Top 5 Best ACs in India Window ACs/ Inverter ACS/Split ACs 2020

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Air Conditioners nowadays has become an integral part of the Indian household. With the changing environment, it becomes hard to get a good night’s sleep, especially during summers and high humidity scenario. On the other hand, if you have one of the air conditioners then it finds its place on the top of the electricity bill. So if you are really concerned about you skyrocketing electricity bills once you install a new air conditioner, then Top 5 Best ACs in India Window ACs/ Inverter ACS/Split ACs 2020 is for you where I will be discussing handpicked top-rated energy-efficient air conditioners from some of the best air conditioner brands in India.

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With so many models and technologies available in the segment, it becomes essential to be well informed before making your decision to get the best AC in India. However talking about the technology, you need to first decide whether you want to go for a split Ac, Inverter AC or a window AC.

Nowadays when we are talking about AC be it’s split AC, Inverter AC or Window Ac, consumption of electricity plays a vital role. You may find many articles talking about the reviews of different models based on the latest technologies but remember while choosing the best AC in India for your home, Electricity consumption is the first point you must consider, so my selected models would be more in line with the electricity consuming pattern along with the best technology.

 We have tried to list out the best air conditioners in India in 2019 keeping energy conservation as one of the factors in mind. Along with the models we have also listed out Top 5 Best ACs in India Window ACs/ Inverter ACS/Split ACs 2020

Best AC Brands in India in 2019- Top 5 Best ACs in India Window ACs/ Inverter ACS/Split ACs 20202019

  1. Voltas AC
  2. Hitachi AC
  3. Daikin AC
  4. Mitsubishi AC
  5. O General AC
  6. Blue Star AC

All the stated brands are operating in India for decades. Out of the list, Voltas stood first with the largest market share in India, while the Blue star and Voltas are the only Indian brands, remaining are from the land of Japan.

These brands bring with them expertise in refrigeration technology and hence offer quite robust models and technology as per Indian consumers. You must be thinking about many other brands that are available in India like LG AC, Samsung AC, Godrej AC, Whirlpool AC, Carrier AC, Toshiba AC, and Panasonic AC. Considering there low market share until writing this article , it becomes difficult to share views with limited data and feedback.

While listing the products in our list we have referred to data from manufacturers and ratings from BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency). With the choice of brand, we have considered the market share and availability of service networks. However, before taking your final decision you must consider the service network of a particular brand in your area.

Top 5 Best ACs in India Window ACs/ Inverter ACS/Split ACs 2020

When you are correlating AC and the electricity consumption then the first thing that you need to do is a selection of best capacity for your room. There are many calculators available online where you can freely calculate the AC capacity required based on the size of your room. Once you are done with this then you have it in your mind the exact capacity air conditioners you should be looking for.

In general for nominal room size, most of us look for a 1.5 ton AC in India. However, if your room is more of a study room of similar size you can opt for a 0.75 ton AC or a 1 ton AC. These sizes are given in order to provide you a rough idea. However, for the exact requirement, you may refer to calculators for required tonnage.

Following are some handpicked air conditioner models:

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split- Best 1.2 ton split inverter AC 155V JZJ 5

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Best overall Voltas split AC

As a consumer, you will at least have the expectation to have the 3 basic things to be

provided by your AC i.e. fast & good cooling, less electricity bill, long life. However, the first two expectations contradict each other so it becomes very important that you create a balance between the first two expectations. You AC shall cool fast along with the most optimized energy consumption.

So out of your basic requirements, the first requirement is answered by the capacity of air conditioners, so you need to be very sure how much optimization you can do while selecting the air conditioners.

Voltas is a value for money brand with good after-sales service and network which has helped them to gain so much market share. The Voltas as a brand has gained its brand follower with this segment only. Now if you are looking for Best 1.5 ton air conditioners then you may think of considering a 1.2 ton Voltas inverter ac model which is well capable of cooling a room 12×12 ft room along with saving energy bill for you too.


