Buying Guide to Best Weight Machines in India (2022)

As of now when we have already published our top picks of the best weighing machines in India, It is also very important that to know more about these weighing scales as this will not only help you to use your best weight machine seamlessly but also help you to understand your requirements and hence choose the best fit weighing machine for you from the list. In order to help you with learning more about weight machines from best weighing machine brands, we have written this article” Buying guide to best weight machines in India”.

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In this buying guide, we tried to put in all the information gathered around the web and tried to answer some of the most common and some technical issues faced by the users. However, if any of your queries left answered, feel free to drop your queries in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to make it simple for you.

Types of Weighing Machines

Buying guide to best weight machines in India

Analog Weight Check Machine

best manual weigh machine

This type of weight machines from best-weighing machine brands are one of the old and most common weight measuring machines. This weight checking machine works on spring mechanism and hence prone to ageing error which means with your machine getting older the error of your best weight machine in India tends to increase with the confined spring losing its tension effect.

However, this weighing machine doesn’t need any battery to operate and generally available only in basic version to weigh the body weight.

Digital Weight Check Machine

best digital weigh machine

These digital version of the best weight machine from best weighing machine brands are more advanced when compared to their analogue counterparts. When it comes to accuracy, these digital weight check machines are more accurate. The digital weight machines generally use more than 1 G-sensors (generally 4) to give more accurate results. Moreover, you can also calibrate your digital weight machines which are not possible in case of analogue weight machines even from best weighing machine brands. But on the other hand you digital weight machines may not show you perfect result until placed on a flat surface.

Generally, in digital weight machines from the best weighing machine brands in India, the 4 G-sensors are placed at the 4 corners as the foot of the platform. The final result on the LCD is the average of the 4 sensor output. So if any of the sensors are not placed on the floor properly then it will create an error which in turn deviates the final readings.

There are many versions of digital weight measuring machines are available in the market where lowest version only measure your body weight while the higher versions can show you many other body vitals through indirect calculations and by measuring your body resistance.

Digital Weighing Machines with Bluetooth Connectivity

best smart weigh machine with bluetooth

This is the more modern version of digital weight machines with more connectivity options and mobile app support to store your data and analyse your health trend by analysing your stored data. This is one of the basic examples of IoTs (Internet of things) getting into our life. Most of the digital weighing machines are smart enough to switch-on itself when you place your feet on it and vice versa to become more energy efficient.

Weight Capacity

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Most of the best weighing machines in India are designed to measure up to 150 Kgs with few ranging up to 180 Kgs. On the other hand, most of the weighing machine is capable to weigh as low as 5 kgs while few can weigh to as low as 2.5 Kgs. So, while selecting your best weight measuring machines you shall know your minimum and maximum weighing requirements before choosing the perfect fit for you.

However, if you are looking for weighing higher than 180 Kgs then you need to look for heavy-duty weight check machines for yourself which might be not as portable as these.


No doubt, digital weight machines from the best weighing machine brands in India are more accurate as long as they have working batteries and placed on the flat surface. On the other hand, analogue weight machines or mechanical weight machines accuracy depends on the spring tension which tends to wear and tear very quickly. In both cases, you need to keep them on flat surface and standstill on the weighing platform to get the accurate and error-free results.

Cross Checking Accuracy of Your New Weight Machine

Buying guide to best weight machines in India

Generally, on getting your new weight check machine, people tend to measure their weight at different point of time but if you are looking to cross-check the accuracy of your scale for weight, the best idea is to measure a 10 kg flour packet or any other packaged food whose weight is known on your new weight measuring machine at different point of time and try to note down the errors if any. Up to 0.5 Kg error is acceptable with these bodyweight check machines. If you are getting more error then check by changing the position of your weighing machine at different points on the floor. Hopefully, in most cases, you will get a constant error or your error will reduce while checking at a different point on the floor. Generally, you get 10 days to try, if you are not happy with the result of your best weighing machine, go for replacement. These errors might be possible due to error in sensor calibration.


