Top 10 Best Table Fans in India (2022)

For a tropical country like India, in summer, it becomes impossible to survive with just the cooling brought about the ceiling fans. As such, table fans are in much demand and have found their utility in several places due to their portability and compactness with the added advantage of a being a personalized cooling device. There are several brands and even more models to choose from in the current market. Therefore, in this article, to remove your confusion, we provide a detailed review of top 10 best table fans in India along with a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

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Top 10 Best table fans in India -Review

With advancement of technology, several innovative features have been employed to table fans to make them more optimal in cooling with variable speed and compactness in storage. So without further ado, let’s review the top 10 best table fans in India currently.

Havells Swing Platina 400mm Wall Fan- High Performance wall Fan

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Havells is a brand synonymous with quality home appliances and reliability. In the genre of table fans, Havells produced this model which has exceptional performance and is therefore one of the best table fans in India. Let’s take a look at its features

Top 10 Best table fans in India
  • This is a high performance table fan that can be mounted on the wall as well and has a wing spread of 400mm.
  • It boasts of heavy duty PP blades and also has a completely jerk free oscillation.
  • It has a moderate speed setting of 1350 rpm but produces more air as compared to any other 1300rpm fans.
  • It is lightweight and therefore easily manageable as a table top fan or even as a wall mounted table fan.
  • The high speed table fan operation is monitored by a three speed regulator which is easy to assemble.


  • High performance motor for enhanced air delivery
  • no vibrations and smooth running even at max speeds
  •  Exceptional performance at low voltages.


  • It is a bit expensive.

Usha Maxx Air 400mm Table Fan- Best Table Fans for Bedroom

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Usha fans rate the most desired and reliable in the industry. The Usha Maxx Air is also another model from Usha that is unrivaled in its overall performance. Here’s a look at some of its features

Top 10 Best table fans in India
  • Very stylish and elegant look
  • Usha fans rate as one of the best when it comes to jerk free oscillations and optimal performance at low voltage with very low noise.
  • The air distribution is uniform and in this category too this Usha fan rates unparalleled.
  • There are three speed settings. This Usha fan rate the best performance for use in your bedroom when used at medium speed instead of max speed.


  • Easily mountable and elegant in design
  •  in terms of price, this Usha fan rates lower than similar models in this category
  •  Provides jerk free oscillation with uniform air delivery.


  • Little noisy at max speed.

V-Guard Personal Fan Lap Breeze 250 mm- Top Compact Table Fan

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Another company that produces quality table fan models which gives great importance to performance and quality is V-Guard. This table fan model is specifically built for table top and has loads of features which make it one of the best table fans in India currently. Here are some of its features

Top 10 Best table fans in India
  • This table fan model has a spread of 250 mm and is compact in size which makes it the ideal choice for a table top fan.
  • Initial motor from the motor vanishes just after 3-4 seconds of operation.
  • Maximum RPM is 1280 with optimal coverage making it one of the best table top fans in the market.
  • The fan is capable of swinging not only horizontal but vertical as well which makes the table fan model best suited for optimal air distribution.


  • 360 degree oscillation for better air distribution
  •  noiseless operation
  •  three speed setting for better control


  • Little pricey

Orient Electric Desk-25 400mm Table Fan- High-Quality Table Fan

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This table fan model from Orient is a high quality table fan which is jam packed with useful features for your everyday needs. Here’s a look at its features

Top 10 Best table fans in India
  • This is one the best table fans in amazon.
  • It is impressive to look with aesthetic designs.
  • Controls are excellent and the piano touch buttons are safer and softer to press and use.
  • This table fan model is capable of swinging upward and downward and with an air sweep of 400 mm, air is uniformly dispensed throughout.
  • The 90 degree oscillation makes the air sweep even more precise.
  • The RPM speed is 1330 with big PP blades and extremely lightweight making it easily the best table fan in India.
  • The high speed function also ensures that the air is pushed to all corners of the room in which they are kept.


  • Three speed control
  •  90 degree oscillation
  • Tilt can be adjusted upward and downward for optimal air displacement.


  • It is a little expensive.

Bajaj Ultima PT01 200mm Table Fan- Table Fan Below 1500

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If you are looking for a fan on a tight budget then this table fan below 1500 is the best table fan model from Bajaj currently in India. This table fan model is easily available in amazon with high reviews. Here’s a look at some of its features.

Top 10 Best table fans in India
  • This table fan model is a modest 14 inch in size making it easily portable with high performance.
  • It boasts of a superior speed of 2300 RPM making it one of the best table fans under 1500 in terms of hi speed and superior air dispensing.
  • The air flow is superior owing to its high speed.
  • Being a table fan below 1500, this table fan model, with its high speed performance makes it an affordable addition for your everyday needs.


  • Aesthetic and elegant designing
  • compact in design and powder coated guards to prevent rusting
  • high speed fan due to powerful motor for superior and optimal air delivery
  • Best buy in budget owing to it being a table fan under 1500.


