Best Godrej Refrigerators in India (2022)

Since 1958, Godrej is the first and the oldest Indian company to introduce its best refrigerators and has maintained quality over the years. With an experience of 120 years, it’s no wonder which brand of refrigerator is best in India. This article gives light on the best Godrej refrigerators in India.

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In broad terms, Godrej provides three different types of refrigerators

  1.  Single door
  2. Double door
  3. Bottom mounted

Here’s a look at some of the key Godrej refrigerator technologies which make it one of the best refrigerator brands in India

Cool Shower Technology with Dual Fan

best godrej refrigerators in India

With the Cool Shower Technology in the new Godrej models, shelves are installed with air vents that are placed above food to ensure optimal and uniform cooling throughout the fridge. These vents circulate the cold air in different directions to evenly cool every part of the fridge. Godrej’s flagship model is further installed with a Dual Fan cooling system which enables cooling of the freezer and the fridge compartment independently.

Music, FM and Mobile Charging Refrigerator

best Godrej refrigerators in India

To make your experience with your best refrigirators interesting, certain single door fridges from Godrej comes with a Muziplay music player. Equipped with loud 80W PMPO speakers and a USB port, now you can enjoy music in your kitchen. Furthermore, an FM player enables you to listen to the radio if you don’t want to plug in and hear music.

One more trendy and really helpful adaptation is that the USB port doubles as a mobile charger which easily allows you to charge your mobile phones.

Turbo Chill Mode for Faster Cooling

The Turbo Chill Mode is present in Single Door Edge series of fridges by Godrej that performs fast chilling of items inside when enabled. So if you have guests coming over suddenly, this mode will perform 50% faster cooling than conventional methods to serve your needs.

JTRT Technology with Air Lock System for Optimized Cooling and Retention

best Godrej refrigerators in India

Godrej understands the importance of differential cooling for different food items. Godrej is one of the best refrigerator brands in India to provide in its premium line fridges a technology called JTRT (Just the Right Temperature). With this, the user can divide the food storage into three different temperature zones inside the fridge.

The Chiller Zone (-1 to 3°C): preserves dairy products and cold drinks;

The Fridge (1-5C): provides storage for all food items like fruits, vegetables, cooked food, etc.

And the Pantry (1- 5C) which helps preserves cake, cookies and biscuits.

Godrej also addressed the question as to what will happen if you keep opening the fridge continuously? Will the surrounding heat perturb the internal temperature balance? Top Godrej fridges are equipped with a smart airlock system that retains the cooling minimizing cooling loss and maintain temperature difference.

Energy Efficient LED Lighting with Motion Sensing Zone

The new line of Godrej best fridges come equipped with a sleek, bright and efficient LED lighting system which also emit much less heat than ordinary bulbs. These lights are extremely energy efficient leading to low power consumption and longer life. Intelligent lighting with motion sensing in Godrej’s flagship model senses your hand movement and lights up only the area where you are searching.

Spacious and Customizable Interiors

Godrej Eon series of best refrigirator comes equipped with a large vegetable tray capable of handling 34 kgs of your stored fruits and veggies. The flagship NXW series from Godrej has an innovative Flexi tray assembly that can be arranged vertically to optimize space in your best refrigirator. They are also equipped with storage trays that are detachable and can serve the dual purpose of being serving trays.

Godrej’s best refrigerator models provide ease of access where you can get simply by turning a knob into a serve ice tray. Furthermore, modern Godrej best refrigirator has a polybag suspender on its door that helps you store frozen food. Storing bottles is also easier now where Godrej Edge series of fridges that have a bottom chiller compartment that is capable of holding 5 one-liter bottles. If you have bigger bottles, a bottle shelf with a metal retainer helps you store 2.5-liter bottles.

Toughened Glass Shelves to Ensure Longevity of Shelves

With a lot of customizations in ease of use, space optimization, Godrej does not compromise with the shelves. The shelves are made of Toughened glass that is capable of holding heavy food items without breaking. These shelves also have a solid border preventing seepage of fluids to the other shelves.

Silver Ions and Anti-B for germ-free storage

Godrej also uses Silver Ion technology in its fridge like its competitor Samsung. A coating of silver nano-particles inside the fridge prevents bacteria and fungi from growing. The circulating cool air when it comes in contact with these silver particles, the bacteria are killed by blocking their respiration.

Coupled with the Silver Ion technology, Godrej provides an Anti B gasket that kills any dwelling bacteria in the fridge. Since it is removable too, users have no trouble at all in cleaning it periodically and help in maintaining the freshness of the stored food.

