Top 10 Best 3D Printer Machines in India

best 3D printers in India

the 3D printers don’t come as cheap as any of the other DIY kits. But you would be surprised to know that 3D printers are one of the highest selling products on the internet. This is the reason that attracted me to further research on the topic to come up with this article on the top 10 best 3D printer machines in India. Read full article to know about 3D printers and where you can purchase one.

Best Vu LED TV in India

Best Vu TVs

Vu is one of the most sought LED TV brand in India which not only provides best technologies in there television but also at almost half the price of the leading brands. In this article we have listed out top 5 best Vu LED TV models and also discussed about important technologies to make it simple for you. SO, go through this article if you are planning to buy a new TV for your home or office.

Top 10 Best LED TV/Smart TV under 40000

led tv under 40000

This article enlists some of the best LED TV models in different price range. If you are looking to buy a new TV or want to replace your OLD TV resting in the corner of your room or office then go through this article to find the best LED TV models in your budget.

Top 8 Best Party Speakers in India

Best portable party speakers in India

If you are looking for a powerful speakers for your in-house party then you are in the right place. In this article we have reviewed some of the best portable yet powerful party speakers in different price range. along with this we have also discussed on the few important parameters to consider while buying your favorite party speakers. Read full article to know more and select your best party speakers in your budget.

10 Best WiFi Range Extenders & Repeaters in India

WiFi Extenders

In modern times, a life without an internet connection is unheard of and having a strong WiFi connection is one of the best things to experience. However, there happen to be certain situations when you might not get the strong WiFi signal you so desire which becomes quite annoying. Hence, to address this issue, a simple solution is to get a WiFi range extender or repeater. Check out our research and top picks of WiFi signal boosters in your budget.

Top 10 Best Mesh Wi-Fi Systems for Home in India

mesh wifi system for home & office

Wi-Fi systems are the norm of the day and routers are available that provide easy internet for the devices at your home and office. However, there lingers the issue of basic routers not excelling in coverage area or speed when multiple devices are connected. To address this issue, We have researched and came out with our list of best Wi-Fi mesh system.

Best Non-Chinese Smartphone Brands in India

In the present scenario, most of the people all around the world are trying to stand against the Chinese policy of aggression, violence and land capturing. So, with this article we tried to support the movement in India and around the world against the China brands and products.
Read full article to know more about non-Chinese brands in the smartphone categories.