Top 10 Best Induction Stoves in India (2022)

Induction stoves also are known as induction cooktops or induction cooking tops have become a household name in India with more and more families resorting to this hassle-free cooktop that is fast becoming a substitute to LPG gas. The reason for the popularity of such induction cooktops is the advanced technology being used to cut down on energy expenditure and time thereby saving costs for cooking. Furthermore, owing to their portable nature, you can just carry them anywhere with you easily and start operation just by plugging it into an electricity portal. A lot of companies are providing quality products with a lot of advanced technology and to help you with your choice as to which induction stove is the best we will review the 10 best Induction stoves in India. However, to keep this article well within our set parameters we will be adding a separate post on comprehensive buyer’s guide for Top 10 best induction stoves in India to help you select your best induction cooktop.

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Without much further ado, these are the Top 10 best induction stoves in India


Top 10 best induction stoves in India

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 Top 10 best induction stoves in India

Philips is one of the brands in India reputed for providing the best home appliances at affordable rates. Likewise, this induction cooking top is the best induction cooking top in the market right now. Owing to its state of the art technology and ease of use, this induction stove is best suited for your everyday needs. Here’s a look at its features

  1. Easy to use plug and play installation.
  2. Sensor touch keys are elegant and enhance control of this induction cooktop making it easily one of the best induction cooking tops in India.
  3. 10 preset menu settings are available that helps set the wattage, the temperature of the heater and the timer for specific types of cooking like steam, chapatti making, etc.
  4. Manual control for altering the temperature is also provided for added control.
  5. This appliance further comes equipped with a 24 hour pre-set timer setting for delayed cooking.
  6. There is an auto-off feature for enhanced safety.


  • Efficient cooking
  •  Ease of use controls
  •  eco-friendly use
  • Pre-set timer settings.


  • 2100 W appliance utilizes a lot of electricity
  •  Only specific utensils with induction bases can be used for cooking.


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If you are looking for a trusted Indian brand for home appliances then Usha is the one that first comes to mind. This Induction stove from Usha is one of the best Induction cooktops currently in India. Here’s a look at its features

  1. It’s a 1600W induction stove best suited for students and bachelors and also for small families owing to its convenience.
  2. It is one of the best induction cooking tops with an auto power-saving mode which prevents overheating.
  3. This induction cooking top has one of the best pan sensors which switches off as soon as it detects that there is no cookware on its surface saving electricity, conserving power with an added safety.
  4. The induction stove is equipped with 5 pre-set menu settings and manual controls to enable the cooking of various dishes.
  5. The cooktop comes equipped with a metal code varistor that protects it against voltage fluctuations up to 1500 volts.
  6. It comes equipped with anti-skid feet that prevent the appliance from slipping or skidding giving you extra control while cooking.
  7. This appliance is the best induction cooking top as it accommodates all types of utensils for cooking your favourite dishes


  • Excellent in power saving
  • Pan sensor with an auto cut-off feature
  • pre-et menus and manual controls for optimized cooking


  • The fan makes noise especially on an uneven surface
  • The plastic body may have durability issues.


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 Top 10 best induction stoves in India
Credit: Bajaj

One more brand that is associated with reliability when it comes to home appliances is Bajaj. This induction cooking top from Bajaj is one of the best induction stove in India currently and comes packed with features which makes this induction stove best suited for your home. Here are its features

  1. There are 8 pre-set menu settings at your disposal enabling you to cook a variety of dishes.
  2. Why this induction cooktop best for your kitchen is because it allows the use of stainless steel and cast-iron utensils for cooking which makes your job easier and much more economical as you don’t have to spend on buying specialized utensils.
  3. The power button indicates the amount of power being consumed while cooking which is cook-setting dependent.
  4. Furthermore, the auto-shutdown feature stops function if there is no vessel on the surface for a minute.
  5. There is a delayed start option that is extremely handy while cooking different types of dishes
  6. The total consumption of 1900W of power means it’s quite energy efficient.


