Buyers Guide to the Best Induction Cooktop (2022)

Before we go into the different factors to consider in our article “Buyers Guide to the Best Induction cooktop”, we address the pertinent question of why do we need an induction cooktop at home?

When cooking on an open flame, there is a chance the food loses most of its nutrients due to the high heat. However, the best induction cooktops preserve the food nutrition making the dishes healthier. The heat is produced, the instant the cooktop is switched on and it dissipates as soon as it’s switched off. This operation ensures saving energy in operation. Plus, best induction cooktops come with safety mechanisms that protect the cooktop against voltage fluctuations and short circuit and overheating which in turn makes it much safer to use than LPG stove.

However, don’t forget to refer our top 10 picks of induction cooktops after going through this comprehensive buyers guide to the best induction cooktop

Different types of Induction stoves

There are different types of induction cooking tops i.e. built-in stoves, portable and freestanding each having its own pros and cons along with the price range. The free-standing induction cooking tops may cost you high but it will add up to the aesthetic of your modular kitchen and hence might be easy to use. On the other hand, the models of built-in induction cooking tops are easier to use. This model is designed to fit on your counter giving your kitchen a modern look. No doubt, this model also adds up an aesthetic look to your kitchen with the option to use any of the cooktops at your ease. This is a good fit if you have a large family and want a larger number of cooking tops. While the portable induction cooktops are easy on your pocket but you need to allocate a place in your kitchen. It may not look as aesthetic as other models but it comes at a much cheaper rate than other models.

Built-in Stoves

best built in induction cooktop

These kinds of stoves are found mounted on the kitchen platform and have multiple cooking zones. Best induction cooking tops of this configuration are more prevalent in modular kitchens owing to their design. Since these are not portable, they are ideal for a large family.

Portable and compact induction cookers

best portable induction cooktop

These types of best induction cooking tops are the most common in every household owing to their ease of use, portability and inexpensive nature compared to built-in stoves. They are also easy to maintain.

Freestanding induction

best free standing induction stove with oven

These types of cooktops provide you with the option of fitting between the counters. These come in different sizes and colours and are also easy to install, operate and maintain.

Features to look for in an induction cooker

While selecting your best induction cooking tops for your modern kitchen there are many factors that you should keep in mind in order to select the best model as per your family’s need and your budget. If you are looking to maintain the aesthetic look for your kitchen then you may think of increasing your budget and go for either freestanding or built-in induction stove models. Below we will be discussing some of the important parameters that you shall keep in mind before locking your best induction cooking top model.


Size of the induction cooktop depends on the purpose of use. If you are looking for portability and compactness, the portable induction stoves are your best choice. However, if you are not constrained on space and portability is not your main concern then there are other types and sizes of best induction cooktops with multiple cooking ones are also available.


Best induction cooking top with more power cooks food faster. However, with a higher power, the cooktop will also consume more electricity. This drawback is negated by the faster cooking feature which ultimately cancels out the power drainage in terms of faster cooking times.


Best induction cooktops with soft-touch controls instead of push-buttons are much easier to use and also provide more protection against spillages. Furthermore, it is easier to clean these type of induction stoves as well.


Almost all the best induction cooking tops come with pre-set timer settings for cooking various types of dishes as per your needs. The pre-set timer gives the advantage of automatic switch off at the pre-destined timing freeing your time for another job in the kitchen.


All the induction stoves are flat and made of either ceramic material or glass. This flat shape prevents utensil slippage.

Warm function

This very helpful feature keeps the food warm even after cooking.


The modern best induction cooking tops have built-in sensors designed for several tasks like safety sensors, auto cut sensor, auto-pan detection sensor, auto heat level sensor, etc. The main goal of these sensors is to increase cooking efficiency and minimize power expenditure. These sensors also provide more safety to the users as well.

Advantages of best induction cooktops

  1. Faster cooking with retention of nutrition of food.
  2. Time-saving when cooking due to faster cooking.
  3. Easy to maintain and portable. Now any surface can be used for cooking.
  4. Best induction cooking tops are built to maximize your safety.
  5. These appliances are energy efficient due to direct and instantaneous heat transfer to the utensils used.


We hope that this buyers guide to the best induction cooktop will now help you to consider all the factors necessary for buying an induction cooktop and the review of the induction stoves will aid you in your quest for the best induction cooktop perfect for your everyday needs. However, your reading doesn’t end here without checking our list of top 10 induction cookstoves.

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Below are the top induction cooking top brands in India

Philips Induction Cooktops

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  • Great Brand Presence
  • Value for money
  • High Built quality
  • Premium cost
  • Brand Warranty
  • After-sales brand helpline

Prestige Induction Cooktops

Check Prestige Induction Hob Price on Amazon

  • Good Brand
  • Wide model variety
  • Low cost
  • Good built quality
  • Brand warranty
  • After-sales brand helpline

Havells Induction Cooktops

Check Havells Induction Hob Price on Amazon

  • Value for money brand
  • Good built quality
  • Brand warranty
  • After-sales service through centres
  • Low cost

Pigeon Induction Hobs

Check Pigeon Induction Cooktops Price on Amazon

  • Comparatively new brand
  • Good built quality
  • Value for money
  • Low cost
  • Brand warranty
  • Limited after-sales service

V-guard Induction Cooktops

Check V-guard Induction Hob Price on Amazon

  • Low price, high quality
  • Value for money brand
  • Good built quality
  • Brand warranty
  • After-sales service through centres

Glen Induction Cooktops

Check Glen Induction Hob Price on Amazon

  • High cost, Premium look
  • Elegant Design
  • New brand in the category
  • Brand warranty
  • Limited after-sales service

Bosch Induction Hobs

Check Bosch Induction Hobs Price on Amazon

  • Global brand
  • State of the art technology
  • Great design and looks
  • Brand warranty
  • High price
  • Super-premium finish

Other Induction Brands

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  • Indian & Generic brands
  • Low cost
  • Limited brand service centres
  • Medium built quality & finish

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