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There are many consumers in the market who have budget constraints yet want to go for an energy-efficient refrigerator, keeping them in mind our research team came up with their research article Top 10 refrigerators under 15000. However, If you don’t have any budget issues then you can refer to our best article on the 10 best refrigerators in India, where we tried to list out the top 10 refrigerators irrespective of budget.

When you constraint your budget while looking for the best refrigerators you may need to lose on technology and space. Similarly is the case when we started our research to find out the top 10 refrigerators under 15000.

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If you have gone through our other research articles, we have always emphasized on inverter technology in your products if you are energy conscious, but under Rs. 15000 we didn’t find any of the products with an inverter technology compressor.

However, we are listing one refrigerator from the house of LG which was priced slightly higher than Rs.15000 budget but excel on other criteria like brand, energy efficiency, and inverter technology. And so it got its place on the top of our list even with 164 units/year energy consumption.

Now, apart from this, you will also find the capacity of 180L-210L range in this price point which is good for a 1-2 member family. This is important to ensure that your refrigerator doesn’t run in overload conditions most of the time.

We have tried to list out the best available models in the price range however, it is advised to go with inverter technology models since apart from saving energy it also provides a better range of operation in stabilizer-free operation. There are many non-inverter models which also supports the stabilizer free operation but that covers a limited range of operation

Top 10 Refrigerators under 15000 with inverter technology

LG 190 L 5-Star
Godrej 190 L 5 Star
LG 190 L 4-star
Inverter Compressor Smart inverter
131 units/year 124 units/year 164 units/year
10 year compressor
10 year compressor warranty 10 year compressor
135V-290V stabilizer
110V-260V stabilizer
90V-310V stabilizer
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Top 10 Refrigerators under 15000 with NonInverter Compressors

Haier 195 L 5-Star
Whirlpool 190 L 4 Star
 205 IMPC ROY 4S  
Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star
WDE 205 3S CLS Plus  
Non-Inverter Compressor Non-Inverter Compressor Non inverter compressor
128 units/year 168 units/year 203 units/year
10 year compressor
10 year compressor
5 year compressor
Stabilizer free operation No Stabilizer Stabilizer free operation
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Could I get a 5 star rated refrigerator under the 15000 price bracket?

Well if you will look into the new refrigerator models, you might not find a 5-star rated single-door refrigerator. The highest rating available in the price bracket is the 4-star model. If you can slightly increase your budget by 1000-2000 Indian rupee then you can find some 5-star inverter single door fridge models from the top brands.
Check 5-star Direct cool refrigerator

Which is a better choice, direct cool/single door vs double door?

Well, most of the people around you might be happy with the comparatively lower-priced direct cool refrigerator but a double door fridge provides you with many other features and ease of use functionality. However, a single-door refrigerator is a good choice if you are single or need a low-capacity fridge.


While going through the list you will find few inverter technology models in spite of higher energy consumption find a better place in the list as compared to non-inverter models. It becomes important to clarify this, A inverter technology is capable to run at reduced load or variable load making them increase the amount of run in optimized conditions. This gives them the upper hand in non-inverter technology.

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The energy consumption of inverter technology as indicated is computed making an assumption of operation at full load however during the year there may be many incidences when you plan a holiday and your freeze is running at minimum load for several days. To cater to such incidents inverter technology refrigerators can vary their load and further reduce your consumption. However, it is always said to switch off refrigerators and other electrical equipment while not in the home but very few of us could do that especially with refrigerators since we always have something left in the freeze.

So before taking your final decision you can give priority to inverter technology in your budget.

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