Top 5 Best Oil Extraction Machines For Home in India

In the current century when most of the food items are coming in a well-packed manner, If we think about our usage patter, we hardly find any of our daily food which is not using any packaged products be its spices or aata or oil. We blindly believe in the brands that are providing these basic products at our doorstep. All we have to do is to go to the nearest shopping mart and pick up those packs of oil, flour, or spices. While researching on the internet we came across different ways of extracting edible oils with hydrogenation techniques that use petroleum products to extract more oil from the seeds. Then the first question raised in my mind was if these petroleum products remain in the final product which comes to our door for use. With this article “ Top 5 best oil extraction machines for home in India ”, we tried to review the top 5 oil extraction machines for your home.

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In order to increase the shelf life of the oil, most top brands use preservatives and colouring agents to make their product look good and attractive. But, are you sure that these agents are safe for your family’s health? We cannot replace all packaged items from our lives in one go but yeas we can take steps slowly to decrease our dependency on them.

To start with, le us start our review of “Top 5 best oil extraction machines for home in India”

Savaliya Industries Cold Press Oil Maker Machine (Brown)

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best cold press oil machines for home in India
Best Portable Oil machine

This oil extractor from Savaliya is a fully automatic oil extraction machine with the option of both cold and hot pressing. The oil extractor gets heated up to 100 degrees during cold press while it heats up to 190 degrees while hot-pressing.

Some for the features of this portable oil extractor is as follows

  • Oil press stick made up of 304 stainless steel.
  • Cold press mechanism ensures healthy oil output
  • Auto-stop feature
  • The oil extraction rate of up to 50% depending on the type of seed
  • Oil extraction speed- 3-6 kgs/hour (peanuts)
  • No plastic contact of seed and oil, plastic is used only for outer cover, no internal plastic usage
  • Advanced digital temperature control for healthy output
  • Safety features for safe usage


  • Portable, 350W motor
  • Highest oil extraction efficiency
  • Advanced digital temperature control
  • It can be used for a variety of oil extraction like sesame, peanuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts, etc.
  • Oil waste/husk can be used as organic fertilizer in your house garden.


  • Oil extractor needs rest of 1 hour after every 10 hours usage
  • Olives need to be pitted and cut into halves before feeding into the machine
  • Oil needs to rest for 24-48 hours after extraction for fibre settling.

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Vishvas Oil Maker Machine VI-391 Stainless Steel

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best oil extraction machines for home in India

This oil maker machine is from an Indian brand Viswas. You may not find the design of the oil machine attractive but the machine is quite durable as you can feel from its built quality. Since portable oil makers are new in the market and but with increasing demand in the category, you will find some of the Chinese and the local Indian brands manufacturing these oil extracting machines for home. However, very few of them as of now are providing warranty on their products and motor. It is said to be a maintenance-free product but you may expect better after-sales support from Indian manufacturers.

Some of the features of Viswas oil maker machine are as follow

  • 400W motor, metal body
  • 45% oil extraction efficiency based on the type of seeds.
  • Oil extraction speed- 3 kgs/ hour (peanuts)
  • The motor needs 1-hour rest for every 5 hours usage
  • 1-year warranty


  • 1-year warranty
  • Durable metal body
  • A manual heater which roast seeds during operation for better oil extraction
  • It can be used for a variety of oil extraction like sesame, peanuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts, etc.
  • Oil waste/husk can be used as organic fertilizer in your house garden.
  • Made in India, easily rectified by any local technician.


  • Low oil extraction efficiency (45%)
  • Not attractive design
  • Manual temperature control
  • Oil extractor needs rest of 1 hour after every 5 hours usage
  • Oil needs to rest for 24-48 hours after extraction for fibre settling.

