrigerator for big families, at affordable prices for all types of customers. Due to its innovation and technology reliability, LG refrigerators have been acclaimed by reputed organizations like TechRadar and Reviewed and have also won awards at CES (Innovation award) and International Forum (Gold award). With the highest amount of positive reviews and customer satisfaction feedbacks, LG remains one of the trusted and best brands of refrigerators in India. So, the next time, we hope to see you with a brand new LG refrigerator.

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