  • Energy efficient
  • portable and convenient to carry and use
  • Auto shut-off feature.


  • The body is made of plastic which may raise durability issues.


Top 10 best induction stoves in India

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Credit: Philips

The HD4928/01 induction stove model from Philips is one of the induction stove best suited for your everyday use and fits perfectly in every household. Let us look at its many features

  1. This induction cooking top comes equipped with an electromagnetic induction technology which is more energy-efficient while cooking which makes it cook faster than an LPG gas stove.
  2. The highly efficient cooking process preserves all the nutrients in the food preventing the loss of vitamins.
  3. This is one of the best induction cooktops in India as it has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the Indian household.
  4. It also comes equipped with a timer which allows you to set time from 0 to 3 hrs.


  • High energy efficiency with the eco-friendly operation;
  • faster cook times compared to LPG stove;
  •  tailor-made for Indian kitchens


  • Controls need a little time getting used to.


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 Top 10 best induction stoves in India
Credit: Prestige

Prestige is a brand whose name has been heard in almost all Indian households. There have been at-least one household appliance from prestige in every house. Keeping up with the trend, Prestige has also geared up to provide some of the best induction cooktops in India currently. The PIC 20.0 induction cooktop best suited for everyday use is equipped with a slew of attractive features which are listed below.

  1. This induction cooktop utilizes electromagnetic induction technology which makes it the induction cooktop best suited for faster cooking which ensures a comfortable cooking experience.
  2. This induction cooktop enables the use of different varieties of flat-bottomed vessels for cooking.
  3. Controls are easy to understand and quick to get used to.
  4. Another feature to ensure which is the best induction cooktop in India is the inclusion of a power saver technology that monitors the temperature of the vessel and adjusts the power output based on the vessel size. This ensures a smart efficient power output aimed at faster cooking.
  5. This cooktop also comes equipped with an automatic voltage regulator that helps protect the appliance from an electrical surge.
  6. There is an auto power-off feature that switches off the appliance if unused for a certain time.


  • ease of handling
  •  anti-magnetic wall area technology makes it highly efficient
  •  faster cooking


  • slightly low on power
  •  the power cord is smaller in size.


Top 10 best induction stoves in India

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Credit: Prestige

Prestige is a well-known Indian brand synonymous with excellent home appliances and this induction cooktop is no exception. The PIC 3.1 V3 induction cooktop is one of the best induction cooktops currently in India and is packed with features making it a smart induction cooktop best suited for use in Indian kitchens.

  1. This is an intelligent cooktop meaning it has an automatic whistle that senses pressure cooker working and automatically switches from active heating to warm to keep the food warm.
  2. It boasts of excellent features like anti-magnetic walls, soft-touch buttons and reliable after-sales service making it one of the best induction cooking tops in India at the moment.
  3. There is an Indian menu option that caters to easy cooking of Indian foods like dosas, idli, curries, chapatti, etc.
  4. It is also equipped with a dual heat sensor that allows heating up of the appliance within permissible limits thereby preventing unnecessary overheating.
  5. The appliance adjusts the temperature and power of the surface based on the food being cooked ensuring efficient cooking.


  • The first intelligent cooktop of India
  • Pre-set Indian menus
  • increased efficiency due to sensors


  • Controls take little longer getting used to


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 Top 10 best induction stoves in India
Credit: Prestige

Like the previous models discussed, this model from Prestige is also one of the best induction cooktops present in India. This model is replete with interesting features all catering to the Indian kitchen and designed in a way to ease your cooking experience.

  1. Excellent performance with 1900W power ensuring faster cooking.
  2. Buttons are feather touch for ease of pressing and concealed for protection against spillages.
  3. This appliance is protected from sudden electrical surges by an automatic voltage regulator.
  4. One of its best features that makes this Induction cooktop best suited for all kinds of Indian kitchens is its inbuilt insect repellant design.


