Best UPS/Inverter For Home in India (2022)

In recent times, long power-cuts have become a regular occurrence with long and monotonous blackouts from 2 or more (up to even 8) hours in cities and villages alike. It becomes exceedingly difficult to manage the day to day work and hence installing power back-ups have become mandatory. Even though there are several different power back-up options, people usually choose the inverter-battery system in India. This is when we have to ask ourselves which is the best UPS/inverter for home in India in 2019? To answer this pertinent question we have presented a review of the best inverters for home in India in 2019.

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We have also shed some light on a comprehensive buyer’s guide which will show you the factors you need to consider before you choose the best UPS/Inverter for your home in India. One such factor is selecting the right inverter/battery system and also whether an inverter-battery system is correct for your requirements also needs to be considered. In another post “Best UPS/inverter for home in India--Reviews“, we have discussed the different power back-up solutions (UPS/Inverter) along with their pros and cons for your guidance.

Different Power back-up solutions

Best UPS/Inverter For Home in India


Best V guard inverter for home in Inida

Inverters are electronic devices that store electricity from the main lines into the battery and convert the DC power from the battery into AC current output to be used for home. Inverters are ideal for power back-up for small home appliances like fans, lights, tv or computers, etc. Nowadays, inverters are also being used to run heavier appliances like refrigerators, mixer grinders, etc. As such, for these bigger inverters, better batteries are also needed. This ultimately raises the question which is the best inverter that meets your requirements and which is the best battery which is most suited with the best inverter to meet the power requirements.

Best UPS/Inverter For Home in India

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Diesel Generators

Diesel generator sets use Diesel as fuel to generate electricity. The electricity generated is instantaneous for supply in case of power cuts and is not stored. They are ideal for running large and small appliances like fridges, AC, washing machines, fans, lights, etc.

Solar Power

Best UPS/Inverter For Home in India

Solar power generators are an up and coming source of power in case of blackouts. It uses the sun’s energy to generate electricity which is then stored in batteries called solar cells. Applications of solar cells are still under development and they currently provide backup like that of the inverters.

Best UPS/Inverter For Home in India

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We will now focus on the inverter-battery system of power back-up in this article.

What is your power requirement?

Before you proceed to buy the best inverter and the best battery system for your home, you need to know your power requirements. In other words, you need to know how many appliances you need to connect to the inverter/battery system and what are their electrical load requirements.

Here are two things which you need to know to evaluate your power requirements for backup.

What is the load you want to run on back-up ?

This is the measure of the number of appliances you want to be powered by the inverter-battery system and is the sum of the wattages of all the appliances you require to be powered. Knowing this will help decide the right size of the inverter and the right size of the battery in the inverter for your home. Here size is in terms of the VA value for the inverter-battery system. The VA value you choose directly depends on the total wattage of the appliances you need the power for from your inverter-battery in your home.

How long you need the backup for?

Depending on how long your locality usually faces power cuts you need to choose an inverter-battery system that can provide back-up for the requisite number of appliances and for the duration of power cut. This is where the size of the battery comes into play

Therefore, to help you develop an idea about how to calculate your power requirements, we provide you with a list of appliances with their standard wattages.

  • Fans Consume 75-90 Watts. We take 90W for ease of calculations
  • Tube lights fall between 45-50 watts for standard tube lights.
  • CFL is default 25 watts.
  • LED TVs utilize 30-100 watts depending on size. For LCD TVs, the consumption is 50-150 watts. For non-LED/LCD, only CRT TVs, consumption is about 120 watts.
  • For, Set-top boxes consumption varies with the type.
    • Standard Definition boxes – 8 Watts.
    • HD boxes – 18 watts
    • HD DVR boxes – 25 watts.
  • Desktops with LCD screens consume 150 watts and the ones with CRT consume about 250.
  • Laptops – 50 watts.
  • Mobile phone chargers, Wi-Fi routers, modems, etc – 5 watts or less.
  • Home theater systems/gaming system – 100 watts (Size dependent)
  • Air cooler – 250-300 watts.
  • Induction cooker – 1000-1500 watts (or 1 – 1.5 kW)
  • Mixer Grinder – 350 watts.

So if we want the inverter to provide backup for 1 Fan, 1 tube light, 1 CFL, 1 LED TV, 1 Laptop and 2 charging points then the total wattage would be (based on the table) = (1x90 + 1x 50+ 1x25+ 1x 100+ 2x5) = 275 Watts. This is the total load your inverter will have to provide power for. So if you need back-up for 6 hours then you will need to store 275x6 = 1650 Watt-Hour or 1.6 Kilowatt--hour of electricity. This will give you an idea of the amount of battery storage you will require for use assuming all the appliances considered will be in use for the entirety of 6 hours.

How to find out the VA value you require.

As we have said earlier, the size of the inverter depends upon its VA value. Higher the VA value of the inverter, higher is the load it can provide backup and greater is the size of the battery in an inverter. So knowing the VA value based on your power requirement will help you decide which the best inverter for your home is. Ideally, the total Watt value should be the same as the VA value. In reality, the total wattage output depends on the Power Factor. The Power Factor is the measure of the actual output of the appliance with respect to the total energy utilized by the appliance. For a residential house, the Power factor is usually assumed to 0.8 (economical). Therefore, the VA value is calculated as the ratio of total wattage to the power factor. So for a total wattage of 275W, the VA value will be

VA= 275/0.8

                      = 344 VA (approx.)