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Savaliya Industries Stainless Steel Oil Maker Machine SI-702 Fully Automatic Home Use Oil Press Machine

Top 5 best oil extraction machines for home in India

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Top 5 best oil extraction machines for home in India

This is another model of oil maker machine from Savaliya which is having a full metal body in case you don’t want to go with their plastic body oil maker model. This oil extractor comes with a 1-year warranty and is equipped with a 400W motor and 300 W heating element. The extractor is said to use 3-way squeezing techniques i.e. cold, roast and fry. that means depending on your seeds you can use any of these techniques to take out organic oil for your usage. The oil extraction efficiency of this extractor is around 45-50% which means of 1 kg of seed you will get 500ml oil but with this oil maker machine in your home, you are pretty sure that whatever oil you are using its 100% pure every time.

 Some of the other features of the oil extraction machine are as follow

  • Made up of 304 food grade steel
  • Fully Automatic: PLUG, FILL, & START
  • Work time: 6-8 hours with 1-hour break
  • Versatile usage


  • Powerful:400W motor, 300W heater
  • Automatic: all you need to PLUG the machine, FILL the hopper and Start the heater
  • Durable: Metal body, 304 stainless steel, food-grade
  • Peace of mind: 1-year warranty
  • Healthy: Organic oil, Organic fertilizer


  • Heavy: 15 Kgs
  • Oil Extraction Efficiency: 45-50%
  • Design: Not attractive, bulky
  • Oil needs to rest for 24-48 hours after extraction for fiber settling.

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Top 5 best oil extraction machines for home in India

Seeds to Oil S2O-2A Oil Extractor Machine and Cold Press Oil Machine (Gold)

Best portable oil maker machine

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If you looking for an aesthetic design to fit in your kitchen along with the goodness of healthy oil, this oil extractor machine is for you. The oil machine comes in an attractive design package that looks like your juicer cum mixer grinder but no doubt you will be going to use this machine more frequent then your juicer-mixer grinder.

The multipurpose oil machine is capable to take oil from a variety of seeds i.e. peanuts, coconut, sesame, soybean, walnuts, sunflowers, almond or castor seeds.  Whatever you choose this oil machine will take out oil for you which is 100% alteration free.

 So next time when you need coconut oil for your hairs or you need sunflower oil for frying something, with this oil extraction machine you can get 100% pure organic oil with the press of a button. Not only this, the reject you get from the machine is very beneficial for your terrace garden or pots in your balcony. Just use those rejects in your garden and see those leaves getting greener each day.

 Some of the features of Seeds to oil extractor machine are

  • Attractive design: compact, small, easy to operate, lightweight
  • Crusher rod made up of food-grade 304 steel
  • Multipurpose: Extract oil from anything
  • Low noise level: 70db
  • Power consumption: 1 unit for every 3 L oil
  • Homemaker oil machine: provides 100% original taste


  • Continuous operation capability with 10 mins break
  • Extracts oil at 70 degrees which is much below cold-press technique limit of maximum 125 degrees.
  • Waste reject cake of homemaker oil machine are edible too and good source of protein. You can use it to make snacks or use it as an organic manure for plants in your terrace garden.
  • The moisture content of the seeds to be below 5% before feeding into the homemaker oil machine. You may use high-quality seeds or you may roast it on your stove for some time and then feed into the machine while they are hot.


  • Warranty: You need to send the machine back to the manufacturer to claim a warranty.
  • Low hopper capacity of 0.5 kgs which means you will get 250ml oil after which you need to refill the hopper.
  • Oil extraction Efficiency: 40-50%

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Ekvira Stainless Steel Automatic Home Oil Extractor, Cold Press Electric Oil Press Machine

Top electric oil press machine for home in India

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This cold press electric oil press machine combines looks along with durability in the model. The aesthetic design of the oil press machine makes the perfect companion of your kitchen. This electric oil press machine is capable enough to take out the oil from any seed except some of the hard seeds with very low oil content like soybean, corn, hemp and grape seeds to name a few. However, you can easily extract oil from other known edible seeds like peanuts, sesame, sunflower, walnuts, almonds etc which have relatively higher oil content in them.