  • Superb performance and elegant looks
  • Preset Indian menu settings
  • Eco-friendly.


  • All kitchen utensils are not compatible.


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If you are looking for an inexpensive yet robust and high performing induction cooktop, Pigeon is the brand to look for. Pigeon provides the best induction cooktops in India in the cheaper range and also extremely simplified for the use which makes it an ideal choice for bachelors or people living alone in an apartment. Here’s a look at its features

  1. Seven preset Indian dish menus for ease of cooking options
  2. The auto-off feature enables protection and also increases energy efficiency.
  3. It consumes a maximum of 1800W of power which makes it quite fast in terms of cooking.
  4. The push-buttons are robust and easy to handle.


  • year warranty on the product
  •  The long power cord of 1.2 meters.


  • Slightly noisy when ON


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 Top 10 best induction stoves in India

This induction cooktop from Pigeon is the 9th best induction cooktop in India currently. Here are some of its features

  1. It boasts of 7 preset menu settings for ease of cooking.
  2. The buttons are soft push touch which makes it even easier to handle.
  3. This induction cooktop has an auto shut-off feature that allows you to preset your cooking time and forget about the dish.
  4. The dual heat sensor technology prevents overheating.
  5. The high-grade electrical components prevent short circuit.


  • 1800 W power means faster cooking;
  •  1-year warranty from Pigeon.


  • Slightly noisy when in operation.


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Last but not least is this brilliant induction cooktop from Havells. The Havells is a reputed brand whose name is linked to the quality and reliable home appliances one of which is this induction stove model. Here are its features

  1. 6 pre-set cooking settings for ease of cooking.
  2. The soft-touch panel ensures ease of use and protection against spillage
  3. It comes with auto utensil detection and auto shut-off feature which further increases the energy efficiency of the appliance.
  4. The timer function is easy to operate and saves your cook time.


  • The auto power-off function is protective
  • aesthetic looks and design


  • The soft-touch button panel not standard for all Havells models.

Quick Buyer’s Guide: Top 10 Best Induction Stoves in India

Before we go into the different factors to consider in our article “Top 10 Best Induction Stoves in India”, we address the pertinent question of why do we need an induction cooktop at home?

When cooking on an open flame, there is a chance the food loses most of its nutrients due to the high heat. However, the best induction cooktops preserve the food nutrition making the dishes healthier. The heat is produced, the instant the cooktop is switched on and it dissipates as soon as it’s switched off. This operation ensures saving energy in operation. Plus, best induction cooktops come with safety mechanisms that protect the cooktop against voltage fluctuations and short circuit and overheating which in turn makes it much safer to use than LPG stove.

Different types of Induction stoves

There are different types of induction cooking tops i.e. built-in stoves, portable and freestanding each having its own pros and cons along with the price range. The free-standing induction cooking tops may cost you high but it will add up to the aesthetic of your modular kitchen and hence might be easy to use. On the other hand, the models of built-in induction cooking tops are easier to use. This model is designed to fit on your counter giving your kitchen a modern look. No doubt, this model also adds up an aesthetic look to your kitchen with the option to use any of the cooktops at your ease. This is a good fit if you have a large family and want a larger number of cooking tops. While the portable induction cooktops are easy on your pocket but you need to allocate a place in your kitchen. It may not look as aesthetic as other models but it comes at a much cheaper rate than other models.

Built-in Stoves

These kinds of stoves are found mounted on the kitchen platform and have multiple cooking zones. Best induction cooking tops of this configuration are more prevalent in modular kitchens owing to their design. Since these are not portable, they are ideal for a large family.

Portable and compact induction cookers

These types of best induction cooking tops are the most common in every household owing to their ease of use, portability and inexpensive nature compared to built-in stoves. They are also easy to maintain.

Freestanding induction

These types of cooktops provide you with the option of fitting between the counters. These come in different sizes and colours and are also easy to install, operate and maintain.

