Understanding All About Amazon Prime Services in India (2022)

Amazon India is a global e-commerce leader which has launched its Amazon Prime service in the year 2016 in India. Down the years, the Amazon Prime service has gained its acceptance due to added services for its prime membership category. In this article, “Understanding all about Amazon Prime Services in India”, we tried to figure out whether today, in the year 2020 Is it still a value for money deal for you?

Amazon Prime Subscription

Understanding all about Amazon Prime Services in India – Main Benefits

 There are many benefits that you get by subscribing to the Amazon prime India. Let us start looking into the benefits that you get with the prime membership and at the end, we will try to figure out whether it is still good to go ahead when the Amazon prime cost you 999 for a year or 129/month.

Free & Fast Delivery

This is one of the most basic services that you get with the Amazon Prime India membership on eligible products. The Amazon India even provides one- day delivery in metros under their prime membership.

Early Access to Amazon Deals

We all must know or heard about Amazon’s Great India Sale, Nowadays it is very common that most of us buy something during these sale days. Gone are the days when sale used to happen in our nearby brand shops. Now with the e-commerce sale, we can choose any brands, any products on a single platform. So if you are an Amazon Prime member, your sale starts one day in advance. So, you don’t have to fear for stock-out. Apart to this, Amazon prime members get early deals during the launch of flagship products.

Free Delivery on any Order

This is one of the important features that helps you to recover your Amazon prime membership cost. This feature allows there members to order and get free delivery irrespective of the value of the order. On the contrary, for non-prime members, you need to purchase above 599 to be eligible for free delivery. So, with prime membership, you don’t need to bother for your order value. Just order when you need for any value and get it delivered free at your doorstep.

Amazon Prime Videos

You also get access to the contents of Amazon prime Video India and Amazon prime video app along with other benefits of Amazon prime India membership. Today Amazon prime video has gained the leading positions in OTT category along with Hotstar, Netflix etc. where you can check with the latest contents and web series over the internet. Most of the movies releasing today in India have Amazon prime as there streaming partners which means you will get those movies available on Amazon Prime Videos soon. So just login into your laptop or plug fire stick into your TV and enjoy the latest movies and Amazon prime best series in different languages with the comfort of your home.

Amazon Prime Music

You also get access to the Amazon prime music where you can enjoy the latest ad-free music with the touch of a button. No longer need to save and create a playlist on your phone instead switch directly to Amazon prime music which has playlist made for you for your changing moods. All you need is to be connected over the internet. You can also download your favourite playlist and songs directly from the app to listen later even if you don’t have an internet access.

Amazon business

“We are doubling down on our investments in India for Amazon Prime Videos”

Jeff Benzos

This was the dialogue of Mr Jeff during his recent visit to India, from this it is quite visible that down the line you may expect more Amazon prime best series and blockbuster contents coming on to your screen from Amazon.

FAQs: Understanding All About Amazon Prime Services in India

Do you need to pay for Amazon Prime?

Yes, Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service which is available at very low and competitive pricing. If you are a regular online buyer, then no doubt Amazon Prime gives you best value for your money invested with free delivery, prime videos, prime music and much more.

How to buy Amazon Prime subscription?

Click on the link provided to land on the Amazon Prime page where you can buy the desired subscription. You will be asked to register if you don’t have any previous account. If you are already registered, just log in to your account and you can check the Amazon prime subscription added to your cart. Just pay and next time you log in to your account, Congrats! you are a prime member.
Click Here To Go To Subscription Page

How do i access my Prime account?

Just login with your details in you amazon account, If your prime subscription is active, you can avail all the features. To check your status, just log in to your Amazon account, Then
1. Go to “My Account” section
2. Select ” Manage Prime Subscription” or “Memberships & Subscriptions”

Final Words

So if you are a frequent shopper from Amazon with almost 2 orders per month of less than 599. Or you enjoy shopping during sales on Amazon website which almost comes every quarter than the Amazon prime membership is a good bet for you where you get back your investment within a year with access to Amazon Prime Videos and Amazon Prime Music as an added advantage.

Amazon Audible India

No doubt in India there are not much big entities like Amazon as of now where you can get almost any products you are looking for. So with this limitation, I guess being a prime member is overall a good bet for you as far as India is concerned. Currently, the Amazon prime membership fee is Rs 999/ year or 129/month.

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