Latest Air Conditioner Technologies in India (2022)

If you are looking to buy a new air conditioner for your room and still confused about terminologies used by different brands and how these new technologies are going to help with your AC performance then this article Latest Air Conditioner Technologies in India 2020 will preferably answer your most of the queries. And once you go through it you will be more confidence to decide what you need in your air conditioner.

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In India AC segment has seen tremendous changes for the past few decades, be it’s in size, clean air or its energy efficiency. During the past few years, the need for air condition has increased a lot which can be easily witnessed with the double-digit growth that the sector was enjoying. Many of the analysts believe that this grown will continue down the line. So segment with such an attractive growth will also attract more companies with their technologies and brands leading to rising competition enabling better technologies coming into the picture.

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Latest Air conditioner (AC) Technologies in India In 2020

So in order to decide what is best for you, it is very important to understand these new technologies and how these will affect your AC’s performance. In this article, we are going to review some of the common selected technologies.

Latest Air Conditioner Technologies in India 2020

AC Technologies 2020

Smart Cooling Technology in India

With the development of electronics and sensors, the cost of equipment has reduced a lot leading to increased usage in your home appliance and any other appliances. Nowadays the usage of more sensors doesn’t impact much to the price of the product with the addition of features making it has more perceived value in the eyes of the consumer. In the current scenario, almost all the AC brands are equipped with assorted sensors mix to impart smart cooling. One of these is from the house of Hitachi called i-See technology.

Latest Air Conditioner Technologies in India 2020

New Hitachi models i.e. Kashikoi Series are equipped with this technology. The unit is equipped with image sensor technology which ensures that you get equal attention wherever you lay inside the room. Actually, the sensor detects the number of persons inside the room and optimizes the cooling accordingly hence making sure that your AC always operates at most optimized load without wastage of cooling. Input from these sensors also allows your ac to decide to auto-off in case no one is inside your room.

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These features are mainly helpful when you have a guest who is not energy conscious and go outside the room without switching the AC or especially when you think your AC is to be operated by several people or you have small kids in your home.

Daikin calls it “Smart human Sensor” which again optimizes the cooling and load of your AC by sensing the presence of humans and their numbers and location in the room.

Image result for smart human sensor ac daikin
smart human sensor by Daikin

Carrier ACs call it “follow Me” feature which is a lower version of this technology that doesn’t use image processing techniques but in place has a specialized sensor inside its remote. So once you activate this feature, your indoor unit will follow your remote ensuring that cool air directly hits you only in case you have placed remote beside you. Apart from this the remote sensor also captures data like temperature around you and sends data to the main unit.

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Walking in the footsteps of their foreign counterpart, Blue Star has also come up with Precise Cooling technology (PCT) which enables you to set the temperature of you AC up to 1 decimal point i.e. 0.1 deg.

So now you need to decide how much precision and automation you want in your AC.

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AC Controls Using Your Smartphone

Latest Air Conditioner Technologies in India 2020

There was a time when you have controlled your AC either with a coupled remote or directly from the panel. Some of you also tried and successfully controlled your AC with your infrared sensor fitted in some of the smartphones.

But when “Alexa” and “OK GOOGLE” were born, the smart home solution has not remained a premium service. Now you can buy budget appliances with smart home skills. Nowadays your AC doesn’t need infrared sensors to get command instead most of the modern AC are fitted with Wi-Fi modules and hence can be linked to your home internet network. All you have to do is, tell your Wi-Fi password to your AC, and your AC can be controlled from anywhere until you are connected to the internet.

This is one of the great features which most of the brands are providing with the selected AC models. You can even download an app on your mobile and you are ready to go. Yes, you don’t need to look for your lost AC remote every time.

Here too Hitachi is on the top with its Wi-Fi Connect technology where you can either connect directly to your AC or through your home Wi-Fi network.

Second in the list is whirlpool due to its app feature which also tells you estimated energy consumption apart to other details and control features. Whirlpool has strategically designed its app with visualization effect for estimated energy consumption which is again a good ad on to keep eye on your electricity bill.

4D- Airflow Technology

This is a simple technology with great selected name. Until now most of the air conditions had a 2-way swing option i.e. up-down but with this technology, most of the brands like LG, Hitachi, Blue Star, Carrier, Voltas, etc. have started giving 4-way swing i.e. up-down & Right-Left. This technology ensures the indoor unit through the air to every corner of the room enabling even cooling.

