Best Washing Machines Buyer’s Guide (2022)

If you are on this page that clearly means that you are planning to buy a new washing machine and until now would have confused with the several technologies name from different brands and washing models. So our team researched in this niche and come up with Best Washing Machines Buyer’s Guide, So now it becomes very important to understand the importance of these technologies and how are these different from each other.

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Currently, there are tons of front load washing machines and top load washing machine models currently available in the market. With their own technical jargon, it becomes really confusing to choose the best one or say a perfect value for money. So with this, I am going to discuss a few of the common technologies and basic comparison between the washing machines.

Semi-Automatic Washing machines Vs. Fully Automatic Washing Machines

Until now washing machines have become an integral part of any house. Gone are the days when most of the families in India used to wash their clothes with hands. And now if we look, every household is having either a semi-automatic or fully automatic washing machines.

In washing machines, “automatic” refers not only to wash but also to extract the maximum amount of moisture from the clothes. So when we say semi-automatic then it means the machine can capable of both washing and drying but with human intervention. So, where these semi-automatic machines need interventions? Actually, in the case of semi-automatic machines you need to fill water, choose a time and then run the wash cycle. After that transfer clothes to spinner drum, again choose a time and start water supply. After a few minutes close water supply and allow extracting moisture. As you can see these machines needs lots of intervention in between. However, in case of fully automatic you just need to select the cycle and the washing machine will do everything for you from water intake to extracting moisture from the clothes based on load and fiber type.

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Front Load Washing Machines vs. Top load Washing Machines

Best Washing Machines Buyer’s Guide

Best front load washing machines

Which of these two washing machine models are best for you? This is a topic of discussion since it truly depends on your usage of a washing machine. Yes, a top-loading washing machine is better than a front loading washing machine for some and vice versa stands true for other.

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The basic differentiating factor is the space taken by the two. On one hand, a top-loading washing machine doesn’t need any extra space, while for front-loading you need to keep extra space in order to open the door. Apart from this if you really believe in the conservation of natural resources then no doubt front loading washing machines too believe in the same and ensure efficient use of water and electricity. You can easily assume to save 50% water on every wash you do with your front--loading as compared to your front loading washing machines.

No doubt higher use of water means the higher load on the motor and if you are using hot water to wash then an added electricity to heat a larger amount of water. So higher use of water not only end there but it also add up the amount of electricity consumed.

Washing Machine Capacity

Which is the best suitable capacity for a washing machine? This question must have arrived once while buying a washing machine for your home. In the market, several models are available with capacity ranging from 6 to 10 kg. And while going through these you must have given a thought, which is best for you and your family?

By the capacity, the brand means the weight of the ideal dry clothes. And for a small family of up to 4-5 members, a 6-7 kg. a capacity washing machine is enough to deal with.

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Spin Motions of Washing Machines

Best Washing Machines Buyer’s Guide

There was the time when washing machines used to give only one motion wash i.e. circular but with the time and changing technology, the manufacturers have come up with different motions for your wash i.e. scrubbing, rolling, swinging, etc. If you have a higher budget, you can enjoy more motions and every motion equipped in your washing machine will ensure better results over others.

In short, higher will be the number of motion types, better will be the wash results.

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Hard Water Processing

So another feature that most of us may look for is whether your machine can cope up with hard water. In India, hard water is another common problem in most of the areas. So in order to tackle the same, you may easily find a washing machine which can easily tackle with the same. But before going for the processing system, you need to decide whether you are also one of them, who are dealing with hard water problems in your locality.

washing machine with inbuilt hard water filter

Currently, most of the washing machine brands provide a hard water processing system. Generally, brands provide a filter unit that can be fitted in the tap and the output of the filter goes into the washing machine. Some manufacturers may provide a filtering system inbuilt in washing machine models but I would suggest not to go with the inbuilt system. Since filters will need cleaning on a regular basis for the broken salts from hard water that may lead to choking of the filter if not cleaned regularly. An independent filtration system will be easy to deal with even by yourself.

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Bubble Wash and Drum Sanitation

Best Washing Machines Buyer’s Guide

Generally, in India, we wash our clothes with cold water. Very few of us use hot water to wash our clothes. Yes, sometimes we do but only when we need to tackle some adamant dirt. Then the brand thought how to tackle this adamant dirt with cold water without getting harsh on your clothes specially the new ones and then came this bubble technology.

With this mechanism washing machine creates soap bubbles which inflates around your soaked clothes. This bubble does the cleaning action by getting into the fiber.

If you have used a semi-automatic washing machine before then you must have seen fungal growth when the machine gets older. Some it becomes a hefty job to get rid of these. Few models of the latest washing machines came up with a self-cleaning mechanism called drum sanitization. In this process machine self-cleans the drum with hot water jet and sanitize the same, this process ensures that no fungal growth easily takes place in your washing machine making your wash much more hygienic.

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Auto Detergent Dispenser

Detergent quantity to be put in the machine is important and depends on the clothes and load. Too much detergent may get harsh on your clothes and fewer amounts may lead to unsatisfactory wash. So to answer this problem is the detergent dispenser which is available in some of the top models of the washing machine. This technology ensures the right quantity of detergent is fed inside the machine every time.

Inverter Technology motors

Since the last few years, inverter technology has revolutionized the way equipment consumes energy. Yes, even BEE the energy rating agency of India has re-calibrated there star rating for equipment. A 5 star rated product without inverter technology consumes nearly the same energy of a 3-star product with inverter technology.

This technology ensures that the motors run at optimum load all the time in place of older technologies which used to switch on or off based on the load. Talking about the washing machine load, a washing machine fitted with the conventional motor is designed with a fixed load keeping in mind. So the motor will consume almost the same energy even if you are using a machine with half load. However, with inverter technology, the system calculates the optimum speed based on the load input. In simpler terms, a 1hp conventional motor always runs at 1 HP irrespective of the load you give however a motor with inverter technology can run at 0.5 HP if the load is less. Resulting, saving energy at lower load.

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Direct Drive Technology

This technology has removed the use of all types of belts and gear system in washing machines reducing the losses due to friction in these parts. Not only this has the direct drive also reduced the vibration and noise level as compared to conventional washing machines. So if you don’t like zooming sound of your old washing machine, then the new machine equipped with direct drive shall be your choice for silent washing.

However, motors with this technology seem bulky as compared to conventional but no doubt these bulky motors are much more efficient then there conventional counterparts along with saving more energy for you. Currently, there are many brands that are combining direct technology and inverter technology in there washing machine models making them more energy efficient.

So if you are energy conscious then you must look for these technologies in your washing machine.

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Smart Solutions

With the evolution of IoT and smart home, people started looking for an appliance that is smart. Nowadays you can brew your coffee with the app with Nescafe coffee machine. You can select a type of coffee to brew from your app and you have your coffee in your cup. So what’s there in the category of washing machines? Currently, most of the brands are coming up with their mobile app which supports few of their top models. With these apps, you can select the wash cycles and operate from your mobile itself. Now talking about whether it’s a useful feature, I would like to live that on you to decide.

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In our article “Best Washing Machines Buyer’s Guide”, we have tried to cover some of the common technologies and some important ones that would help you to save down the line if your machine is equipped with some of them. However, every technology comes at a price point and it totally depends on you to decide which technologies you need to equip your washing machines. In my view, direct-drive technology and inverter technology must be there when you choose to go ahead since these technologies really show their importance while operating with lower vibration, noise and also by saving electricity.

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