Zinc Oxide Protection to Avert Rusting

For a tropical country like India, the formation of rust is a serious concern for all the best refrigerator owners. Differences in environmental conditions make even the best refrigirator more prone to rusting that result in food spoilage due to corrosion. To combat this, Godrej has equipped its refrigerators with Zinc Oxide Protection (ZOP) technology wherein fridges are made of Galvanized steel instead of cold-rolled steel which protects from rusting and prolongs the life of your best refrigerator.

Digital Touch Control Panel for Complete Control

Godrej equips its modern fridges with an automatic intelligent defrosting feature that monitors features like defrost time, the surrounding temperature, frost accumulation, etc., to ensure optimal defrosting. If the user wants to bypass these automatic functions and customize as per their convenience, the NXW series, which is best refrigerator in India provides a digital touch panel allowing customization by the touch of a button without needing to open the door. The presence of an Intelligent mode brings down the temperature to 2C before defrosting begins to prevent the fridge from a potential thermal shock.

StayCool Technology with Deodorizer – A Perfect Blackout Solution

best Godrej refrigerators in India

Due to consistent power cuts and load shedding, problems are caused to food storage as well to the fridge unit owing to constant power cuts and voltage fluctuations. Godrej is one of the best refrigerator brands in India that addresses this problem in a convincing manner. Godrej provides the StayCool technology that has cooling gels located on freezers on both sides. The cooling gels retain enough cold to keep food frozen for at least a few hours in case of a power outage. Furthermore, the Aroma Lock and Carbon Palladium deodorizer technology filter the foul smell and ethylene buildup in the fridge due to rancid food items preventing the circulation of bad odor in the event of load shedding.

Premium Godrej Eon models, which is the best refrigerator in India are also set up with Fresh Shield Crisper technology that retains moisture long enough to keep fruits and vegetables safe.

Godrej is, therefore, one of the best refrigerator brands in India that maintain the freshness of food for a long time with its StayCool and Deodoriser technology and Fresh Shield Crisper during long power cuts.

Nutrifresh Inverter Compressor

Initial refrigerator models came with a one-track compressor that could only be completely on or completely off irrespective of whether cooling was necessary or not. This considerably diminishes the life of the compressor and uses more power. This where Godrej uses innovation and smartness to solve this problem and therefore considered one of the best refrigerator brands in India. The Godrej Eon series are fitted with Nutrifresh Inverter Compressors that are built to run at variable speeds as per the requirements sensed by sensors inside the fridge. The compressor speed is adjusted as per the need for cooling. For example in summer when the ambient environment is hot, the compressor runs at full capacity during the day to maintain optimal cooling and slows down at night when the ambient temperature is cooler. This working ensures long-lasting compressor health and also lower energy consumption.

These key features are available to users of all types and therefore it is quite easy to see which brand of refrigerator is best in India is at the moment. Now that we have summarized the key features that make Godrej one of the best refrigerator brands in India, we will now look at some of the best refrigirators in India which Godrej has to offer.

Best Godrej Refrigerators in India

Godrej 225 L 4 Star Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator

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This is one of the best refrigerators from Godrej in the Single door category that is ideal for a small to medium family. Here is a look of its features

  • Net 196L capacity with enough space for storage of all your food items and even your fruits and veggies.
  • Single door refrigerator with a drawer base for extended storage.
  • Separate veggie shelf and a dry storage shelf separate from the main refrigeration compartment.
  • Separate fans for the veggie shelf and the refrigeration shelf to ensure differential temperature maintenance as required. Increasing storage life.
  • Extra 21L capacity of veggie drawer.
  • Deep bottom chiller for storage of 5 one-liter bottles and side space for storage of 2.5liter bottles.
  • Inverter compressor technology for energy efficiency and optimized cooling


  • 4-star energy rating means energy efficiency;
  • large veggie storage capacity separate from main refrigeration unit enabling differential cooling;
  • Direct Cool technology;
  • Stabilizer free operation in the range of 110-260V.


  • There are no negative points to discuss.

Godrej 240 L 2 Star Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator

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This is from the Eon line of Godrej Refrigerators that have already won many awards and is, therefore, one of the best refrigerators Godrej has to offer. Here is a look at its features

 best Godrej refrigerators in India
  • A large capacity of 240 liters provides ample storage space for families with 3-5 members.
  • Well organized interiors.
  • It is equipped with a slider chiller tray on the top and toughened slider glass trays that can withstand a large amount of load and provide ease of access too.
  • The door is capable of storing 2.5L capacity bottles.
  • The enclosed dairy shelf on the door to protect against temperature fluctuations during opening and closing of the door.
  • The veggie box comes with a humidity controller and honeycomb crisper than maintains optimum humidity and prevents spillage.
  • ZOP technology to prevent corrosion
  • Ample storage space in the freezer with a polybag attachment to store fish/meat or frozen products separately.