Features to look for in an induction cooker

While selecting your best induction cooking tops for your modern kitchen there are many factors that you should keep in mind in order to select the best model as per your family’s need and your budget. If you are looking to maintain the aesthetic look for your kitchen then you may think of increasing your budget and go for either freestanding or built-in induction stove models. Below we will be discussing some of the important parameters that you shall keep in mind before locking your best induction cooking top model.


Size of the induction cooktop depends on the purpose of use. If you are looking for portability and compactness, the portable induction stoves are your best choice. However, if you are not constrained on space and portability is not your main concern then there are other types and sizes of best induction cooktops with multiple cooking ones are also available.


Best induction cooking top with more power cooks food faster. However, with a higher power, the cooktop will also consume more electricity. This drawback is negated by the faster cooking feature which ultimately cancels out the power drainage in terms of faster cooking times.


Best induction cooktops with soft-touch controls instead of push-buttons are much easier to use and also provide more protection against spillages. Furthermore, it is easier to clean these type of induction stoves as well.


Almost all the best induction cooking tops come with pre-set timer settings for cooking various types of dishes as per your needs. The pre-set timer gives the advantage of automatic switch off at the pre-destined timing freeing your time for another job in the kitchen.


All the induction stoves are flat and made of either ceramic material or glass. This flat shape prevents utensil slippage.

Warm function

This very helpful feature keeps the food warm even after cooking.


The modern best induction cooking tops have built-in sensors designed for several tasks like safety sensors, auto cut sensor, auto-pan detection sensor, auto heat level sensor, etc. The main goal of these sensors is to increase cooking efficiency and minimize power expenditure. These sensors also provide more safety to the users as well.

Advantages of Best Induction Cooktops

  • Faster cooking with retention of nutrition of food.
  • Time-saving when cooking due to faster cooking.
  • Easy to maintain and portable. Now, any surface can be used for cooking.
  • Best induction cooking tops are built to maximize your safety.
  • These appliances are energy efficient due to direct and instantaneous heat transfer to the utensils used.

FAQs: Top 10 Best Induction Stoves in India

Are freestanding induction cooktops available in India?

The freestanding induction hobs/cooktop with oven are not very common in India. So die to limited demand you will find none of the freestanding models listed in this category. However, you can find some models with Bosch.

How do I protect my induction cooktop?

The most common issue that comes with the induction cook top is burning of induction coil. It is always advisable to use your induction cooker at lower power than the maximum rated capacity. This helps in longer life of the megaton (induction coil) of your induction cook top. The second thing that you can do is to save guard the ceramic glass top from breakage. You can also use paper or silicon baking mat on the glass top. This will not safeguard glass top of your induction cook top from scratches. Don’t worry, none of the above material will catch fire from the cook top.

What happens if you use the wrong pan on an induction hob?

Generally your induction cook top will not start and show some error. Generally, copper, aluminum and glass materials are not compatible with the induction cooktops as these materials helps in producing heat by the induction of electromagnetic waves on which the induction cook top works.

Does induction cooker consume a lot of electricity?

Yes, if you just look at the rated power of your induction cook top, generally it ranges between 1000-2000 watts but at the same time cooking on the induction cook top uses up to 90% of the heat generated which makes it much more efficient then any other mode of cooking.


Now that we have reviewed the 10 induction cooktops currently in the Indian market, this will give you a clearer understanding of which is the best induction cooktop currently in India. However, before you rush to the stores to purchase the induction cooktop best suited for you, there are a few factors regarding the functioning and the features of the induction cooktops you definitely need to know in order to refine your search. To aid you in this we now will discuss the buyer’s guide for induction cooktops in India.

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We hope that our top 10 best induction stoves in India along with the comprehensive buyer’s guide will now help you to consider all the factors necessary for buying an induction cook top and the review of the induction cook tops will aid you in your quest for the best induction cook top perfect for your everyday needs.

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