Best Microwave Ovens in India-Buying Guide (2022)

When you are planning to buy any appliances like Microwave oven, it becomes very important that you understand your requirement and the best-suited appliance that match your requirement. In order to help you with, we conducted a comprehensive review to come up with the Best Microwave Ovens in India-Buying Guide.  If you aren’t able to understand your needs then you may end up paying an extra price for something which is not your requirement.

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So buying any appliance is not as simple as we think. Yes talking about microwave ovens they come with several technologies at a different price point and every model has its own benefits over the other.

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This buyers guide will help you out to understand the microwave oven technologies and features so that you can select the best suited to your need.


Best Microwave Ovens in India-Buying Guide

Microwave ovens as name suggest uses microwaves to generate heat for cooking. These

microwaves lie between radio waves and infrared waves on the spectrum.

These microwaves have tendency to get absorbed by your food materials like water, fat, sugar to generate heat in there molecules which is used for cooking. However metals tend to reflect these microwaves and so we don’t use metal products inside.

We generally refer microwave to save energy since the heat is not wasted and is generated only in the molecules where we actually require them so it is more efficient with respect to out conventional gas stove.

Traditional oven vs. Microwave Oven

Best Microwave Ovens in India-Buying Guide

The traditional oven works on the principle of conduction where heat passes from the outside to inside food molecules leading to breakage of molecules. As result food molecules take time to absorb the desired temperature from surrounding to break down. However, in the case of a microwave, the wave directly penetrates into the food molecules and generates heat directly among the molecules helping them to achieve the desired temperature much faster resulting in reduce cooking time.

Best Microwave Ovens in India-Buying Guide

Types of Microwave Ovens

Solo Microwave Oven Grill Microwave oven Convection Microwave Oven
Reheating, cooking, simple
Reheating, cooking, grilling Reheating, cooking, grilling, & Baking
Reheat, defrost, coffee,
Reheat, coffee, noodles,
Reheat, coffee, noodles,
barbecue, cakes, biscuits

Conventional Microwave Ovens

There are basically two types of conventional microwaves i.e. solo and grill. Grill microwave oven is an improved version oven the solo type microwave oven. In grill type you can do all the activities of solo microwave apart to that you can also grill your food items.

Deciding Size and Power of your Microwave Ovens

Best Microwave Ovens in India-Buying Guide
IFB 30L convection microwave oven

The microwave oven India comes in different size and power range in order to cater to all types of families. Generally, we prefer to say a bachelor or a family or the couple may go for a smaller version of microwave ovens i.e. rounds of 20 L however if you have your older parents living with you or they prefer to give frequent visits then you may think of going with medium version i.e. 25 L and roundabout. And last but not least if you have enough space in your kitchen top and also have a bigger family with 5 and more adults then you should think of going with the 29 L category.

Bachelor & Couple Family of 4 adults Family with 5 and more
15-23 L 23-28L 28-35 L

Since power consumption will largely depend on the capacity of a microwave oven, there is no need to buy larger ones if you don’t need it.

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Features of Microwave Oven in India

Best Microwave Ovens in India-Buying Guide

Auto Cook Menu

You will find this feature almost in every microwave model in India. These features give the ability to cook your food with the touch of a button. All you need to do is select your favorite menu and the weight of your food.

Child Lock Feature

While operating a microwave oven, it is very important that you don’t come in direct contact with microwaves directly or indirectly since it may result in serious burns. In order to make sure no such accident happens brands do provide various safety features.

The child lock feature is one of those safety features which ensure no such accident happens while your microwave is operational. These safety feature autos switch-off your microwave oven when its door is opened during operation.


Best Microwave Ovens in India

This is one of the common features in almost all models and types of microwave ovens. This enables you to un-freeze your frozen food in no time. This enables you to quickly go for cooking in spite of waiting to unfreeze after taking your frozen food out from your freezer.


If you are a foodie and loves to cook and bake, then you must know the importance of pre-heat in baking your favorite cakes and biscuits.

You will find this option in most of the ovens having baking facility.


Best Microwave Ovens in India

Currently, we have a different microwave oven in the market with options for both automatic and manual timers. Digital timers are common in convection microwave ovens while you will find manual timers in most of the solo and grill type microwave ovens.

Manual timers provide you robustness in use while automatic timer gives you the ease of use. With the presence of timers, you can set the time to cook your food. So you don’t need to take a sneak-peak every time and concentrate on your other kitchen work while your food is being cooked.

Facts & Figures

Best Microwave Ovens in India
LG 28L Microwave Oven

“Microwave ovens are efficient and light on your pocket”

You must have heard this line many times from most of your friends, but as per studies microwave ovens operate with an efficiency of 55% only while your gas stove operates with an efficiency level of 45%.

You must be thinking, which is the most efficient way to cook food. The answer to this is your Induction cook-top which operates with an efficiency of greater than 90%.

So actually microwave ovens are not much efficient way to cook but it prepares your food so fast that you end up saving on your bill.

FAQs: Best Microwave Ovens in India

Can we preheat microwave oven when empty?

There is no concept of preheating in microwave mode. The preheating is required in your microwave oven only during baking mode (Convection) in order to get the predefined temperature inside the microwave before putting in the ingredients for baking.
If you try to preheat in microwave mode, theoretically no temperature change will happen and the waves keep on reflecting through the walls of the microwave oven.

Is it dangerous to open the door of microwave open during operation?

Yes, it can be very dangerous to open the door while microwave is in operation. However most of the microwave units have inbuilt safety features which will automatically turn off your microwave oven if you open the door in the middle of operation. However, it is advisable not to try this again and again. Before opening the door, you should pause or stop your microwave oven.

What will happen, if i leave my microwave oven on without anything in it?

Well in this case, the microwave emitted inside the oven will keep on reflecting from the walls without getting observed. Over prolonged usage without any ingredients, it might cause the failure of you unit due to short circuit.

Why microwave cooks food faster then a conventional oven?

Microwave oven heat up the food material both from inside and outside at the same time while in the case of conventional oven it stars heating the food material from the outer surface which slowly transmits to the inner part of the food material hence delaying the process of cooking.


Now after going through the buying guide of microwave ovens, you must be informed enough to decide what features you would look for while going through purchase. However, I am always there to help you decide. So comment on your queries if you are still confused.

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