Capacity: 1.2 T                                                Noise Level: 45 db

Energy Rating: 5 Stars                                    Power consumption: 990W

Cooling Capacity: 3900W                              Refrigerant: R410 A

Condenser Coil: Copper                                 Air Flow: 950 CFM

Warranty: 4 years on compressor, 1 year on product

Since this model is an inverter technology which means the air conditioner can change its tonnage based on the requirement. The air conditioner comes with a100% copper coil in heat exchangers connected with the compressor. The model is also equipped with other air filters like virus and allergy-safe filters, apart from that it is also equipped with a “catechin filter” which acts as a deodorizing filter.

Pros Cons
High energy efficiency Missing PM 2.5 filter
100% copper  
Voltas –Value for money brand  

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Carrier Breezo Inverter AC – Best 1.5 ton Split Inverter ACCAI18BR5R39W0

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Top 5 Best ACs in India Window ACs/ Inverter ACS/Split ACs 2020

So if you have already gone through your tonnage calculation and decided to buy a 1.5-ton inverter AC in India then this model is the answer to your requirement from the house of one of the premium brand “Carrier”. This model from the premium brand is the best 1.5-ton air conditioner. It is a very interesting fact that this premium brand was started by Willis Carrier who also is the father of the air conditioning concept.

The air conditioner is equipped with PM 2.5 filter which is currently needed especially if you are living in metros or roadside areas. Apart from this, the model gives some added advantages like an operation without the need for the stabilizer, however, in this case, these inbuilt stabilizers provide protection against limited surge if your locality has more fluctuations then you may think to buy external stabilizers too. Other features includes auto cleaner for indoor unit and auto timer.


capacity 1.5 T
Energy Rating 5 Star
Cooling capacity 5200 W
Power consumption 1520 W
refrigerant R32
Noise 44 DB.
Pros Cons
Energy efficient Limited Service center network
PM 2.5 filter  
Auto cleaning of indoor unit  
Stabilizer free operation  
100% copper  

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Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Wide Split AC (Copper SI/SO-15T5SCIC White)-Best Budget 1.5 ton split AC

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 Sanyo inverter AC in budget

This model is from the house of a budget brand Sanyo. Sanyo is a Japanese manufacturer that came up with this budget inverter AC. The model AC model is one of the cheapest inverter AC models in the Indian market. So if you have a tight pocket then you may think of choosing this brand. Talking about after-sales service, Sanyo has limited after-sales service mainly concentrated to tier 1 cities and metros. So before going for this budget brand, you may need to check its service center availability in your city


capacity 1.5 T
Energy Rating 5 Star
Cooling capacity 5100 W
Electricity consumption 840.75 units / year
refrigerant R32
Noise 43 db.

Apart to this the model provides many features like PM 2.5 filter, dust filter, and much more. Also the outdoor unit is equipped with rust guard.

So at low cost you are getting many added features at comparably very low cost.

Pros Cons
Energy efficient at cheapest rate Limited Service center network of partner
Good built quality Low noise
100% copper tubes  
Support by 3rd party  
PM 2.5 filter  
Dust filter  

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Hitachi i-Connect, RSB318MBD – Best 1.5 ton split non-Inverter AC

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Top 5 Best ACs in India Window ACs/ Inverter ACS/Split ACs 2020

Until now if you are still confused between which technology to go for inverter type

or non-inverter (fixed speed) type, then this is the model for you from Hitachi. This is a non-inverter model with internet connectivity feature which means you can control this with any internet-connected device and hence called i-RSB318MBDRSB318MBDconnect. This model has its place in “best air conditioners in India in 2018” and was one of the bestselling models.

capacity 1.5 T
Energy Rating 3 star
Cooling capacity 5500 W
Power consumption 1485W
refrigerant R22
Noise 40 db.

However, this cannot be compared to an inverter AC as this air conditioner will always operate at its peak load i.e. 1.5 T while an inverter AC can change its tonnage during operation as per requirement. So you will definitely notice a difference in your electricity bill.

