Best 4 Grill Microwave Ovens (2022)

We have discussed various microwave ovens in our articles be its convection microwave oven or Solo microwave ovens. However, in this article, we handpicked the best 4 grill microwave ovens 2020. So you must be thinking which one of these is better?

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Grill microwave ovens are better than solo microwave ovens, as the name applies these models support grilling as well apart to other works that a solo can do. The whole discussion for the best is the balance between your needs and the price you pay for that.

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 As said earlier a convection microwave oven supports microwave, grilling, and baking and is the costliest, thereafter comes the grill microwave oven which supports microwave and grilling and so the price is lesser than convection type but higher than solo microwave oven which only supports microwave technology. So it’s up to your needs and budget to decide which one of these will suit your needs.

IFB Grill Microwave Oven – 25 L, 20PG4S

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IFB is a well-known international badge which manufactures state of the art, high-quality grill microwave oven along with convection microwave ovens and solo microwave ovens. Many of us would have been using products of IFB already in our home due to its excellent product quality and reputation in their business line.

As said earlier the grill microwave ovens are better than solo microwave ovens as this model also supports grilling, so you can grill your favorite barbecue recipe in this apart to performing other activities like cooking, reheating, etc. however it doesn’t support baking which means don’t plan to bake your cake or roti in this oven during your party night.

The ability to use combination modes helps you with getting brown meals without overcooking them. This grill microwave oven is an ideal oven to reheat and warm your foods.

The warming feature keeps your food warm without overcooking and even heat your milk without creating a mess inside the cavity. The grill microwave oven has the ability to operate in 10 different power modes which until now I found the largest in the category.

You must be thinking about the importance of different power modes. In simple words, we can say that this is an energyefficient feature where you can select the closest power level that you need to cook your food. Lower modes will consume comparably lesser electricity.

This grill microwave model is equipped with auto cook setting which allows you to start cooking with a touch of a button and also allows you to change setting in the mid of the cooking process which I feel is one of the best feature since sometimes it becomes annoying to cancel the process in between in order to change settings.

The oven comes with a steam clean facility which makes it easy to clean the cavity along with cleaning it also sanitizes it perfectly.

This model also comes with a 1-year product warranty and 3 years warranty on magnetron. It is definitely seen as the assurance for its high-quality product.


  • Power saving features
  • Good performance
  • Easy to control


  • No digital control options

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LG Grill Microwave Oven – 20L, MH2044DB

Best 4 grill microwave ovens 2020

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LG has a large brand following in the Indian market. This is one of the few brands which find its

place in every Indian consumer household. Apart from this brand has also its place in any best household products listing. It took decades for LG to get such a brand following and this is not only due to its image but during the timeline, they have linked their brand with quality and technology. Now talking about grill microwave oven LG has again set an example for value for money products.

LG grill microwave oven is no doubt better than its own solo counterpart. With this, you can grill along with carrying out other activities like defrosting, cooking, reheating, etc.

Though this model doesn’t support baking activities still you can do many more things in your kitchen. This oven also equipped with Intellowave technology to ensure faster and healthy cooking. This is a patent technology of LG which enables even distribution of microwaves inside the cavity cooking your food evenly.

Concealed quartz heater ensures accidental scalding of your hands with the element while placing your vessel inside the cavity.

The grill microwave oven is also preloaded with settings to cook your food with one touch of a button ensuring your food to be cooked in most optimized settings.

Talking about energy saving then this model also switched off the display if no activity is traced for 5 min. the soft touch button panels are sensitive but also safe to use and easy to clean.


  • User friendly operations
  • Ideal grill microwave oven for small families
  • safe


  • No baking facility

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Bajaj Grill Microwave Oven – 20L, MTBX 2016

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This 20L grill microwave oven is a useful kitchen companion for warming your foods as well as preparing some mouth-watering dishes the capacity is enough to deal with a family of 2-3 members.

This grill microwave oven from the house of Bajaj comprises of 9 pre-set auto cook menus which enables you to select cooking cycles with a touch of a button. The Bajaj grill microwave comes with an option to defrost your food either by selecting weight or time. This is another innovative feature that Bajaj as tried to add to show there uniqueness.

The grill microwave has a jog dial controls which enables to adjust the setting with ease. The model has 5 power levels to choose from. It also has some good safety features of which child lock system is one of them which I guess is musthave if you are having children in your home.

The microwave oven is light and portable which indeed makes it one of the best grill microwaves for home and office in India.


  • User friendly operations
  • Light weight
  • Good safety features


  • No baking facility
  • No digital control

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Panasonic Grill Microwave oven-20L, NN-GT221WF

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With this model from Panasonic, it tried to bring the best Japanese technology in grill microwave oven manufacturing. Panasonic is known for its high-quality product along with the latest technology.

This 20L grill microwave oven is suited for bachelors and couples. Being a grill microwave oven, it is not suited to bake cakes and biscuits however you may use its grill function to grill your foods. It can be used to reheat, defrost and cook your favorite foods be it’s your last night leftover pizzas or the fresh food.

This Panasonic grill microwave oven is equipped with reheating technology which makes sure then while reheating your food it doesn’t lose its nutrients due to overcooking. These features make Panasonic grill microwave oven as one of the best grill microwave oven in India.

The microwave oven comes with preloaded 38 auto cook settings out of which 26 settings are ideal for Indian cook menus. The feature of turntable ensures that uniform distribution takes place during operation.

This elegant Panasonic grill microwave oven also comes in the list of the best budget grill microwave oven and also economical when it comes to your electrical bill.


  • 38 preloaded settings
  • Easy controls
  • Good safety features


  • No baking facility
  • Made in China, though you can expect Japanese quality standards

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How does the grill oven work?

A grill oven can cook food which can be either cooked on a stove top. There is a grill heater placed inside the oven which maintains the temperature inside the grill oven. The heater provides the barbecue effect also known as grill effect on the food.

Can we use grill oven to bake?

No, grill oven can not be used to bake. the main function of the grill oven is to defrost, reheating and even multi stage cooking. However it can not be used to bake.

Are grill ovens value for money?

Yes, if you don’t want to invest in full range microwave ovens and most of your requirement includes defrost and reheating,than grill ovens gives your best value for money as these ovens are much cheaper then a full range microwave oven.

What is a quartz grill in grill oven?

Quartz is a material used in heating element.

Can you make pizza in your grill oven?

No, you cannot make pizza from scratch only with grill oven. However, you can reheat the pizzas and also make hot pizza from the frozen one.

What is grill microwave oven?

The grill oven is a type of solo microwave oven which only features grilling mechanism. The grill microwave is fitted with grill heating coils and can be used to defrost, reheating, toasting, and roasting.


In this article “Best 4 grill microwave ovens 2020”, we have listed best affordable grill ovens in India. No doubt Grill microwave ovens are better than solo microwaves mainly due to the extra feature of grilling that it is given with very little price difference. Until now we have discussed the best convection microwave oven and best solo microwave ovens. You must have decided which type of microwave oven you need. and so you have the best brands and handpicked listing of different types of the microwave oven. you can go ahead with selection keeping in mind the service center of the brand in your area.

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