The built quality of your weight checking machine is one of the important aspects to look upon. Keep away from the cheaper plastic models since plastic platforms are more prone to breakage. It is always advisable to opt for tempered glass, metal or wooden weighing scales. However, the glass gives added advantage of moisture-resistant over wooden and metal surfaces.

Display Size

Most of the weighing machines in India need its user to stand straight on the platform. So it is very important to check the display size of your best weight machines in India which should be large enough to be seen from the distance. The larger display size will help you to see the readings without giving stress to your eyes.


This is one of the important safety features for your best weighing machine. If you are planning to place your scale for weight in your bathroom or somewhere it may tend to come in contact with moisture then this feature is a must you should look for. This feature helps to provide proper grip while using your best weight machines in India.

Other Vital Measurement

Do These machines really measure your body fats and other vitals?

Some of the latest digital weight machines also provide various other vital information about your body composition.

Body Fat Percentage: You weight measuring machine uses bioelectrical impedance along with other collected data to calculate your body fat percentage. This feature is helpful for you if you are interested to know your body composition or looking forward to weight loss or muscle gain in your body.

Lean Muscle Mass: This data helps you to improve your body strength and shape.

Weight Tracking: Some personal weight measuring machines are capable to store your various data collected daily, monthly in order to provide you with better analysis results.


Buying guide to best weight machines in India

How do I check the accuracy of my weight machine?

The best way to check the accuracy of your new scale for weight is by measuring 5kg/10kg package food material and not down the error if any. Then try the same procedure at different location of your floor to find the best position with minimal error.
It is quite possible that your floor which sometimes looks flat is not flat as such leading to the reading error.

Which is more accurate, Analog weight machine Vs. Digital weight machine?

When new both of the scale for weight tends to give accurate results when kept on flat surface but with time the analogue weight machine tends to lose its spring tension leading to the ageing error which is not in the case of digital weighing machine. Moreover, digital weighing machines can be calibrated whenever needed.

What points I shall keep in mind while using my best weight machine in India?

1. Place your weighing machine on hard surface i.e. tiles, floor rather than placing it on carpet or any other compressible material.
2. Look for the flat surface. Try using your scale for weight at different location of the floor to find the best place in your house.
3. If you are comparing the two results, make sure you take weight at a particular time of the day and keeping all other factors close to constant.
4. Stand straight without disturbance in the middle of the platform while measuring your weight. Keep in mind your digital weight machine has 4 sensors at four corners of the platform. Try to position yourself so that all sensors share an equal load for perfect reading.
5. Keep in mind, the weight of your body keeps on changing the whole day. So it is always advisable to compare the range of your weight not by points.
Remember, your body is not a machine but a complex biological structure. It will not remain constant over a period of time.

Shall I take my weight daily?

Yes, you may take your weight daily but you will find a major difference in shifting of your weight range in a week or two. It is good to have more data and storing it daily this will help you to find the trend direction i.e. upward or downward. But the final decision on change in lifestyle or diet should be taken based on larger data sets i.e. week, month etc.

Final Words

Selecting the best-suited weighing machines is again depends on how well you know your requirements. One model might be a good suit for you while the other model is a good suit for him. With so many models of weighing machines available in the market each using different technologies and providing you with their value for money. It becomes very important for you to select the best which suit your needs. With this buying guide to best weight machines in India, we tried to uncover all the common factors that you shall keep in mind while going to select your final weighing machine for your home in India.

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If you are looking for a simple and cheaper version of best weight machines in India then you may even opt of analogue version which is available at cheap price but you need to keep in mind that these analogue weight machine cannot be repaired nor are these recalibrated to its original factory setting. But if it’s cheap you can easily use and through to get replaced with another one. These analogue weighing machines are a good bet if you think it will be used by many persons not just for the personal purpose since these analogue weight machines are much sturdier and can be used in a rough environment. If you are looking for a personal weighing machine then you can go with various options of digital weight machines.

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For any other queries, feel free to post it in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to help you find your answer.

To learn more about how your digital weight machine works with the help of load cells, check out the video and look if you can take it as your DIY project…

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