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The author is an engineering graduate who is specialized in Electronics & Instrumentation. He is also a proud alumnus of XLRI, Jamshedpur with a specialization in Finance & Marketing. With over 10 years of diversified working experience with Indian conglomerates, He decided to move on to write and share unbiased reviews of appliances and his expertise on this platform.

Carrying a technical attitude he finds interesting to write on technical knowhow on various appliances and there benefits to the consumers. Also being worked in the field of energy efficiency, author believes on the importance of sharing information and knowledge in the field of energy efficiency, each one of us can reduce our carbon foot print, helping environment to become greener and sustainable.

 You will easily notice his interest in correlating technology and efficiency in most of the articles. Author believes in providing reviews with utmost un-biasness and so do his team.

What he does when not writing

When not writing for you, author enjoys watching series on Foxlife, NatGeo, Discovery and trying new cuisines. Apart to this he loves travelling, listening music, reading business news and playing with market data.

If you are also interested to share your view on any events, technologies, your views on appliances, feel free to contact us; we will happy to publish your work on our page with your name.

 You can also ask for our opinion on any products through comment section after every post, we will try to answer your query as soon as we can.

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