  • Large storage with optimized spacing;
  • toughened glass shelves;
  • full length LED lamp for ample soft and bright lighting in every corner;
  • Child lock facility;
  • Crisper technology keeps food fresh for 7-10 days.


  •  2-star rating. Not very energy efficient with 316 unit consumption per year;
  • Reciprocating compressor instead of inverter compressor.

Godrej 182 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single-Door Refrigerator

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This is one of the most economical and compact fridges from Godrej suited for a small family or even bachelors. Here is a look at some of its features which makes it one the best refrigerators in the single door line.

  • 182L capacity
  • Compact and therefore does not require much storage space in the room
  • Optimized storage space
  • Large vegetable tray
  • Deep chiller tray with a capacity of holding five 1 liter bottles.


  •  Budget-friendly;
  • Sufficient storage for individual use.


  • 2-star rating and not overtly energy efficient;
  • Conventional bulb instead of LED internal lighting;
  • The manual defrosting feature only.

Godrej 236 L 2 Star Frost-free Double Door Refrigerator

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Another offering from Godrej in its double door range which is ideal for families with 3-5 members and is, therefore, one of the best refrigerators Godrej has to offer for your home.

 best Godrej refrigerators in India
  • 236 Liter capacity – sufficient storage with optimized spacing to fulfill your everyday needs.
  • Well organized interiors with sufficient storage for all types of veggies with an added feature of freshness maintenance for 7-10 days.
  • The enclosed box inside to help you store medicines or beauty products without the fear of having them damaged.
  • Air vents are multiple to help maintain optimal cooling in the fridge and freezer compartment.
  • Carbon palladium deodorizer attachment prevents odor mixing ensuring freshness.
  • Removable gasket to ensure ease of cooling.
  • Thick insulation to prevent cooling loss during power cuts.


  • Toughened glass shelves and ample storage space;
  • extended freshness maintenance technology employed;
  • frost free action.


  • 2-star energy rating with 315 units consumption of electricity;
  • Reciprocating compressor instead of inverter compressor;
  • Stabilizer free operation only in the range of 140-260V meaning the need to purchase an extra stabilizer.


Is stabilizer required for Godrej refrigerator?

If your Godrej refrigerator voltage range is close to 100V-240+ volts, then your Godrej refrigerator might not need an additional stabilizer. But if you are having an old model with a narrow operating range then you should get a good stabilizer for the safety of your refrigerator.
It is always better to know the range of voltage fluctuation in your area. If it is very high and the voltage dips up to 90V then even the best refrigerators need an external stabilizer. Kindly note, that the voltage fluctuation should be in the range of your equipment’s operating range, outside that may harm your equipment and so you need to put an stabilizer to safeguard your equipment.

Are Godrej Refrigerators good?

Godrej is one of the dominant and old player in the single door refrigerator segment

How long does a fridge bulb last?

The lamp of your fridge can easily lasts up to 5 years and in some cases more than that

Can we use same stabilizer for TV and fridge?

Certainly not, From outside the two stabilizer might look same but a general TV stabilizers are designed only for high voltage cut-off. while your fridge needs low voltage cut-off to save compressor.


These are the best refrigerators in India that Godrej has to offer. Ever since its revival, Godrej has produced products with a competitive edge over its competitors providing innovative technology and features in all its refrigerators always keeping in mind affordability and therefor caters to all types of customers. We hope this review will help you to choose the best Godrej refrigerator to meet your everyday needs.

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Best Godrej Refrigerators in India- Top Selling Models

Godrej- R D AXIS 196 WRF 2.2

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  • Direct Cool
  • 181L
  • Single Door
  • 2-star
  • 260 Units

Godrej-R D EPro 205 TAF 3.2 STR WIN

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  • Direct Cool
  • 190.00 lts.
  • 183.00 units
  • Single Door
  • Star Rating: 3

Godrej-RD 2003 PT 3.2

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  • Direct Cool
  • 200L
  • Single Door
  • 3-star
  • 209 Units

Godrej RD EPRO 225 TAI 5.2 RAY PRP

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  • Direct Cool
  • Inverter technology
  • 210.00 lts.
  • 126.00 units
  • Single Door
  • Star Rating: 3

Godrej-R T EON VESTA 595MDI 3.4

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  • Frost-Free
  • 580L
  • Double Door
  • 3-star
  • Inverter Compressor

Godrej-RD EDUO 240 TDF 3.2 MGC WIN

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  • Direct Cool
  • 225.00 lts.
  • 186.00 units
  • Single Door
  • Star Rating: 3

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