Since we do not get inverters with an exact VA value of 344, it is advisable to choose an inverter with a slightly higher VA value (400VA).

How to choose the battery   

With our calculations, we find that we need a 400VA to provide back-up for 4 appliances. Now comes the part about picking the battery size. The right sized inverter battery depends upon the duration for which power back-up is required. Since we had discussed a total duration of 6hrs power cut, therefore, the battery that will provide backup will have an energy storing capacity of

344x6 = 2064 VAh.

Since the average inverter battery is of 12V, therefore, the Ah value of the battery would be

2064/12 = 172Ah.

When you are purchasing the battery for inverter, you need to check their Ah values. In the markets, batteries with 100, 120, 150, 180 200 Ah storage capacities are typically available.

In our example, since the storage capacity we need is 172Ah, therefore, the best battery for inverter would be 180Ah.

This is the usual calculations which you refer to understand the power requirements and the size of inverter in VA value and the battery size in Ah to choose the best inverter battery system for your home. If an inverter is being used for a larger appliance like a fridge with a higher load like 300-350 Watts, an inverter with 2.5 kVA value would be ideal for electricity consumption during blackouts. Even if the inverter has a higher VA value, the battery storage size may not be higher.

What to look for in an inverter for your home

While choosing, it’s very important to have the right inverter-battery combination for your home. If the demand is high and the battery storage is low, the stored electricity will drain out much faster than intended. Therefore, you should be mindful of your power requirements as we have discussed in the prior section.

Best UPS/Inverter For Home in India: Working of your Hybrid inverter in Home

How solar inverter works for your home.

To enable longer backup needs with average load, the voltage of the inverter comes into play. If you are facing power cuts of 8 hrs (average) and have a requirement of 400Ah of battery storage, then you can connect two 200Ah batteries to provide the necessary storage. However, at his point, the voltage of an inverter comes.

If the usually available 12V inverter is used, only one 200Ah can be directly connected or two can be connected in parallel. A parallel connection divides the electricity flow and increases the amount of time needed to charge the number of batteries. This becomes counter-productive.

One solution would be to choose an inverter with a higher voltage like 24 or 48V. Higher Voltage inverters have a higher VA rating (more than 1400) and are therefore capable of supporting larger loads for a longer duration.

It is always prudent to go for a branded company to get the best inverter for your home. There are several brands that provide the best inverter-battery system in India currently which we will review later on in this article. Several companies like Su-Kam, Microtek were known to make only inverters, whereas companies like AMARON, Exide, etc. used to produce only batteries in the past. In present times, these companies provide a battery and inverter combo where batteries are designed to work well with their inverters.

One of the most essential aspects of buying the best inverter for your home but is often glanced over is the warranty. One year warranties on the inverters are provided by most of the companies. You should make a habit to read the warranty policy thoroughly before making a choice to know which parts are covered by warranty.

The inverter is usually a maintenance free appliance until complete operational failure. It is the battery that only needs proper and regular maintenance.

Types of inverters and how to choose the best inverter for your home

There are three different types of inverters which have different VA values and therefore can be used to provide backup for differing loads

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Best UPS/Inverter For Home in India

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Power is generated by a rotating AC machinery. Many appliances are designed to work on sine wave inverters. They are 2-3 times more expensive than other inverters and are mainly suited for heavy appliances.

Modified Sine Wave Inverter

These produce a square waveform and are compatible with most electrical appliances. They are cheaper than sine wave inverters but may reduce efficiency of the appliance.

Square Wave Inverter

Best Square wave inverter for home in India

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They produce a square waveform and are the least efficient in operation. Only a few simple tools with a universal motor can be linked to this type of inverter.

If you want hassle--free power back-ups with no efficiency loss from your electrical appliances, we suggest you opt for Pure Sine Wave Inverters.

Types of battery

Inverter batteries are of three types: Flat plate, tubular and Maintenance Free. Tubular batteries are a bit more expensive than the other two but are recommended for purchase as they are the best type of inverter battery with a long life span of 8-10 years.

Inverter-Battery System efficiency

The inverter-battery system is not 100% efficient. Some power is taken up the inverter to drive its cooling fan and electronics. Additional energy is used by the battery during charging and discharging. This additional energy is wasted as heat which is around 8% in no-load conditions and reaches up to 20% in full load conditions. The manufacturer usually addresses the net inefficiency and the net output of the inverter is the one which is mentioned as its rating.

Best UPS/Inverter For Home in India

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Now that we have provided you with a comprehensive buyer’s guide, we will now review some of the best inverter/battery systems for your home in India.


In the article, we have tried to cover the parameters which you should think of and calculate as per your requirement in order to get your exact requirement. once you have all the ratings required of your home you can easily choose your best inverter/UPS brand for your home. We will also be working on to choose and come up with the best UPS/ inverter for your home. Stay connected to get updates on our next article written after thorough research only for you.

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