The cold press electric oil machine comes with LCG digital display with touch buttons which adds up to its aesthetic looks. You can control the temperature by selecting the time for heating. The main motto of heating is to soften the residual cakes to come out rather than heating your oil. There are cases when your oil will also start heating up but cold press temperature can be up to 70-75 degrees. However, if you feel that your extracted oil is getting heated up more than the desired temperature you can switch off the inbuilt heater or lower its time of heating. This is more of a heat and trial after which you will know the exact time to heat up for the best cold press extraction.

 The Ekvira cold press machine comes with a warranty against manufacturing defects where the company is voiding doorstep pick up in case of fault during warranty free of cost.

Some of the other features of the cold press oil machine are

  • LCD digital display with touch button controls
  • Easy to use, Easy to clean
  • Attractive design for home use
  • Temperature control setting
  • Press power 230W, heater power 400W


  • 230W motor, 400W heater
  • Attractive design, lightweight, durable
  • Press hall and press rod made up of 304 food-grade stainless steel
  • Door step warranty claim
  • Waste reject cake of homemaker oil machine are edible too and a good source of protein. You can use it to make snacks or use it as an organic manure for plants in your terrace garden.


  • Oil extraction Efficiency: 40-50%
  • Not suited to low oil content hard seeds like soybean, corn, hemp, grapeseed, etc.

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Top 5 best oil extraction machines for home in India

The FAQ of Cold Press Electric Oil Machine

Q. Why heater is present in a cold press oil machine?

A. In the seeds where oil content is very less, roasting is needed in order to extract maximum oil from the seeds. AS per cold press norms you can heat up to the temperature of 125 degrees. However, it is said to not exceed the temperature of your oil over 70-75 degrees.

Without a heater, the residual cakes can jam your equipment and your oil extraction efficiency will also reduce.

Q. Why we cannot find any machine from top manufacturers in India?

A. Currently, none of the branded manufacturers are manufacturing portable oil machines to be used in homes due to limited demand. However, with the increasing health awareness among consumers, demand is increasing for a cold press oil machine.

But most of the local brands are manufacturing high-quality manual as well as automatic oil machines with some providing warranty claim at your doorstep which means in case of defect the company will schedule a pickup of the machine from your door and after attending the defects will deliver back at your doorstep.

You may go with steel body manual cold press oil machines which can easily be checked by your local technician in case of any defect.

Q. How much oil can be extracted from 1kg of seed?

A. Generally, any cold press oil machine has an efficiency of 40-50%. This means out of 1 kg of seed, you will get 400ml-500ml organic oil depending on the quality of your seed used. You will get remaining as residual cake or husk.

These residual cakes are an excellent source of protein and fibre and can be used in making snacks. Or you may also use it in your home garden as organic manure.

Q. Does it produce refined oil or we need to do extra refining after extraction?

A. The oil you get is 100% pure and organic and raw. You may find some minute suspended fibres which will settle down in 24-48 hrs in the container. But it’s not like that you cannot consume those fibres. They are totally safe even if you use it with some suspended particles. The oil may not be as transparent as your packaged oil.

The packaged oil undergoes several layers of filtration and chemical process to get the desired transparency and color of the oil. Here you will get 100% pure organic oil.

Do you know?

Room heaters may lead to health issues on prolonged usage. Check our article on room heaters and standard procedures to use them.


In today’s world, it is very difficult to taste the product purity. Almost all the products we use in the package do have some kind of permissible preservative or colouring agent or some petroleum derivatives with an attractive name like mineral oils.

 Do you know how much safe are these permissible additives? I understand that in today’s busy schedule it is very challenging to replace all packaged materials but yes if we are really serious about our long-term health, we shall start choosing the better natural alternatives.

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In the article “Top 5 best oil extraction machines for home in India”, we have listed out the top 5 picks for your home. These electric oil makers are good alternatives for your package cooking oil. Next time just extract 1-2 Ltrs. of mustard oil and extract more and fresh whenever necessary. With these portable electric oil makers, you can get pure coconut oil or mustard oil for your little baby in your home.

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