Top 6 Best Haier Refrigerators in India (2022)

Amidst all the big names and the market presence of the big Korean brands like LG and Samsung, Haier has carved out a niche for itself as one of the best brands in refrigerators in India in recent times. Once a debt-ridden refrigerator company, this Chinese brand has earned respect and is now one of the most trusted brands of refrigerators in the world, so much so that it adds 100+ customers every minute. With its introduction in the Indian market in 2014, Haier has become a name synonymous with the best refrigerator brand in India with an ever-increasing customer base. Haier has launched a series of refrigerators with innovative new technologies specially designed for the Indian household. With Haier, you get all your refrigeration needs meet, ranging from the compact 70L to the mammoth 700L multi-door refrigerators with the latest innovative technology at affordable rates. So, if you are wondering which brand of refrigerator is best? Haier is the answer. Through this article, we have summarized the Top 6 best Haier refrigerators in India in 2019 for your buying guidance.

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Haier refrigerators come with innovative technologies for your consumer needs and can be classified into the following types

  1. Single Door
  2. Double door
  3. Bottom Mount
  4. French Door
  5. Side by Side.

This article is aimed to bring to your knowledge as to which is the best refrigerator brand in India is currently and why Haier fits all the criteria to make it one of the best brands in refrigerator in India. Therefore, we have discussed the key features and technological innovations presented by Haier in its best refrigerators in India.

8 in 1 convertible refrigerator

Top 6 best Haier refrigerators in India

With increasing demands for the interchangeable function of refrigerators where freezers can be changed into normal fridge for increased storage, Haier, being one of the best brands of refrigerator in India, has introduced, in its premium models, an 8 in 1 convertible refrigerator technology. Here is a list of all the modes you can convert your Haier refrigerator into

  • Normal: This is the default mode where the freezer and the fridge run in its normal job of freezing and cooling respectively.
  • Vegetarian: This is the Expert fridge mode where the freezer is converted into a refrigerator which along with the normal refrigerator works like a big refrigerator with more room focused on cooling operation.
  • Home Alone: This is the seasonal mode where the fridge has usual working but the freezer is turned off.
  • Freezer: Only the freezer compartment works in the freeaing mode while the main fridge is shut off.
  • Vacation: In this mode, the main fridge unit is turned off and the freezer is turned into a fridge mode helping you save electricity while you were away.
  • Surprise Party: This is suited for all your surprise parties where the fridge compartment works normally and the freezer unit is run at its peak capacity for faster chilling using the turbo icing technology for instantly cooling your beverages and other cold items to make you the perfect host.
  • Summer: This mode is perfect in the summer where it makes the fridge components run at its peak performance to provide perfect cooling in the scorching heat.
  • Swift Chill: This mode gives you an idea why Haier is the best brand of refrigerator in India. This mode represents the epitome of refrigeration power where both the refrigerator and freezer run at maximum settings for faster cooling.
  • Turbo Icing technology

When happens when you have guests coming over and you find out you have no ice. Well, Haier refrigerators offer a fast solution from this problem by the innovative Turbo Icing technology. This technology brings down the freezer technology in just 49 minutes which is made possible by an improved design that reduces the compressor cycle for super-fast cooling.

Cooling Pads and Diamond Edge Technology for Dealing With Power Cuts.

Top 6 best Haier refrigerators in India

To deal with the consistent problem of frequent power-cuts, Haier has performed detailed research on refrigeration technology and has come up with an innovative solution which makes it one of the best refrigerator brands in India. The Cool Pad technology provided by Haier is a cooling gel that keeps the food frozen for hours without electricity. These cool pads are bigger in size compared to the normal ones meaning you can safely store ice cream in the freezer for a few hours without melting during power black outs.

Along with the cooling pads, the inner edges of the newer direct cool Haier fridges are in a diamond edge design which further slows down the process of melting of ice. This process augments the cold retention by the cooling pads to increase cooling times during blackouts.

Customizable My Zone Drawer

The My Zone drawer in the newer side by side refrigerators by Haier is a full-depth drawer at the bottom of the refrigerator. To give you more choices, the My Zone drawer by Haier comes with 3 different modes to change settings as per the cooling requirements.

  • Q-Cool: This mode is tailor-made for chilling fresh foods and drinks in a few minutes.
  • D-Frost: This mode allows you to slowly defrost your food without any undue build-up of moisture.
  • Chiller: This mode brings down the temperature of the compartment to zero degrees for preserving fish and meat.

Condenser and Evaporator Coils – Robust and Efficient

Copper tubes with aluminum fins are the materials used in condensers and evaporators of modern Haier refrigerators which results in even dispersion and circulation of the refrigerant to reduce energy wastage.

Food Protection by Anti-fungal Gasket

A gasket is a flexible elastic strip attached to the outer edge of the refrigerator. Haier refrigerators are designed in a way that makes them air-tight to insulate the cool air inside the refrigerator from the warm external environment. The gasket is also antibacterial in design to preserve hygiene of food and free from bacteria. Also, to makes things easier, the gasket is removable to make it easier to cool.