  • It has a little heating issue.

Havells Birdie 230mm Personal Fan- High Speed Table Fan in India

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Havells is another brand that provides quality home appliances and this high speed table fan is no exception. If you are looking for a high speed table fan which is affordable and with useful features then this table fan model for you. Here’s a look at its features

Top 10 Best table fans in India
  • It has an air sweep of 230mm with a 2 pole capacitor and a high speed of 2800RPM making it the best table fan in India for your everyday needs.
  • The air distribution is superior making it a useful addition to the room to circulate the AC wind in corner of rooms where it’s lacking.
  • The 3 leaf ABS blade makes it more power efficient and also has a dynamic air sweeping mechanism.
  • It’s highly safe for use owing to the protective and aesthetic spring mesh cover.
  • There is a 360 degree air swing option making it even more potent as a table top table fan.


  • Added safety due to an elegant spiral mesh with guard ring
  • 3 leaf blade system makes it aerodynamic
  • Multipurpose in utility with capacity of being used as a table top fan.


  • Lack of an on/off switch.

Luminous Buddy 230mm 55-Watt High-Speed Personal Fan- Table Fan for Large Room

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Sometimes, the need for a table fan exceeds that of a table top for a confined space of for personal use. Luminous addresses this need by introduced this table fan model. The Luminous Buddy is high speed table fan built for large room. Here’s a look at its features.

Top 10 Best table fans in India
  • It’s a high speed table fan with and air sweep of 230mm and a fan speed of 2800RPM.
  • In spite of the high speed of 2800RPM, this table fan for a large room provides air that feels breezy.
  • The performance of this high speed table fan is not diminished even at low voltages.
  • Owing to its high speed motor the air dispensed by it circulates pleasant and soothing air to all corners of the room in which it is kept with little or no humming at all.
  • It has a dynamic air flow with constant swing function.


  • Optimal performance even at low voltage
  • conical spread of air spreading widely to all corners of the room
  • No heating and superior air delivery.


  • Slight hint of noise at high speeds.

La Forte Portable Rabbit Mini USB Handheld Fan- Portable Handheld Table Fan

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If you are looking for a really compact and easily portable table fan under 1500, this table fan model is the right choice for you. Here are some of its features which makes it a worthy addition to your everyday use.

Top 10 Best table fans in India
  • It is a handy table fan which boasts of a 1200mAh Li-ion battery making its use not constrained by a power cord.
  • Owing to its battery operated feature and small size, it is a perfect choice as a travel companion.
  • Once fully charged, it retains the charge for 5 hours which makes this product even more valuable along with increased reliability and travel friendliness.


  • The fan has two speed settings
  • excellent performance
  •  It comes with a charging cable and a hanging cord.


  • longer charging time of 8hours

Crompton 50-watts Table Fan

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When it comes to discussing about fans in India, no list is complete without the table fan model from the Crompton brand which has been servicing the Indian home since 1937. This table fan model is one of the best table fans in India owing to its superior performance and feature rich presentation. Here are its features

Top 10 Best table fans in India
  • This table fan model has high performance ability owing to its advanced motor, strong materials and easy to use controls.
  • The wide base enables its placement on any surface stably.
  • The fan boasts of good speed of 1300RPM with 3 speed switch controlling the speed as per your needs.
  • Ergonomic design with the knob at its neck allows easy neck movement both front and back.


  • noiseless operation to ensure peaceful sleep
  •  2years warranty on product
  •  400mm air sweep distance meaning optimal coverage of each corner of the room
  •  Lightweight and easily carried.


  • Not rechargeable.

Rechargeable Table Fan

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With the advancement of technology, portability, ease of use with un-compromised performance has been the norm. Going on with this idea, this table fan model is the perfect mini fan which is portable, small, lightweight, foldable for ease of travel and best of all rechargeable. Let’s take a look at its features.

Rechargeable and portable hand held fans in India
  • 7 inch in size makes it smaller and easily usable on any surface and in any place.
  • It is capable of running on AC and DC current.
  • Its rechargeable nature makes it ideal for operation even during load shedding.
  • The plastic body makes it resistive to corrosion. This plastic body and the aerodynamic blades further makes it noiseless in operation.
  • There is an LED light at its center making ideal for use with lights off hile enjoying a light and pleasant breeze at night.
  • For full charge, this table fan model is capable of giving power for 7-8 hrs. if only used for the fan and for 3-4 hours if LED is also switched on.
  • This fan also comes equipped with a solar panel that aids in recharging the battery saving electricity.


  • Better battery backup
  • Noiseless operation.


  • Speed is relatively low and needs to be placed quite close to you for full benefits.

From the above review, it is quite clear as to which are the best table fans in India currently. Before you rush to buy the top table fan best suited for your needs, there are a few factors which you need to consider. Therefore to help you with your choice from the numerous models present in the market and not burn a hole in your pocket in terms of price we present you a buyer’s guide for the best table fans in India.