Pros Cons
Good cooling capacity Basic air filters
Good built quality No auto clean
100% copper tubes  
Wi-Fi Enabled , internet enabled  
I-sense technology  
Stainless steel filter

This model is equipped with a stainless steel filter that eradicates chances of bacterial growth and is more hygienic hence improving air quality in your living room.

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Daikin – Most Energy Efficient (Electricity Saving) 1.5 ton AC, FTKF50TV16U

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This is another model from the house of an international brand. This means you can expect a great built quality apart to the highest energy efficiency level. Yes! This model has found its place in the list with the highest energy with ISEER of 5.33 among the best energy-efficient 1.5-ton air conditioners.

Top 5 Best ACs in India Window ACs/ Inverter ACS/Split ACs 2020

The Daikin FTKF50TV16U is a feature-rich model with stabilizer free operation in the range of 130V to 265V. Generally, most of the Stabilizer free operation equipment supports the range of 170V-300V. However talking about India, I feel operation in lower range voltage is more important since hardly we face an issue of high voltage in India. Daikin came up with new airflow circulation which they call “Coanda Airflow”, the technology ensures better air circulation inside your room leading to better cooling all across. Apart from this, the model is having several modes which you can find in other brands too like sleep mode, quick cooling also called turbo mode, etc. Being one of the most efficient air conditioners, the price is on the higher side but believe me if your usage is really high then you must choose to go with it, saving on electricity will pay back the differences within few years of operation.

capacity 1.5 T
Energy Rating 5 star
Cooling capacity 5280 W
Power consumption 1290 W
refrigerant R32
Noise 32 db.
Pros Cons
Good cooling capacity Highest operating temp of 50 deg,
comparably low to competitors
Good built quality  
100% copper tubes  
Very high efficiency  
Coanda air circulation  

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LG– Best Window AC, JW-Q18WUZA

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Since long we have not noticed any major technology advancement in windows AC

Top 5 Best ACs in India Window ACs/ Inverter ACS/Split ACs 2020

category. Also, windows AC are inefficient keeping in mind that a 5-star window AC is equivalent to a 2-3 stars efficiency rating of a split AC. Apart from that windows, AC doesn’t have a choice of air filters. But due to a limitation of installation, sometimes we need to go for these.

Note: The model has been re-rated to 3 star how ever Voltas has also come up with inverter technology in windows AC rated at 5 star by BEE.

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If you have a similar limitation of installation and are planning to go for one, then I would suggest this model which is also a first window AC with inverter technology which is quite good in cooling and silent too. Now comparing with a split AC efficiency level then this model is having an ISEER of 3.5 which is equal to a 3 star split AC.

This means that this super-efficient window AC can give you an efficiency of a 3 star split AC.

capacity 1.5 T
Energy Rating 5 star
Cooling capacity 5000 W
Power consumption 1950W
refrigerant R32
Noise 35 db.
Pros Cons
Inverter technology in windows model Low efficiency compared to split AC
Good built quality Lack of sensors
100% copper tubes with corrosion protection Lack of different air filters
Self-diagnosis feature  
For more information do read our another article on ” AC Buyer’s Guide


So we have tried to list out the Top 5 Best ACs in India Window ACs/ Inverter ACS/Split ACs 2020. It is quite clear that until now if you are just looking for efficiency with a nominal budget then you may select the most efficient split AC which is from Daikin. However, if you are tight on your pocket and looking for something in the balance of price and efficiency then you may select any split AC from the list keeping in mind their service centers in your locality. However, if you are confused between split AC vs. windows AC  then as said windows AC will not give you as much efficiency as compared to split. However still if you want to go then you may select windows AC with inverter technology which I already compared one from the house of LG.

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However, I will try to make more researches on ACs and come up with more lists. In the meantime, you may comment with your selected model and I will do the research on the same.

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