Powerful Dual Fan with Twin Inverter Compressor

In lower-end or primitive refrigerators compressors were designed with only single speed motor which was designed to be either ‘on’ or ‘off’ depending upon the refrigerator temperature. These are designed to work non-stop at peak performance in summer as well as in winter irrespective of the cooling requirement. This significantly reduces compressor life and increases energy usage too. To address this issue, Haier has provided a smart solution. Premium Haier refrigerators come with twin inverter compressors that perform continuously based on cooling needs. The twin inverter compressor functions in a way that when the cooling requirement is more, especially during the summer, the compressor works at peak performance using more electricity. Likewise, in winters, when the cooling load is low, the compressor runs at lower speeds to consume less electricity. During summer night due to cooler external temperatures, the load is low and the compressor also functions at lower speeds which conserves electricity.

Inverter compressors have a fan motor and compressor that works at a stable DC current at stable speed. Haier refrigerators are equipped with powerful blades that distribute the cold air evenly throughout the refrigerator. Premium Haier models come with dual blade fans that distribute the air even faster and more evenly and removes the need for manual defrosting resulting in silent operation with steady temperature control and reduced energy consumption.

To make things even easier for you, Haier is the only brand that provides a 10-year warranty on both fan and compressor.

Toughened Glass Shelves and 90-degree Contour Door

Haier brand of refrigerators come with toughened glass shelves to ensure that you can store heavy food items without any fear of cracks or breaks. These glass shelves come with a solid border that prevents liquid seepage from a shelf in case of a liquid spill. Also, Haier fridges provide a chill tray with lids to ensure the intactness and freshness of different food items like dairy products which are meant to be kept in the chilling trays.

The vegetable crispers provided in Haier refrigerators are 50% bigger than conventional crispers. Thanks to the 90-degree contour design of Haier refrigerators, these crispers can be easily removed even if there is not enough room to open the refrigerator door fully. So, even if you place your fridge in a tight spot where you cannot open the fridge door fully, you can easily take out the crisper for cleaning and other purposes.

Stabilizer Free Operation

One of the reasons which make Haier the best brand of refrigerator in India is that its fridges have a stabilizer free operation. Since they are built to operate in the voltage range of 135-290V, they can operate steadily without any risk of operational failure during voltage fluctuations. If the voltage fluctuations occur beyond the permissible range, these refrigerators automatically switch off the power supply which protects the fridge from any harm.

Luxury Home bar

What if you could fill your glass with chilled water or ice at the touch of a button? Premium Haier refrigerators provide you with a Luxury Home Bar feature that gives you this comfort. Now you can fill your glass with water, cubed or crushed ice through the inline automatic dispenser with the press of a lever without even opening the fridge door. Also, you can select the amount of water you need and the refrigerator will happily oblige.

Fuzzy Logic with Holiday Function

Top 6 best Haier refrigerators in India

Premium Haier refrigerators come with the Fuzzy logic controller which is assisted with a specialized temperature sensor. This sensor diligently monitors the temperature changes of the refrigerator. With responses from the sensor, the refrigerator then adjusts the temperature as required so that optimal cooling is maintained always. Another handy feature called the Holiday Function makes the freezer operate normally and sets the fridge compartment at a temperature of 17C. This ensures minimal consumption of energy and is very helpful for people who are frequent travelers and therefore don’t have to worry about the electricity bill while they are away on vacation.

With all the above features, it is quite clear which is the best refrigerator brand in India. Now it is time to look at some of the models that Haier has to offer and what makes them the best refrigerators in India in 2019.

Top 6 Best Haier refrigerators in India

Haier 52L single door refrigerator

Best personal refrigerator in India

When you want a compact and portable refrigerator for your everyday needs without having to worry about the problems of space, this is the best refrigerator that Haier has to offer. Here are its features

  1. It has a capacity of 52 liters with optimal door space, refrigerator compartment and freezer space to help you store food items.
  2. It has a stabilizer free operation where it can function between 140-280V of fluctuations.
  3. With a 3 star rating and a total of 162 units per year of energy consumption, it is energy efficient.


  • Very compact and portable. Plug and play operation means you can connect it to any plug point in any corner of the house. So you can enjoy chilled beverages while in the comfort of your living room sofa
  • Energy-efficient and noiseless operation
  • It is an inexpensive investment and readily available on Amazon.


Manual defrosting feature only.

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Haier 195L single door refrigerator

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Top 6 haier fridge in India

To fulfill the needs of an individual or a small nuclear family, this is the best refrigerator from Haier for you. Its features include

  1. The storage capacity of 195 liters for your everyday needs.
  2. Stabilizer free operation with optimal operation in the voltage range of 135-290V.
  3. Toughened glass shelves capable of handling a weight of up to 120kg.
  4. 1-hour icing technology drops the freezer temperature rapidly to ensure that you can get ice cubes within an hour.