Top 10 Best table fans in India –FAQs

3-blade fan vs 4-blade fan, Which one is better?

Considering both the fans have same motor, 4-blade fans can displace more air and also prone to more air resistance. This results in lower speed of the 4-blade fan when compared to a 3-blade fan. Apart to this, 4-blade fans being slower might cause low blade vibration and more silent. 4-blade fans are more suited for a room with an air conditioner where you need cold air to circulate in every corner. However, if you want to feel the breeze of the outdoor air, then a 3-bade fan would be more suitable for your requirement.

Which are the best pedestal fan brands in India?

Currently, there are many old and new pedestal fan brands in India. Some of the best among them are:
V-GUARD amazon basics

Are metal or plastic fans better?

Both types of blades have its own pros and cons. So, you need to figure out which is suited for you. Like pedestal fans with metal blades might be more louder, costly and heavy but at the same time metal blades are more sturdy, gives you more airflow at same speed. On the other hand pedestal fans with plastic blades are more quieter, looks great, cheaper, and also provide adequate air flow but comparatively lesser than the pedestal fans with metal blades. Nowadays, most of the company manufacturers pedestal fans with plastic blades which are much more fancy to look but if you don’t bother about the look of your pedestal fan then you might go with the metals blade pedestal fans.

What is the RPM of high speed pedestal fan?

Generally, normal pedestal fans are fitted with an approx. 50W motor with a 1300RPM while the high speed pedestal fans are fitted with 100W motor with a 2100RPM. You might find higher power motor for the high speed pedestal fans with metal blades as these blades are heavier then the plastic blades.

Top 10 Best table fans in India –A buyer’s guide

In this section we have discussed about the important factors that you should consider while buying the pedestal or table fan. We have considered some of the top factors in this section that our expert thinks are top in the order. There are possibilities that you have some other factors that is in your mind but not listed here. It doesn’t mean those factors are not important. Factors of consideration are very subjective topic that may differ from one person to another based on there personal choice. Here, we have tried to include some of the more common factors to consider. In case you want to discuss your factors with our expert do post it in the comment section below. Who know, you might give a new dimension of research to our experts. So, let us first start with our selected factor to consider:

Size of the fan:

Size of the fan depends upon the user’s choice. Table fans come in 12, 16 or 20 inch sizes. Usually it is heard that smaller fans have better performance. However, truthfully, bigger sized fans are noiseless. With a big sized fan, running it on lower speeds will give a better cooling than the one you get if you switch on a smaller fan at maximum speed.

Material Quality:

To ensure reliability and durability of the fan, special importance should be given to the materials involved in making the table fans. In budget table fans, the plastic is not durable enough for a long lasting existence. Modern fans all come with a chrome coat that ensures no rusting and maintenance of durability.

Degree of Noise:

One of the major factors that you need in a fan is how much noise it makes while working on maximum speed. Therefore, a high quality fan with a high powered durable motor and bigger size is more likely to be noiseless.

Oscillating grill:

When searching for a table fan, you should always go for one that gives you that circulating cooling effect. This is only possible if the fan is equipped with an oscillating grill. This mechanism enables the table fan to successfully swing the air completely in the direction you intend it to.

High power motor:

The Cubic Feet per Meter rating of the table fan determines the volume of air the fan is capable of circulating.  Furthermore, the wattage or the amount of power consumed by the fan is also of utmost importance. A fan which offers optimal performance but with maximum power efficiency is often desirable. Ideally, for a table fan to be power efficient, it should fall within 50-100W.

Detachable Grills:

There are times when with repeated use the fan becomes dirty due to dust accumulation. Therefore a fan with a detachable grill is a must have for ease of cleaning and maintenance and overall hygiene.

Speed control:

In general, all types of table fans comes with a multi speed regulator. This enables you to easily the speed of the table fan to a comfortable setting. Therefore, always go for a table fan which provides you with this option.


 The freedom to buy the table fan of your choice starts with deciding how much is your budget. Prices of fans differ from brand to brand and model to model. If you cannot afford a good quality fan, you can always afford a good quality second hand one on a budget. Always make sure that you procure the best table fan with the best quality materials and motor which is within your budget. 

Maintenance and installation:

 Just focusing on buying a fan is not enough. Giving thought to the installation and maintenance of the table fan is paramount. Always opt for a table fan that is easy to install all by you and doesn’t require extra professional help.

For ease of maintenance, it is advisable to opt for a table fan that is easier to manage. Seek for companies and brands that give warranties on their product.


 There are just a few safety tips that need to be followed to ensure overall safety of the table fan. To prevent the fans from slipping and falling, always make sure that they are on a stable surface that can absorb their vibrations if any. Furthermore, always try to keep the wires untangled and free. Make sure that the protective grill of the fan is not easily removable by kids in the house.

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From the above discussion, we hope that now you can understand, which is the best table fans in India right now and what are the different factors you need to consider before you opt for the best table fan suiting your everyday needs.  

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