Similarly, Dakin call their technology as “Coanda Airflow” with a slight variation which ensures cold air doesn’t directly hit you, something you will also prefer since

Latest Air conditioner (AC) Technologies in India In 2020
Coanda Effect

a direct hit may cause small heath issues like cold and cough, especially to your kids who tend to sit in front of AC after coming from hot weather outside.

Adding to the 4D airflow technology, LG has come up with a larger fan and body to increase the airflow and spread up to 30 feet.

Fast Cooling Technologies in AC in India

When you enter your room from high heat outside, the first thing we all do is switch on AC and fan. But it takes almost half an hour for window AC to take the room temperature down and to a comfortable level however, split ACs do the same thing in mere 10-15 minutes. This is the time when you feel the difference in the efficiency and cooling effect of both the technologies. Now then the second thing is when you switch on your AC, AC fan starts instantaneously but the compressor has a delay of 1-2 minutes. But when it’s hot outside we find it difficult to even wait for 1-2 minutes for the compressor response.

The quick cooling system is the answer to this problem. Some companies call it turbo cool while LG calls it “Himalaya cool”. When you press the H-COOL button in your LG AC then it will instantaneously switch on the compressor with max airflow speed for 30 minutes. The time is sufficient to cool down your room to a comfortable level.

Daikin calls it Power Chill mode with the timing of 20 minutes to cool your room. However, Whirlpool calls it Turbo Cool technology which uses 3D cool Extreme and dual fan compressor to deliver the same result efficiently even at a temperature as high as 55 degree.

So until now, you must have understood what they do to quickly cool down your room temperature.

The basic principle for quick cooling is how quickly you can process the pre-filled air inside your room. It is just a one-button setting on you remote when your machine will give maximum airflow in order to quickly process the pre-filled air inside your room in the most efficient way.

Humidity Control Technology

Latest Air Conditioner Technologies in India 2020

Talking about some technical part of this technology, when AC operates air inside your room passes through the fins of your indoor unit. These fins actually cool down the air and collect moisture from the air. As you must know that the moisture carrying capacity of the air reduces with the temperature getting down. That is the reason we feel dry during winters. The water collected through fins comes out from the rejection pipe attached to your indoor unit.

During monsoon and in coastal areas where high humidity is very common, conventional ACs often fail to deal with the extent of moisture resulting in water leakages, reduced cooling due to moisture turning into ice between fins hence reducing efficiency and less or no cooling.

In order to deal with it, Hitachi again came ahead of its competitors with “Auto humid Control” technology where data has been fed by 100s of different temperature and humidity profiles inside the processor. Based on these data the AC changes its mode automatically when it detects the high humidity. These technologies enable AC to perform at its best-optimized level all the time, even in high humidity zone.

Air Filter Technology in AC in India

The rising level of air impurities has opened up a new ground for AC brands to battle with more innovative technologies. As per the latest research was done by WHO, India and other developing countries stood on the top for an alarming increase in pollutant levels in the air. Increased air pollution is no doubt linked with many respiratory problems. Hence people are becoming more serious towards the air filtration system inside there room.

In order to deal with the challenge of impurities, AC manufacturers are coming up with new innovative filters in order to process air inside your room. In the recent past, the whole news channels were filled with discussions on particulate matters especially PM 2.5 and I guess now most of us know how hazardous is this particulate since it can easily pass through the natural defense system of our body.

Most of the modern AC brands like Whirlpool, Carrier are trying to equip their models to filter out these un-wanted particulates. However, LG stood a step ahead by providing PM 1 filter too. Moreover, LG also provided special protection to both indoor and outdoor units which they named as “Ocean Black Protection” which enables AC to deliver an optimized cooling effect even in tropical climate affected heavily by salt, sand, and industrial pollutants.

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Similarly, Midea has equipped there ac with a VOC filter. VOC named as Volatile organic Compound are compounds that turns into vapor or gases at room temperature. You must have felt in case of paints, petrol, solvents. These compounds tend to impact livers, kidney and even nervous system if inhaled regularly.

Blue star going more steps ahead used some premium technology to make your room air allergenfree. They called it Cold Plasma technology where AC creates a bio environment with positive and negative ions which bonds with harmful bacteria and airborne agents to neutralize them. The ions attach it-self to airborne agents to ultimately making them big enough to get trapped in formidable filters inside the air conditioning unit.


As we have discussed many latest air conditioner technologies which will help you decide the best options you should go for. we will come up will best-suited air conditioners with there links so that you find it essay to refer and compare before final buy. in the meantime you are most welcome to discuss and comment on any other technologies you would like us to work on.

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