Understanding Amazon Audible Service in India (2022)

Do you love reading novels, but not getting free time and space to get through your favourite novel? What if I say, that you can enjoy you piece of a novel while working or travelling to your office. Surprised! With Amazon audible India you can listen to your favourite novels and titles while working in your kitchen or travelling to your office. The article “Understanding Amazon Audible Service in India” is to help you understand the benefits of Amazon audible service in India especially when Amazon is providing free audiobooks along with 30-days to 90-days (Amazon audible with prime subscription) free subscription.

What is Amazon Audible India service?

Amazon audible India is a service which allow its users to download their favourite audiobook titles and listen to them from any of their device i.e. mobile, tablets, laptops, etc. at their ease. Until now Amazon audible has over 2 Lakhs and adding more titles, that are enough to suite your taste.

Currently, Amazon is providing 30-days free trial for its non-prime members and 90-days free trial for its prime members to try the Amazon audible India service which can be cancelled anytime during free trial period. Isn’t it great? So if you love reading novels or having a bedtime story then it’s a great alternative to start it free today. Create your free Amazon audible Account today!

Understanding Amazon Audible Service in India -Benefits of Amazon Audible Account

Amazon audible account provides many benefits to its prime members that starts with the 90-days free trial period. Apart to this, the Amazon also provides free credits every month which can be used to buy audiobooks of any value. Some of the other benefits that you get with your Amazon audible India accounts are:

Large and Great Books Collection

There are over 2 Lakh titles in Amazon audible India today with more titles adding on a daily basis. So it is very usual that you will find your taste of titles in there large collections. There are many titles with the author’s narration like Stephen King which adds up life to your books with author’s emotions indulged in it. The experience of having author emotions while reading his own book is an eccentrically spell-binding.

Select Your Own Reading Pace

The Amazon Audible app is available for your phones, tablets, desktops and is also compatible with iOS and Android devices. The app also supports controlling the pace of reading based on your personalised settings and convenience. This is a great feature for different types of listeners and their moods. Now, if you are near the climax and don’t want to continue with the slow pace then you can also choose to listen to your story by up to 3 times faster than normal.

Free Audiobook

Still unsure of the new way of reading books through Amazon Audible subscription? Register today on Amazon Audible India for your free trail of 30-days (non-prime members) and 90-days (Amazon audible with prime membership) and get your first audiobook free. If you don’t enjoy the service then you can cancel your membership anytime during the free trial period without the need of surrendering your free audiobook. So a win-win situation for you from Amazon audible.

Refund for Wrong Audiobook Selection

The Amazon audible India has a very flexible policy for you. Even if you purchased a book based on its reviews but later you find it unsatisfactory then you may opt to return your audiobook and ask for a refund. Since Amazon audible India has a great listener’s satisfaction guarantee policy, you can return your audiobook brought over the past 365 days old which is arelatively long return window.


The Amazon Audible subscription allows you to enjoy your audiobooks in various ways. Which means you have the option to buy your favourite audiobooks individually further if you like the service you may also opt for a monthly fee of Rs. 199 which will be credited into your Amazon audible account. These credits can be used to purchase your audiobooks at up to 30% discount. If you want to opt for a longer subscription then you also have options for yearly and other long-duration packages with additional discounts.

Amazon Prime Subscription

So if you are a vivid reader or love to listen to your favourite bedtime stories from the voice of your favourite author. Then this is a new way to stick to your reading titles.

So, get your free trial today, Register Now!

FAQs: Understanding Amazon Audible Service in India

Is Amazon Audible service is free with Amazon Prime?

No, the audible service is not free with Amazon Prime membership instead you will get a good discount on the subscription of audible service along with Amazon prime subscription.

Can I listen to audible on two devices in parallel?

Yes, the audible allows you to use up to 3 devices in parallel.

Do I still have to pay for books on audible with subscription?

Audible subscription gives you 1 free audio book per month and you can also buy more audio books at discount with your credits which can be returned back for full refund of credits within a year. Which means you can listen to almost unlimited audio books for a year with your subscription.

Final Words

Amazon Audibles is a great add-on to your affordable Amazon Prime membership fee. Not only you get an extra free trial period for 90-days but also some free credits to buy your audiobooks. Amazon audio is slowly getting popular as the new way to stick to your favourite titles. Since the Amazon Audible started its operation in India, Amazon is still giving lots of benefits that are yet to be explored in order to make this model a great success. So if you are a vivid reader and love to read your favourite novel titles during your leisure time then a subscription to Amazon Audible is worth a try.

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Hope with our article ” Understanding Amazon Audible Service in India”, we have answered all your queries about benefits and ways to use this service. In case you have more question coming to your mind, feel free to get registered and try during there free lookup period and do share your experience with us so that other readers also get benefit from your experience.

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