  • Energy efficient with a 4-star rating and only 151 units per year consumption of electricity; Fresh room or chiller compartment to ensure long term storage and freshness of dairy products
  • Door lock feature for protection in families with young kids
  • Bottle storage feature on the door sufficient for storing three 2 liter water bottles.


  • Manual defrosting feature available only

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Haier 220L single door refrigerator

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Top 6 best fridge in India

The 220 liters single door refrigerator from Haier is the best refrigerator in India in terms of single door refrigerators which offer ample amount of storage space for all your food items and have one of the best freezer to refrigerator capacity ratios in single door refrigerators currently in India. Here are some it’s features

  1. The storage capacity of 220 liters for your everyday needs.
  2. Stabilizer free operation with optimal operation in the voltage range of 135-290V.
  3. Toughened glass shelves capable of handling a weight of up to 125kg.
  4. 1-hour icing technology drops the freezer temperature rapidly to ensure that you can get ice cubes within an hour.


  • Energy efficient with a 4-star rating and 168 units per year of energy consumption
  • Door lock feature for protection
  • noiseless operation


  • This model comes with only a manual defrosting feature.

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Haier 320L Double door refrigerator

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Best refrigerator brand in India

If you need a refrigerator where you need to keep your fridge items and your freezer items separate from each other, this is the best in refrigerators Haier has to offer for you. Here are some of its features

  1. Large capacity of 320 liters with separate freezer and fridge compartments.
  2. Stabilizer free operation with optimal operation in the voltage range of 140-290V.
  3. Toughened glass shelves capable of handling a weight of up to 125kg.
  4. 1-hour icing technology drops the freezer temperature rapidly to ensure that you can get ice cubes within an hour.
  5. Bottom mounted refrigerator with the freezer at the bottom meaning ease of access of vegetable crisper and other refrigerated food items. This design cuts down your bending by almost 90%.


  • 3star energy rating
  • The bottle storage facility in the door with space for three 2 liter bottles
  • Bright LED lights which are energy efficient and add to the premium-ness of the model.


  • Power rating could have improved.

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Haier 258L Double door refrigerator

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top refrigerator brand in India

Another offering from Haier that is fit to be called one of the best refrigerators in India. Here are some of its features

  1. Large capacity of 258 liters with separate freezer and fridge compartments.
  2. Frost-free operation to ensure the unwanted build-up of ice.
  3. Toughened glass shelves capable of handling a weight of up to 125kg.
  4. 1 hour icing technology drops the freezer temperature rapidly to ensure that you can get ice cubes within an hour.


  • Efficient functioning with 3-star energy rating and an electricity consumption rate of 236 units per year
  • Tower LED lighting feature to brighten the whole compartment homogeneously
  • The convertible feature where freezer can be converted into the fridge compartment to increase storage space
  • The door lock facility is also available.


  • There are no bad sides to this refrigerator.

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Haier HRF 565L side by side frost-free refrigerator

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Best refrigirator brand in Inida

This offering from Haier is a premium model with all the features typical of Haier refrigerators and is the best refrigerator in India that meets all the needs of a large family. Here are its features

  1. The big storage capacity of 565 liters
  2. Toughened glass shelves designed to withstand a weight up to 125kg.
  3. Frost-free refrigeration ensures that unwanted ice doesn’t build up in the refrigerator.
  4. It has all the advanced technology to keep food fresh and last longer like Fuzzy logic feature with holiday function, 8 in 1 interchangeable technology, child lock and door alarm technology, advanced crisper and customizable my zone rawer


  • The best fridge and freezer compartment size ratio as compared to the capacity provided by other brands
  • Silent operation with consistent 360-degree cooling
  • luxury home bar feature


  • Manual defrosting technology
  • Wattage and energy consumption details yet to be mentioned.

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Is Haier a good refrigerator brand in India?

Haier is a global brand and is known for its quality products at an much affordable price when compared to the leading brands like Samsung, LG etc. In India, Haier sales most number of high capacity side-by-side fridges as compared to any other brands.

Do Haier have manufacturing facility in India?

Yes, Haier have 33 manufacturing facilities in India and a complete distribution network all around India. One of the main manufacturing facility is located in Pune.

Why is my Haier refrigerator so noisy?

The most common issue of a refrigerator to become noise is due to the fault of the fan blades. Most of the double door refrigerators or the models with indirect cooling mechanism have fans installed in evaporator and condenser area. These fans force circulate the air inside the fridge in order to achieve the required temperature. You can check these fans at the back of your refrigerator and get replaced if found noisy.


Haier is one of the Chinese brands which you can safely associate with reliability and technological features that meet the demands of all its customers and at affordable prices. From the article it has become quite clear as to which is the best refrigerator brand in India and with our discussion of the various models Haier has to offer, we hope you can see which the best refrigerators in India from Haier are in 2019.

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